Dr. Richard James Mackler

Funeral Service: Thursday, February 07, 2019 at 10:00 AM
Paperman & Sons
Cemetery: The Emanuel Cemetery, Wethersfield, Ct
Donations: Montreal General Hospital Foundation (514) 934-8230, or to a charity of your choice

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Agnes Gomes - 1 day ago

Dr. Mackler a was kind and caring doctor. He always took the time to listen and even chat about life in general. I still have an art book that he gave me a few years ago. He will be missed. Condolences to his family and friends.

Fleur Lloyd - 5 days ago

Richard was a very dear friend and one who had a great influence on my life. He shared my love of family -particularly my late sister Deirdre- and of course, my husband and two sons. That was why he felt part of mine. His passion for his work was exemplary and his medical anecdotes fascinating, but some of my happiest memories were trips to the theatre with him. We went together to A Streetcar Named Desire with Jessica Lang and found our reactions were identical. It is a piece I have loved and taught ever since and always think of him when I do. He was the most generous of people who nurtured the likes and interets of all of us. My admiration for Frank Lloyd Wright was just one example. I shall miss his wit, wisdom and above all his warmth.

Francis Lloyd - 6 days ago

I first met Richard more than 40 years ago. He was holidaying in London and had been given my contact details by a mutual friend, Martin Cohen. We bonded instantly. A great Anglophile, he loved visiting London, particularly relishing the theatres and art galleries of the city. He was one of the brightest, the funniest and the most generous people it has been my good fortune to know. He was also forthright in his opinions. He told me I should marry my then girl friend. I did. We are still happily together. I shall so miss his wit, his wisdom and his kindness. In 2012, in an extraordinary- and typical - act of generosity, he paid for me, my wife and our two sons to come to visit him in Montreal. It was an unforgettable holiday. He was such a vital human being. I am so sad he is no longer with us.

Robert Russell - 6 days ago

Richard and I were medical students together at Columbia University, and not too long after graduation, we found ourselves called up by the US government to become young Army doctors in Vietnam. None of who were called knew what to do. We were first sent to Texas for several months of training to become physician/soldiers, and during this period Richard decided that he couldn't go through with it. I drove him to the San Antonio airport one hot morning to board a plane for New York- and from there he flew to Montreal. I ended up in Vietnam. After this we wrote letters and talked on the phone frequently. I visited Richard off and on in Montreal, and eventually he was able to come to the States to see me in Maryland and in Boston. Our friendship was steady. In 2017 and in 2018, He took taxis from Montreal all the way to Boston in order to have a 3 day visit with me! I miss Richard, his humor, his intellect, his deep knowledge. his curiosity, his enthusiasm and our steadfast friendship.

Galina Feklyunina - 11 days ago

I still can not accept that Richard is not among us. I still can not agree that I have to write about him in the past. I still can not believe that we won’t be celebrating his upcoming 80-th Birthday. I came to know him through my girlfriend. He was a really unique and exceptional Person in my life. The memories are overwhelming. The very first one, probably, his Birthday party in a downtown hotel followed by the McGill Opera - that was his way to say thank you to his numerous friends. When my sister, visiting from Russia, needed a medical consultation, she was welcomed into his office – with no charge. The beautiful picture – nicely embroidered landscape – his gift for my marriage. Then the concerts and performances which I attended with him at Place des Arts. Ballets from the Bolshoi Theater at the Forum and his famous: ”Wonderful! You can’t make better!” I still have the books which he gave me. He always wanted to share whatever he would learn and discover. I’m extremely grateful to have known Richard. There was so much to learn from him – his generosity, kindness, devotion, and gentleness. As we say in Russian, let the soil be a feather for you, Richard.

Edith copel - 11 days ago

As a former patient of dr. Mecklear and my husband also for over 20 years .He was very caring about us he was always finding time for us he was amazing dr. He will be missed

Alan Vost - 12 days ago

As a former colleague at McGill- The Montreal General Hospital , I recall Richard as an outstanding teacher and excellent clinician, serving patients, resident doctors and medical students with great integrity, patience and sensitivity . He was a pillar of our clinical teaching community and will be greatly missed .

Joyce Goldberg - 12 days ago

I was referred to Dr Mackler 20+ years ago “Because He Listens” And “listen he did”! After months of illness, I was finally correctly diagnosed, appointments immediately made with the appropriate specialists while the kind Dr Mackler orchestrated my recovery. A remarkably intelligent “mentch” who not only respected the intelligence of others, but treated his patients as friends. His passing will leave a void in this city that will never be filled! My sincere condolences to his family and to all those who have been touched by his presence!

Austin Boyce - 12 days ago

As Richard’s personal trainer for approximately 7years, I got to know him very well. Never have I met such a gentle, intelligent, generous and caring person. He was my mother & my aunt’s physician and they are both deeply thankful to him. We became very good friends over the years and I will sorely miss him.

Diane Boilard - 12 days ago

Mes condoléances à la famille, aux proches et amis. Je garde d’excellents souvenirs d’un si bon médecin qui m’a soignée depuis plus de 30 ans.

Carlo Dell'Elce - 13 days ago

My deepest condolences to the Mackler family; I was his patient for some thirty-five years. In 2005, I was lying in bed one morning at the Montreal General Hospital awaiting a serious surgery. I decided to call his office at 6:20am and leave Dr. Mackler a phone message; I was totally startled when he actually answered the phone and told me that I had dialed his home number. I felt terribly for bothering him at home but he reassured me that I didn’t have to apologize. He asked me what happened and in less than thirty minutes, he was at my bedside!!! We spoke briefly, he then reviewed my chart and reassured me that the medical staff was doing the “right thing”!! I will never forget this selfless act of generosity and will always be grateful to Dr. Mackler. RIP

Peggi and Mark Rabinovitch - 13 days ago

We loved our cultural outings with Richard, and loved having him at our Shabbat table, where he always showed interest in everyone, and made you feel as if you were as fascinating as him. Richard had endless curiosity and a profound appreciation of all the arts. We will miss him greatly.

Simon Helfgott - 13 days ago

I have fond memories of being taught by Dr. Mackler as a young medical resident at the MGH. He was a superstar physician,smart and caring who was always ready to teach. He was the epitome of the great McGill clinician.

Steven Goldberg - 13 days ago

It is with sadness that I learn of Dr. Mackler’s passing. He was my very caring and compassionate physician for many years. Sincere condolences to his entire famiily

Michael Litwin - 13 days ago

Richard's community grieves at his passing. Summa cum laude granted by a university is the recognition of an outstanding learned achievement. Richard was the summa cum laude of all that life represents. Richard was arguably the most intelligent and smartest person that I have ever met. He was a fine and caring doctor,the most caring of souls and so very generous in character. He worked constantly towards the betterment of others in so many ways. Simply stated , read what others have written in this space. Doctor Summa cum laude is not replaceable. He will be sorely missed.

ROBERT J MASTER - 13 days ago

"I just learned of Richard's death..and I am very saddened. Richard and I were drafted into the US army as very young physicians ,with orders to go to Vietnam. We met in July 1969 at Fort Sam Houston Texas for six weeks of basic training before going to Vietnam in September of that year. Both of us were deeply troubled about our participation in that war. During that summer we read everything that we could about the war and concluded that it was immoral . Jointly we started to make plans to desert to Canada . But it was an anguishing choice because we were both convinced that by deserting we would never ever be able to return to our respective homes in New York and Boston. In the end, Richard did desert, and I went. To my dying day, I will always view what Richard did as a righteous principled act of extraordinary courage; courage that I was unable to summon. He was a great man. There is simply no other way to say it!"

Myrna Weiner - 13 days ago

Dr Mackler helped me 39 years ago treat a temporary thyroid condition. I remember he was kind, gentle & very good. I will always be grateful for him helping me.

Phil Gold - 13 days ago

My heartfelt condolences to the Mackler family. Richard was a fine physician and an equally fine and learned person. He will be much missed by his colleagues and friends.

Maryse Loiselle - 13 days ago

I am so sorry to hear that. What a nice man! It was a p’easure To train him in the gym at the Cummings Centre. He would never miss an appointment! I was so happy when I would get a smile on his face after we would warm up with a few salsa steps or when he was boxing with me or when he was doing some balance exercices . I had a great time with him talking about all the shows he would attend to, you should see his admiration in front of all the artists and musicians. Unbelievable this Richard! He would come to his exercise sessions 3-5 hours in advance, sitting outside and reading many books or sometimes starting his « warmup » a few hours in advance! Rest In Peace Richard, I will keep very nice memories of you! Xxx

maria fragapane - Cummings Centre - 13 days ago

On behalf of the Wellness Center staff at Cummings Centre, we would like to extend our deepest sympathies. Richard was a regular member of our fitness programs and developed close relationships with some of the staff. He was a kind and humble man and his presence in the gym and Balance Training class will be missed by all. Wellness Center staff

Roz Bross - 13 days ago

What a lovely man. After sitting and chatting for a while he would always say to me, come on into my boudair & I'll check you out. He was more my friend than my physician. RIP Richard. You were a true gentleman & will be missed.

Réal Houle - 13 days ago

Je ne garde que de bons souvenirs de Richard. Il fut mon médecin traitant pendant près de 30 ans. C’est lui qui me dirigeait vers d’autre spécialistes en santé. Il y a environ 6 ans il m’a demandé de l’aider à mon tour. Il me présentait aux gens comme étant son ‘’manager’’ Je le conduisais à tous ses rendez-vous médicaux, j’ai été témoin à plusieurs occasion et j’ai constaté comment les gens du monde médical le respectait. Il adorait sa Pratique et se sentait tellement utile, ce fut un grand coup quand il a prit la décision de mettre la clé dans la porte. je l’assistais dans ses courses et de temps en temps je le conduisais à ses concerts, il aimais bien y aller aussi en taxi ou avec ses amis. Quand j’allais pour lui à son épicerie Metro de Westmount, il voulait toujours que je choisisses la meilleure qualité. Sa dernière demande c’était vers 20h00 mercredi dernier : Il m’a demandé d’aller lui chercher de la creme glacée aux fraises, vous auriez voulu voir son sourire quand il a ouvert le contenant, pour lui ça vallait tout l’or du monde et pour moi, une grande satisfaction de lui faire plaisir. Richard a su s’entourer d’excellentes personnes pour lui rendre la vie plus facile. Phyllis et James (Le Chef) lui préparaient ses repas, Gloria se chargeait de l’entretient ménager et Austen l’entrainait tout en délicatesse pour qu’il garde la bonne forme. Il appréciait les portiers de son immeuble, il se sentait en sécurité et comme il me disait souvent : ils sont tous gentils et courtois avec moi. Richard était un homme affamé de lectures et de musique. Les gens d’Amazon vont s’ennuyer de lui… Il m’a fait connaitre Niagara on the Lake en Ontario, il était déçu de ne pas y avoir été l’été dernier. Pendant la belle saison, il aimait aller avec son ami Sandy au jardin Botanique, c’était un incontournable à presque tous les dimanches de l’été. Il y a deux ans nous avons été visité le parc Oméga de Montebello. C’est d’ailleurs à cet endroit qu’a été prise la photo que vous voyez de lui. Quand je partais de chez lui je le saluais et presqu’à chaque fois il me disait : ‘’Keep healthy Réal, one day I will need you’’ Il ne voulait pas déranger et c’est pourquoi il est parti tout doucement dans son sommeil. I’am sorry Docter Mackler, I will mist you, Réal Houle (your Manager ! )

Jack Starke - 13 days ago

So sorry to hear of Richard’s passing. Our family doctor and confidant for more than 35 years. We were able to talk to him about everything and anything. We were never rushed out of his office. We never had to wait weeks for an appointment, he would always be able to see us within days or very often the next day. . A very special person, our deepest sympathies to the family, Jack Starke and family

Sorana Marcovitz - 13 days ago

Dear Mackler family, I knew Dr. Mckler as a trainee and later as a colleague. His dedication and wide-ranging knowledge were greatly appreciated. My sincere condolences and may you be spared from further sorrow.

Howard Greenfield - 14 days ago

An erudite man and compassionate soul, gentle and generous . I still have his copy of The Yellow Wind which he gave me over twenty-five years ago.

RoseLee Sztern - 14 days ago

To the Mackler Family. Dr Mackler was my mother’s dr as well as mine. He was the best: Patient, kind, knowledgeable and generous. May all your memories help you during this time. May his neshama have an Aliya. BDE

Suzy Margot Slavin - 14 days ago

Richard and I were faithful companions at a variety of culural events over many years.; he was a fountain of wisdom and had a memory like that largest of mammals. He was always enthusiastic about the road ahead and I will miss him.

Tania Arnold - 14 days ago

I was shocked to hear of Dr. Mackler's passing. He was a kind and gentle person who wanted the best for everyone whose life he touched. He will be missed very much.

Harold Toulch - 14 days ago

What a privilege it was to have had Richard as my physician and one of my closest friends. A friendship that goes back some 35 years. My deepest condolences to his family and to all whose lives he's touched.

sandra Press itzcovitch - 14 days ago

I am in shock. Dr. Mackler was the most caring Dr. and person. He was kind and generous. He helped me in a way that nobody would have only because in was interested in who you were and how he could help you. When I would walk into his office he would say my friend is here it is tea time. My heart is crying Dr. Mackler that the world lost such a great soul. May you rest in peace. Sandra Press

Fran yancovitch - 14 days ago

So sorry to hear of Dr,Mackler’s passing. he was a great Dr.,he loved telling stories and took his time with his patients..He will be missed.