Harry Schwartzbaum

Funeral Service: Monday, April 16, 2018 at 11:00 AM
Cemetery: Mount Pleasant Cemetery In Duvernay

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8 Condolences

Sarah Cobb - 1 day ago

Oh Harry, I am so sad that you are gone. I’ll miss your jokes (the good ones AND the groaners) and your warm smile. I think you probably came into this world as an old soul. Your words of wisdom delivered with a punchline were like a ray of sunshine in Sutton. I’m really going to miss you. My heartfelt condolences to Cindy and the family I don’t know and to all those who knew you.


In the absence of my husband, Bill Baldwin, let me be a voice of comfort for Cindy in those difficult times. The community of Fulford is sadden by your lost and you know you can count on our support. We hope you and your family will reach to us in your sorrow. We will stay strong with you. Let's pray . In the Lord we trust.

Alex Barta - 7 days ago

I will really miss Harry. I have thought of him often over the years. Harry had a very strong influence on my life. He was like a guru to me. He had such a deep spiritual connection yet with such a light touch at the same time. His sense of humour was indeed legendary. I always marveled at his desire to forget everything, since there is plenty that I wish that I could forget. Well Harry, you have finally succeeded at forgetting it all. It's just clear sailing ahead for you from now on my friend.

Dawn Ford - 8 days ago

Dear Harry, Your smile and sweet innocence is a memory I have of you from whenever we met. Perhaps you've encountered Beverly where you are now? Where all beautiful beings are reunited in love. I have dedicated Buddhists prayers to you on this day and wish you eternal happiness in the land of eternal tranquil light. Palms pressed together, Fawn

Luc Pelletier - 8 days ago

Dear Harry, dear friend. What a shock. I will miss you, your friendship, your sense of humour, your loving laugh ,our coffees and discussions on life. I am convinced you have made life better for all of us, simply by listening to your deep explorations of life and your extraordinary jokes. You brought sun in my life. I love you Harry and will remember you. Luc

Dominique Jean - 8 days ago

Harry was fixture in our home for many years. He always brought with him his wit and intelligent conversation. He made us all laugh and shared his deep concerns about life . He could be incredibly funny and had an infectious optimism. We had not seen him in many years but have an indelible memory of him. I remember when had the terrible fall from the building where he had been working. We were all so concerned and worried about his recovery! Hedid so well despite his lengthy recovery. Walking over to our house which was a few houses from his was a big outing for him. I would feed him cake . He had lost so much weight. Harry also introduced me to Dr. Albert my dentist for the past 42years! Thank you for that Harry and for sharing yourself with all of us in a very genuine and generous way. We will not forget you soon. I wish you peace Harry🕊Dominique

Sheldon Neuberger - 8 days ago

You weren't supposed to die, Harry! You had only used up 2 of your 9 lives. We talked the day before you died, in our usual mix of the serious and the irreverent. I recalled how you had only sat through one film that we ever went to together, Edvard Munch. And though it didn’t seem that long ago, we both were surprised that over 40 years had passed since we sat in that theater. It’s been a long ride since, with many twists and turns and ups and down along the road we call life. Your humour entertained me; your ideas would challenge me to see the world differently. But most of all I could count on your friendship no matter what the circumstances. Your intelligence, humour and generous spirit will always be treasured by those who got to know you. I read somewhere that life is a struggle for self-definition. I think in your case you long ago abandoned that struggle. You simply accepted yourself, with all the conflicts and contradictions that make us human. Perhaps because of this you asked little from life (mostly not to have noisy neighbours), but gave so much to the people you touched. Good-bye my friend! You will be deeply missed!

Sandra/Béat MARCHAND - 9 days ago

Well Harry, you will most certainly be missed - your timely sense of humour, generous heart, clever, witty, spontaneous insights, our walks and talks, our dinners, croquet tournaments, dances and all the wonderfully talented story telling - all these many small things that made you such a big character. You were most well loved ...