Lindsey Frumovitz

Funeral Service: Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 12:00 PM
Paperman & Sons
Shiva: Sunday, November 24, 2019 to
Monday, November 25, 2019

54 Summit Circle, Westmount Qc, H3Y 1B3
Shiva Details: Shiva hours: from 2:00 to 4:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. daily.
Cemetery: Shaar Hashomayim
Donations: St. George’s School, (514) 937-9289;

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47 Condolences

Kori Clausen - 9 days ago

Dear Andrew, Ava, Mia, & Theo, Words cannot express the sadness I feel for all of you. I am so very sorry for the loss of beautiful Lindsey. Her smile and her energy will live on in my heart, and I am sending so many blessings to all of you during this very difficult time. All our love.......Kori, Hailey, Leila, Sophia and Sloan

Ellen Cantor - 11 days ago

I am a friend of Adrienne's. I am very sorry for your loss. I will keep the memory of your wedding inn my heart. My sincere condolences to your children and Andrew.

Lori Desmond - Teacher - 12 days ago

It is with a heavy heart that I heard about Lindsay. She was an amazing friend, mom, parent volunteer. She will be missed by many of many of us at GV. She will always be in our hearts. We are here in MB with welcoming arms for her children and Andrew. Lindsay will be truly missed. I am so so sorry for this devastating loss. Lindsay was one of a kind.

Demi Davis - 13 days ago

Wishing you the comfort of words, memories and the loving spirit of Lindsey. May her light bring you solace and healing during this difficult time. Chris and Demi

Chris Barrett - 13 days ago

Nathalie Sommer - 13 days ago

Dear Andrew, Ava, Mila and Theo, Our deepest condolences to you on the loss of your amazing Lindsey. We were lucky to have met her and spent some time with her at the holidays. She was a beautiful force of nature who radiated positive energy and loving devotion to her family. May her memory be a blessing to you all. Love, Howard, Nathalie, Theo and Dani Levitt

Dominique et Gérard - 13 days ago

Dear Andrew, we remember the time Lindsey, you and yours kids spent with us in Paris, it was such a joy to watch you together... This is too unjust ! You are in our thoughts and, please, for your next visit in France, you are our guest of course ! Dominique et Gérard

Christine Daviduk - 14 days ago

Ava, Mila, Theo, and Andrew, Lindsey was an extraordinary woman with a ready smile, quick wit, and an eye for beauty in all things. She loved life, her friends, and her family so fiercely and had an energy that shined light on everyone around her. She will be remembered fondly by many here in Manhattan Beach. Our hearts are with you and your families. Love, Christine, Kiki, and Griffin Daviduk

Cory and Mark Sprague - 14 days ago

Our deepest condolences to the entire family. We are all thinking of you! Love, Cory, Mark, Ryan and Lily Sprague

Wendi Abrams - 14 days ago

Andrew, I'm so words really. You guys were such a young family (you still are!!) when you moved in across the street from me. Lindsey, so full of life and fun...all sorts of joyful noise emanated from that house. My thoughts are with you and your kids, and extended family. My love and best hopes for all of you. XX Wendi

Tiffany Friedman - 14 days ago

Life is precious! Health is something we take for granted unless it is challenged. When cancer touches your life, your purpose becomes clear. Your priorities shift and you appreciate every precious moment. You love deeper than you have loved before as you dig in your heels, your nails or whatever you can to fight for more time. I am grateful we got to have that lunch. To walk along the strand again and enjoy our beautiful little town. I miss the sweet sound of your laugh, your smile and your adventurous spirit. I’m grateful I got so many wonderful moments, I wish it was enough. But I can’t lie, I want more. I know you will be there to guide us, to remind us to go appreciate art, to seek joy, to embody the strength, cunning & style of a GUCCI tiger and to cultivate fierce bonds with friends and family. You earned those beautiful wings and I know you’ll fly easily between those you love keeping watch, eyes glistening, heart open smiling with pride. I love you my friend. To Andrew, I heard that you spoke so beautifully about Lindsey, the love you have for her and the strength you have for your family. I am so sorry Andrew, really from my heart to yours that you will not have her physically in your life. To Ava and Mila, you are so lucky to have had such a wonderful, loving mother. I know you know this. I see her best qualities in you and have heard they have only begun to blossom. Please keep in touch as I long to see your adventures in life! And know you have a place with us in California whenever you want to visit. To Theo, I was just looking over photos of you and Stanford. Your smile is as contagious as your mothers. I wish you were closer and we could experience your growth as I have heard how amazing you are young man. Our family will keep you in our hearts, and hope that we can keep in touch and get together again in the future. With so much love and admiration, Tiffany Friedman with Bradley, Shelby and Stanford.

Dan Cahoon - 14 days ago

Dear Andrew, I loved your sweet sentiments about Lindsey. I know your fight with cancer tested your patience, your faith, your family but it was your determination to provide Lindsey with the love and support that she needed that will fill your soul moving forward. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I pray for Lindsey and your family that they will carry on in God's grace. Dan

Tina & Bryan Stutman - 14 days ago

Our deepest condolences to the whole family on your tragic loss. May the wonderful memories bring you comfort at this most difficult time. Tina and Bryan Stutman (Joel's parents)

Connor McEvoy-Dennis - 15 days ago

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time. With deepest sympathy. Connor and family

Cory, Andrea & Marley Brennan - 15 days ago

Dear Andrew, Mila, Ava and Theo, Our hearts and love go to all of you during this unbelievably sad time...we were close for years and will always cherish that. Lindsey had a heart of gold and a spirit unmatched; she loved her family more than anything and was probably the best mother I knew. My heart is incredibly heavy and all we send our sincerest condolences. Just the other day a Facebook memory popped up of us having dinner near Staples Center before the Justin Timberlake show. Such fantastic memories. Her love and smile and spirit will never be forgotten - please know we are thinking of you. Much love, Andrea & Cory & Marley

allison kettlewell - 15 days ago

Dear Andrew, I am so very sorry to hear about Lindsey's passing. Please know that you and Ava, Mila and Theo are in my thoughts. I have heard so many lovely stories about your family and hope that you find comfort in the love that you all share.

Joan Behnke - 15 days ago

Dearest Andrew- I am so deeply saddened by this unexpected news of Lindsey's death. I have shared the news with Alex and Dub's and we all wish to express our condolences to you, and the children. You so kindly hired Alex right out of college . Alex and his wife are now expecting their first child. Alex always spoke of your family so warmly and particularly your loving relationship with Lindsey and your father, who he sang with in the warehouse cutting fabrics. Please take care and if you are back in Los Angeles , let us know, as we would so appreciate seeing you and expressing our heartfelt condolences in person. Sending you a very big hug, Joan

Gwen Despues - 15 days ago

Dear Andrew, Our heartfelt condolences on your loss, our hearts pray for you and your family.

Lori Deegan - 15 days ago

Dear Andrew, A.J., Mila & Theo, My deepest condolences over to all of you. I am thinking of you during this very difficult bereavement time in your lives. I am also thinking so much about Lindsey. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Philip L Faggard - 15 days ago

Dear Andrew ----- I am so sorry for your loss of your dear Lindsay. My heart is with you and your family. Love to you and yours. ----- Philip

Sandra Jordan - 15 days ago

Dear Andrew, I was so saddened to hear of your loss of Lindsey. There are probably few words to soothe your sorrow. Sending you much love to you and your children.

Amy Andrade - 15 days ago

I’m very saddened to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow. -Amy Andrade

Vera Vandenbosch - 15 days ago

Dear Andrew, I am truly sorry for your loss. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts. I wish you lots of love and support from family and friends, strength and courage for the time ahead, and the comfort of fond memories. Sincerely, Vera

Sean McMahon & Jim Huppenthal - 16 days ago

Andrew, Mila, Ava and Theo - Our sincerest condolences to you all at this very difficult time. Lindsey was a very funny, caring and loving person, she will be missed dearly. We have such great memories of the times shared with her and you all. She was an incredible woman. Know that her love and spirit will live in your hearts and memories forever. Sean & Jim

Felicia Stolow - 16 days ago

I had the privilege to meet Lindsey at one of our St G parent led events a few years ago. She had a smile that was contagious and was a real go getter. Our St G family has lost a real pillar of our community. Wishing you all strength during this very difficult time. Felicia, David and Matt Stolow .

Dennis O'Hara and Kevin Shrum - 16 days ago

Andrew, Getting to know you and Lindsey over the last several years has been a joy and a pleasure. The last two years specifically. Not many could light up a room the way Lindsey did and make everyone feel welcomed. It has been a true honor for me to have a front row seat into what amazing parents you both have been, and Ave, Mila and Theo are exceptional young people because of it. The LOVE that you are all grounded in will be with you always! I am so sorry that we could not be there with you all today to celebrate a life lived so full and beautifully. God Bless you all! A BIG Hug to you all! Dennis and Kevin

Dani Jansen - 16 days ago

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Emily Watts - 16 days ago

Dear Andrew, AJ, Mila and Theo, I am so very sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy to you all at this difficult time.

Jennifer Hunter - 16 days ago

Dear Andrew, Theo, Mila and AJ, my deepest condolences at the loss of your beloved wife and mother. Lindsey always brought light and happiness to those around her. May that light continue to shine brightly in you as you hold the memory of her within your hearts.

Tim and Allison Brink - 16 days ago

Dear Andrew, Ava, Mila, and Theo, We are so deeply saddened to hear of the loss of our dear Linz. Her infectiously fun personality and amazing friendship made an enduring impact on our lives and many others. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we love you. Tim & Allison

Brian Foote - 16 days ago

Dear Mila, AJ, Theo, and Andrew, I am so sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to all of you.

Korenblit Family - 17 days ago

Dear Andrew, AJ, Mila and Theo, we are greatly saddened by your loss. Our hearts go out to you all during this difficult time and we send you our most heartfelt condolences. In time, may your memories of Lindsay bring your comfort and peace. Korenblit family.

Becky Walker - 17 days ago

Dearest Andrew, My heart is so very heavy with the news of Lindsey's passing. What an incredible woman she was and what an incredible relationship you two shared along with your 3 wonderful children. Lindsey exuded class, warmth, beauty & love. She was creative and clever. There was never any doubt how proud she was of you all. She was, in life, and will remain in eternity, a truly beautiful person. My love goes to out to you, Ava, Mila, & Theo.

Tori Cattell - 17 days ago

Dearest AJ, Mila, Theo, Andrew, and extended family—My heart goes out to all of you during this time of deep loss. I only met Lindsey a few times, yet I connected with her instantly, and saw how she lit up a room with her joyous energy, inspiring everyone around her. May her beautiful light be held in trust by all of us, and carried forward, as a revelatory guide. With love, affection, and deep regard, Tori Cattell

Leslie, Joe, Devin, Serena, and Jade - 17 days ago

Our deep sadness of the news has led to such nice memories of our years at Grandview and Lindsey’s amazing dedication to her children as well as everyone else’s kids. She was always genuinely present for the GV family with her infectious smile and positive energy. We hope we can be of service to your family in the same way she was there for us. Please know we are here for you, we are thinking of you, and we extend an open invitation to visit anytime. Devin especially hopes that Theo will come stay with us for a visit when possible. Sending love and hugs to you all.

Bonnie J. Lasek - 17 days ago

Dear Andrew... I am so saddened to hear about the loss of your beloved wife, Lindsey. I am sending love and prayers of strength to you and your children at this time. May your fond memories, along with family and friends, help to always guide you all through the most difficult times. -Bonnie J. Lasek/Liora Manné

Iona Richman - 17 days ago

To Lindsey's Family, such heartbreaking news on the passing of a beautiful and young lady. May you and yours be spared any further sorrow. . . . Iona Richman

Carolyn and Loren davis - 17 days ago

Dear Adrienne, Loren and I are were so saddened to hear this heartbreaking news yesterday... We're sending our deepest condolences to you, Andrew and all of your family.... .. so incredibly sorry for your loss. Much love, Carolyn and Loren

Yaiza Brown - 18 days ago

I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family

David FLexer - 18 days ago

My heartfelt condolences to the Frumovitz family in this difficult time.

Shawn. Charlotte, London and Drew - 18 days ago

Our hearts are so heavy here in MB- love you all and sending strength, support, and love. She was a gem- one of a kind - such an honor to call her a friend.

Rayna Loeb - 18 days ago

I am deeply saddened to learn of the loss of a remarkable woman. We instantly connected shortly after she moved to Montreal and had many things in common . I adored her , I enjoyed how she always had a huge smile on her face everytime I saw her . She always glowed to with joy to me. . She was a gem , a genuine person with such a positive personality and So much love for her husband and children . She will be greatly missed by me :(.... I am honoured to have had the opportunity to have known Lindsay and call her a friend for as little a time as it was, but I will cherish and never forget her ... Jason and I send all our love and strength to Andrew , Theo , Mila and AJ. My heart go out to you and just know that this community is all here for each one of you . Our deepest condolences . 🙏🏻❤️

Lilli Lee - 18 days ago

Words can't expressed the sadness we all feel upon hearing this devastating news. Your LA Green group friends love you so much and our hearts are breaking for Andrew, Mila, Ava, Theo and your extended family who adored you, too. I wish I could be there to honor your life and what an amazing mother/wife/sister/daughter/aunt you were- even using terms in the past tense feels wrong. We all were better for having known you and I will think of you often only with the fondest of memories and so grateful for the joyous and meaningful times we've shared over the last (nearly) 15 years. Sending my love to your memory and all of your family during this horribly difficult time.

Jill DeJean - 18 days ago

As the sky shines brighter, our world dims. Lindsey is the most generous and inspiring spirit who brought pure joy everywhere she went. I will miss my dear friend and think of you each time I order a London Fog and get my nails painted. Andrew, Theo, AJ and Mila, you are the most wonderful and special family and I feel lucky to have spent time with you. I wish you every condolence and mental hug. My thoughts are with you always.

allyson Kassie - 19 days ago

I’m absolutely devastated by this tremendous loss. I didn’t know Lindsey well, but the little I knew her it was obvious what a gem this world was lucky enough to have. Aj ... I noticed u the minute I saw u... standing out in the crowd. You are like your mom ... the diamond in the rough. My sincere condolences to the family.... our community is devastated for your ultimate loss, Lindsey touched us all. May her grace & beauty live in in all of you.

Aaron Stamboulieh - 19 days ago

Mila, Ava, Theo, Andrew & Courtney, I cannot express the sadness I feel for your loss, but also the love I have for your family. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your lives. Lindsey is a shining star.

Christine Stamegna - 19 days ago

Dear Andrew, Theo, Mila, Ava and families. Our deepest condolences! Our hearts ache for you. We feel privileged to have been able to call Lindsey our friend. Her beauty inside and out, her courage and strength will remain an inspiration to all of us. May all your wonderful memories sustain you through this very difficult time. Words can not express the sadness and loss we feel for you and the family. With deepest sympathy. Chris, Raph, Nate & William