Ruth Holtzman

Funeral Service: Tuesday, March 05, 2019 at 11:00 AM
Paperman & Sons
Shiva: Strictly Private Shiva. Thank you for respecting the family's wishes.
Cemetery: Baron De Hirsch Cemetery

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FRED ZWALSKY - 13 days ago

Dear Stephen, The extent of the recollections written by others is a sign of the impact your mother had on people. Since education is a primary value for me, I was always impressed about how Ruth and my mom, Ida took the initiative to audit courses at Concordia University in their late 60's. Ruth and Ida were close. In respect of their friendship, I kept in touch with your mom over the last 15 years; she was so appreciative of the honey cakes and good wishes that we brought to her every Rosh Hashanah and she joined us recently for a Passover Seder. I'm sure it's comforting that you were able to take her in and share time with her in the last year. She will be missed but let's not tell her (as she would not have wanted the attention). Her impression will certainly last with those that knew her ! My thoughts are with you. Fred Zwalsky and Renee Mendelsohn

Joshua Enkin - 13 days ago

Dear Stephen,I was sorry to hear about your dear Mother. She was incredibly kind to me as a child and I have fond memories of her. She was a special and caring friend to my mother. I want to express my sympathy to you. Warmly, Joshua Enkin.....Mancester.UK

Mark Himes - 13 days ago

Stephen, words can not possibly convey the extent of my sympathy for your loss and the loss shared by your family. Your mother Ruthie was one of the most impressive people that I had the privilege of knowing well. When ever I trace my path in life back to people and moments that have aided me in evolving and becoming the being that I am, you and your mother are there. I would like to share with the world what I witnessed in my youth as I spent countless hours in your company, in your childhood home. In the 70's When most families were concentrating on getting a bigger color tv and trying to be sure to be there for the next episode of Quincy, MASH, The Love Boat, or some soap opera, Ruthie and Sam were busy supporting Stephen's interests as he discovered a multitude of pursuits including the explosion of personal computing, photography, music, and countless, countless others. I spent a lot of time there and was constantly amazed by the culture of growth and the love, attention and interest shown to me. Ruthie always had questions, advice, something good in the freezer downstairs (including the best butter cookies in the world), and the willingness to condone Stephen making me what I believe were some of the first iterations of what the world now loves as Iced and frapped Cappuccino. Ruthie, I thank you for all that you shared with me and for being so far ahead of your time! Stephen, you and Ruthie, will always be in my heart as best friends!

Carol Serotta - 14 days ago

Dear Stephen, I don't know why I cannot get the website to let me enter a condolence. I tried several times. I was able to read the remarkable messages left by so many of your friends and family. . . so I will write my thoughts here--and if you can figure out how I can get them on the Paperman's website, I will try again. . .but if not, let me write some of my thoughts! I will say, having read through all of the letters of condolences on the website, I can honestly repeat those emotions and agree that she was just as wonderful to me as she was to all those who praised her so highly. She was indeed a remarkable, strong and honest woman. She was way ahead of her time! I don't know any other person of her age that was so computer "savvy". She was always so interested in learning. I was always in awe of her interest and willingness to "schlepp " to classes to continue keeping and improving her mental acuity. She and I shared many delightful emails, letters, phone conversations and memories. Your mother was always there to offer advice and it was always given with her brilliant ability of getting right to the point. There was no beating around the bush. She gave it to you straight from the hip. If she praised you for something, you knew you could be proud of yourself. You also knew she was always totally honest. She never sugar-coated any criticism. It is very hard for me to write this, as the tears keep flowing as I know I will never again be able to share my mitzvahs and sorrows with her again. She was always so delighted when things were good. She propped you up when you were down. Although she was truly my mother's friend, your mom and I were friends from the beginning--and she was also a mentor! As a child, I will never forget my first trip to Canada--where your mother hosted me for one of the most memorable weeks of my life. Every day we would do the word scramble together, and she would praise me (little Carol) for my talent. I loved every minute of it. To this day, when I do the Word Jumble in my daily newspaper, I still think of her every day! There are so many things I want to write, but I would probably do better if I share some of my thoughts with you as we continue our communications. I do hope you know what a blessing it has been for me to have your mother "in my corner" for just about all of my life!! I will miss her and I hope I can do for you what she did for me. I am here to lend my ear and my experience to you if you should need it! With lots of love and a broken heart! Carol PS I did not even mention how important she was to the rest of my family--They all send there deepest condolences.

Helena Segal - 15 days ago

My deepest condolences to the family of the late Ruth Holtzman. She was a neighbour of my for many years

Kim Delo - 16 days ago

Stephen and Family, I am so sorry for your loss. I never had the opportunity to meet your Mother but from what I have read and the stories you have told me she seemed like a wonderful lady.

Barbara A Haywood(Himes) - 16 days ago

Stephen and family, I am so sorry for your loss. May Hashem wrap his arms around you and continue to keep you strong and in faith. This has touched my heart so deeply your mom was my parents best friend she went through all the trials and tribulations that my parents had went through. And she never left their side always remaining a true humble friend until the end. In the end she became like my ma my second Ma I was blessed she shared stories she shared all the good and the bad. In fact when my father was dying she made a beautiful tape for me which I will now share with you so you can have it as well. In 2016 when I graduated college your mother was the one encouraging me to be more into be better always telling me how beautiful I was as I sit here and write this tears running down my face and the only thing that brings me peace is knowing that she is with her true love after all these years Sam, I know my parents greeted her. Stephen I'm lost for words I really want to say so much more I am so sorry for your loss. We all lost lost my second Ma. I remember so many times of the times on Noel and Manta we are blessed to be able to have these memories. Ma Ruthie you encourage me when I was down you Lifted Me when I was missing my parents you shared beautiful stories of my parents and you were always calling and checking on me and trying to do things from such a long distance to help me with my parents or the passing of my parents. I love you and I will never forget you I will cherish everything you have taught me and everything that we have talked about.

Nigel Goddard - 17 days ago

I met Ruth when Steven invited me into his home in the 1970’s when I arrived from England, disoriented and fearful of my new Canadian home. Sam and Ruth were really interested in me and invited me to eat a meal with the family. It was the first time I had eaten Jose radish and I compared it to my dad’s spicy West Indian dishes . My colour or religion meant nothing to them. They wanted to know who was this boy who was friends with their Steven. Their kindness and great humour ensured I would stay close to the family beyond school. Few people have left a greater impact on me than Ruth. I am richer for just having known her. Always a kind word and truthful inquiry about my parents, wife and kids. Good bye Ruth. I shall tell my grand-children about you.

Sharron Gersovitz - 17 days ago

Dr. John Hughes - 17 days ago

Stephen I am saddened by your loss. Your mom was an exceptional woman. I always enjoyed my visits with her. She had strength, dignity and above all a sharp wit. Always in good spirits regardless of hardship she was a fine role model. It was indeed a pleasure to care for her over the years

Linda Holtzman - 17 days ago

Ruth was very special to me even though she was not a direct relative. Her late husband, Sam was my father's uncle making her a great-aunt by marriage. We had very interesting telephone conversations and I was amazed that she was computer literate, even having a profile on linked-in. She was always there for me, making the effort to visit me in hospital when i was sick. She was also very independant. I invited for a Friday night supper, where my friend, who lived across from her would be willing to drive her there and back. My friend was coming, with or without Ruth but Ruth wouldn't budge. She would only come if she could get there herself. I will miss her. Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet. Linda

Nishat Hedayetullah - 18 days ago

Dear Stephen My sincerest condolences to you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss. Ruth was a close and cherished friend of my mother, Farida. When I was growing up, I remember Ruth as the always well-dressed, poised, impeccably-mannered, kind, and sweet lady. She was a part of so many of our important family events. She treated my mother both as a friend and as a daughter. She was a sounding-board for my late father. She helped my brother during a crisis he went through. She will be sorely missed by us. We will always carry her memory lovingly in our hearts.

Michel Tordjman - 18 days ago

Ruth Holtzman was and will always be a very special woman in my heart. I never met someone like Ruth who had so much kindness and strength. Ruth helped me get through a tough experience , where I was so nervous and she accompanied me giving me all the strength I needed. She amazed me how she comforted and supported me. Best coach I ever had. She is a treasure of life and I will miss her very much. Always positive . Ruth is a perfect mother and can feel it through my great friendship I have with her son Stephen. Love you for ever Ruth, Amen.

Iona Redler - 18 days ago

I have known Ruth for 55 years because her daughter Nora and I have been friends for that long, and when we were young I was in and out of their house constantly. I remember Stephen when he was a little boy, so cute and loving. Family and memories are important, especially at times like this.

Jennifer Wise Miller - 18 days ago

Ruth was my Grandmother's first cousin... Ruth was such a special, kind, righteous and elegant woman. I remember when my family and I moved away for a few years, when I was a teenager, Ruth would write to both my mother and me very often. She would write with such detail, wit, intelligence, and offer advice from her own life experiences-- I remember how much I always looked forward to hearing from her! She was someone I looked up to and was truly inspired by. She was a gem of a person and I have no doubt she touched many people's lives. I send my sincere heartfelt condolences to her family. May your loving memories of her bring you comfort at this time. Sincerely, Jennifer Wise Miller

Dr. N. H. Shah, Mrs. K. Shah, & Neil Shah - 18 days ago

Our love, prayers, and blessings are with you during this time. Your mother was a remarkable lady with such a beautiful spirit. May her life continue to shine on all of us. Be well, and we stand with you as one. Respectfully, Dr. N. H. Shah, Mrs. K. Shah, & Neil Shah

Reggie & Ronnie Wise - 18 days ago

Ruth was my mother's first cousin. She was a kind, generous, and moral human being. She always shared with us some fascinating stories about life. Her company was always a pleasure. Ruth will be very missed by all who have known her. Our sincere condolences to Steven and his Family. - Reggie & Ronnie Wise

Ayman Gabriel Renee Therrien - 18 days ago

It was an honor and a privilege to have had the chance to know Mrs. Ruth Holtzman. Such a kind and elegant lady, with such a sense of humor with her story. loved her way of seeing life. You will be missed, but never forgotten. Thank you to Stephen and his family for allowing us to get to know her.

Aaron Konarsky - 18 days ago

Ruth was extremely close to my mother, her first cousin. I always remember her as a thoroughly strong, intelligent and moral human being. Her storytelling and anecdotes were always interesting. She will be greatly missed. Aaron & Melba Konarsky

carla - 18 days ago

Ruth was my anchor in a storm.She took me under her wing when my mother passed away. She became my adopted Mother Stephen thank you for sharing. She would not hesitate to reprimand me if I did something wrong. She will live in my heart forever She was the most honest,generous and moralperson I know Ruth I am stealing your boyfriends from under the bed lol Love Carla

Carla and len - 18 days ago

Ruth was my anchor in a storm she took me under her wing when my mother Shirley passed away And I became her adopted daughter.we did not always share the same views and boy did she let me have it. I learned do much from this honest,generous and wonderful woman. Ruth you will be in my heart forever Love you to the moon and back Thank you Stephen for sharing your mother with me

Nerses (Nick) Agopian - 18 days ago

Ruth Holtzman was an incredibly elegant, classy and intelligent woman. Her morals and values have been clearly instilled into Stephen. Ruth always treated me like a member of the family and shared those values with us and helped me understand why these were important for Stephen and I as we grew up. Stephen and I essentially shared moms. They were 2 very power influences in our lives. I thank her for everything she was and everything she wasn’t. You will be missed. Thank you Ruth Holtzman.

Jeff Waters - 18 days ago

Ruth was a wonderful woman and I was privileged to share a Passover with her where she patiently explained the holiday to my family. She was a smart, kind person and it is no wonder her son is a good person as well. She taught by example. My sincere condolences to Stephen, Diane, David, Jeffrey and Marc.

Susan Shulman - 18 days ago

Ruth was such a beautiful soul inside and out. Brilliant, outgoing, and a loving mom! It was an honour to have known her! My condolences to the family for this loss.