Senator E. Leo Kolber O C

Funeral Service: Sunday, January 12, 2020 at 11:00 AM
Congregation Shaar Hashomayim: 120 ch. de la Côte-Saint-Antoine, Westmount, QC H3Y 2H9
Shiva: Sunday, January 12, 2020 to
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Shiva private
Shiva Details: Shiva hours: Sunday following burial until 5:30 pm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 2:00 to 4:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Cemetery: Shaar Hashomayim
Donations: Jewish General Hospital Foundation, (514) 340-8251

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131 Condolences

Vivian and Brahms E. Silver - 3 days ago

"Leo: a life".... Long to be remembered.

Lily and Fred Abramovitch - 7 days ago

Our sincere condolences to Leo's family on his passing. May a lifetime of good memories be a source of comfort to his family and friends.

Allen Greenberg - 8 days ago

Dear Jonathan and family, My sincere condolences on the loss of your father. May his memory be a blessing and an inspiration.

Mickey and Stephen Miller - 9 days ago

Our most sincere condolences on the loss of a very special man.

Barbara Singer - 10 days ago

Dear Roni & family. My sincere condolences on the loss of dear Leo. May you have loving memories of his remarkable and accomplished life. Wishing you health and long life. Fondly. Barbara

Suzanne - 11 days ago

Nos plus sincère sympathies Madame Roni et la famille en ce moment difficile .

Johnnie Reisler - 12 days ago

My sympathies to you on the passing of this great and important man. My mother Noonie grew up with Senator Kolber and spoke warmly of him and family. May you be spared further sorrow.

Fran Gutman - 12 days ago

Dear Roni and family, My sincere condolences to you and your family at this very sad time. Fran

Caryl Goldberg Young - 12 days ago

Dear Roni, Lynne and Jonathan and all the extended family. I worked at Cemp Investments at the age of 19 until I gave birth to my eldest daughter who will turn 40 in March. Senator Kolber was at the helm and ran the Company the whole time I had the privilege of working there for four Senior Executive Bosses. Senator Kolber treated all of us with respect and with a firm kindness that was unique, wise and effective. I learned more from that career and still have life long friends from working at Cemp. He was a business leader, community leader,a staunch supporter of the State of Israel and an attribute in the political community. The life lessons I learned under his leadership are nothing I ever learned at home, in school or anywhere else in my life and I'll be 67 my next birthday. He was always so proud of his family and he was humble, brilliant and refined. I'm writing to let you know he touched the lives of so many on so many levels but I grew up at Cemp and the contacts I made working there enabled me to continue to work in the Community as a volunteer and a paid professional all these years. I am truly sorry for your loss of a Legend ,a Boss, a Friend, and a Leader. He will be missed by all who had the opportunity to know him and may all of you be spared further sorrow. With gratitude and sincerity, Caryl Goldberg Young

Beverlee Ashmele - 13 days ago

Dear Roni + Family My thoughts are with you at this very sad time ... How privileged you were to have such an extraordinary man in your lives and our Community and Country were immeasurably enriched by Leo's acumen + heart. May your grief now be somewhat assuaged by blessed memories . With you from across the miles.

Madelyn Herschorn - 13 days ago

Dear Jonathan, I was sad to learn that you’d lost your dad. Please accept and extend to your family my sincere condolences. Madelyn

Sara Liebman & Mirek Cygler - 13 days ago

To Roni, Joy and Dov, So sorry to hear of Leo's passing! Wish we were there to accompany you, as best we could. May we meet again on simchas, real soon! Love, Sara & Mirek xxx

Gertie Lifshitz - 13 days ago

Dear Roni and family. I’m very sorry for your loss and may you know of no more sorrow.

Harvey Sigman - 13 days ago

Dear Roni and Family. My deepest sympathies on Leo’s passing. He was dedicated to keeping our community and its institutions strong and was very successful in accomplishing this, and in his own style. He would ask me to teach him how to do laparoscopic surgery. I told him it would be easy because he was a fast learner but that he would have to first get credentials which I imagine was not his highest priority. Harvey

Mindy Burstein - 14 days ago

Dearest Roni, sending you my most sincere and heartfelt condolences. Mindy

Eunice Mayers - 14 days ago

Dear Roni and family; Please accept my most sincere sympathy on the passing of Leo. A Titan has passed ! He was an integral part of Montreal, Quebec, Canadian and Jewish history for nigh unto a century and he will be missed. May all the many memories of the good times serve as solace to you. Fondly, Eunice

Marc Afilalo - 14 days ago

Senator Kolber was a pillar for our community in many aspects. The one I am more familiar with is his extreme devotion and dedication to the Jewish General Hospital. I always felt enriched by our interactions and took his words of advice so preciously. May he rest in peace, we'll miss him greatly.

Heidi Kaplan - 14 days ago

Dear Jonathan, I was saddened to hear of your dad's passing. I have fond memories from years ago. My sincerest condolences to you and your family.

Maxwell De Koven - 14 days ago

Dear Kolber Family, I got to know Leo when I served many years ago on his President's Advisory Committee at the JGH, Leo was very proud of his family to the point that when he learned that I would be visiting Israel, he insisted that he arrange that I meet his son, I contacted Jonathan who dutifully had coffee with me in his board room, and I reported back to Leo on my return. Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss of such a remarkable person.

Liane Taran - 14 days ago

Dear Roni, We were saddened to hear of Leo’s passing. Our sincerest condolences to you and the family. Liane and Danny

Harriet & Marvin Corber - 14 days ago

Dear Roni: From Florida,we send heartfelt condolences on the loss of Leo, a great man and a great Canadian who will be missed by many.! While we tried, unsuccessfully,to watch the funeral online, Deborah told us that it was the most beautiful and dignified service she had ever attended. In the very face of Leo's death, we wish you long life , filled with good health, and comforting memories to help you throughout your bereavement.

Don and Nancy Rubin - 14 days ago

Dear Roni and family, Please accept our sincere condolences on your loss. Don & Nancy

John Rothschild - 14 days ago

To the Entire Kolber Family: It is with great surprise and sadness that I have learned of Leo’s passing. To myself and especially to my Father, Bud, Leo was a giant. I hope that all who morn his passing are comforted by many thousands of warm memories of accomplishment, heritage and love. My condolences to the entire Family, John Rothschild

Randa Wexler - 14 days ago

Dear Roni Please know that my thoughts are with you at this difficult time .You were a wonderful partner and caregiver to Leo in his later years . Although his death was expected, there is still enormous sadness in the loss of a spouse. Wishing you fond memories and only good things in the future. Randi

Lynn and Gerald Batist - 14 days ago

Baruch Dayan Émet We will sorely miss Leo, who touched us in so many ways. His contributions, material but not less in good spirit, to the JGH, the country and the community, have been major and will be long lasting. He lifted the bar of everyone around him, spreading optimism and determination. He made time for small gestures that touched individuals as much as he did for big projects that touched many. Leo inspired us, and left us with special memories, all of which leave us with a grateful smile. Our condoléances to the family.

Lynn & Andy Nulman - 14 days ago

In addition to Andy’s personal story, I am compelled to add my treasured memories of the renowned Senator E. Leo Kolber, known to me simply as Leo. Leo befriended Andy, and accompanying Andy, I too was welcomed most warmly into Leo’s fabulously wonderful inner circle. I was honoured to spend numerous magical evenings chez Leo and Roni surrounded by our Jewish community’s and our country’s elite. I will never forget the dinner we attended for “no reason.” This was not a birthday celebration, nor an anniversary, nor a fundraiser. A simple dinner, no presents, no donations; “just come and enjoy” was the simple message. Once seated around the magnificent dining room table, we learned the “reason”: the guests were toasted, each of us recognized for our own community work whatever our chosen charity or cause. Leo taught us all to live life to its fullest, to enjoy it, to work hard at whatever one chooses, and most importantly, to give back. I already miss him and vow never to forget Leo’s lessons of life, friendship, family and support.

Lynn & Andy Nulman - 14 days ago

Andy and Lynn Nulman - 14 days ago

Dear Roni, Lynne, Jonathan and families immediate and extended—profound condolences from Lynn and me. After being so warmly invited into your social sphere, I enjoyed so many great memories with Leo, most involving a little bit of shouting and a whole lot of laughter. My last get-together with Leo is truly indicative of who he was. He invited me to a long, long lunch at the Mount Royal Club; uncharacteristically lengthy because of the constant flow of well-wishers, advice-seekers and admirers coming to our table. While initially looking at the menu, I casually remarked that my wife liked oysters. About an hour later, when approached by the waiter for coffee and dessert choices, Leo quipped: “Can you pack up a dozen oysters to go?” The waiter was a little taken aback. “We’ve never done that before, sir.” Leo replied, politely but firmly, “I didn’t ask if you’ve done it. I’m asking if you CAN.” Five minutes later, accompanied by a beaming Leo (and a happy, handsomely-tipped waiter), I walked out with a huge bag protecting an ice-filled platter of freshly-shucked oysters; a gift for Lynn. Firm, respected, generous, final memories of a truly great man and a special, unconventional friendship.

Eddie and Janice Davis - 14 days ago

Dear Roni, Janice and I were so sorry to learn of your great loss. The few times that we had lunch with you and Leo at the golf club were so much fun and we really missed you this past season. Besides having a brilliant mind, Leo had a great sense of humor and was such a warm and welcoming person. He will be truly missed. Our deepest sympathies go to you and the family. Eddie and Janice Davis.

Icaro and Michela Olivieri - 14 days ago

We have been honoured and proud to meet Sen.Leo Kolber in our exciting early years in Canada. He certainly was a man of great stature who left a mark in the Country. Our deep condolences to his loved ones

Bunny and Mort Lechter - 14 days ago

To the Kolber family, we wish to add to the community’s sadness at the passing of Leo Kolber. One day, we walked with him on the Summit, where he recalled that Mort’s late father, Ben , had paid him for services rendered early on in his career, and he told us, that with that money, he bought his first car. He had a most remarkable way of expressing himself. Please accept our deepest condolences, with respect, Bunny and Mort Lechter

Lisa and Robert Carsley - 14 days ago

Our deepest condolences to the entire family. Leo was truly an exceptional man. So sorry for your loss. Lisa and Robert Carsley

Debbie Schouela - 14 days ago

Dear Ronit Our heartfelt condolences on the loss of Leo. He was a true gentleman. I loved seeing you on a flight to or from Israel. Debbie & Steven Schouela

larry moroz and erica vidic - 14 days ago

Our condolences to a a man who can only think of giving to others in need. We give our warmest thoughts to Jonathan and Irit, Lynne and Mr Halliday, Roni and families.I will always cherish his kind personal words on the inside flap of the book he wrote. Leo will always be remembered.

Carol (Hertzman) David - 15 days ago

Dear Jonathan and family, I was sorry to hear about your loss. I would like to convey my deepest condolences. I am sure you can find comfort knowing that your father had a full and meaningful life. Sincerely, Carol

Jeffery Field - 15 days ago

I only knew Mr Kolber through Stuart.I was very touched by the signed book that he sent me. What a full wonderful life he lived . May he rest in peace. My condolences to the family Jeffery

Lillian Vineberg-Goodman - 15 days ago

Dear Roni, Lynne, Jonathan and Sam, Leo was a kind, thoughtful , and caring friend to me during both good and difficult times. I will always cherish the wonderful dinners and discussions we shared in Saint-Sauveur, Mont Gabriel, Montreal and Florida. I remember sitting in his den, reading the drafts of his book, followed by lively discussions. Leo was always transparent and honest.... and passionate and driven in all that he did...whether it was business or fund raising for a needy community project. He was so generous helping to support every worthy cause that was asked of him. As a result, no one could say no to him. He could sell enough corporate tables in one hour to guarantee the success of any event. He was amazing. Roni, you have been his guardian angel these last difficult years. What a gift you have been to him. Leo was so. Proud of his children and their accomplishments. Morris joins me sending our heartfelt sympathy on the loss of dear Leo. We are sorry not to be there today but we will be with you watching your final tributes to this special man on live stream. With sadness and much love, Lillian

Paola Mazzone - 15 days ago

Many years ago, Senator Leo Kolber and his late wife Sandra so graciously and generously invited me along with my family and close colleagues to their beautiful home, to celebrate the impending and anticipated arrival of my first born child. It was a very special dinner filled with lovely conversation, storytelling and laughter, a celebration of life that I will always treasure. My most sincere condolences to the loved ones of late Senator Kolber.

Evelyn and David Kirsh - 15 days ago

Dear Roni, Please accept our deepest sympathy on the loss of Leo. We still remember the Seder at your home. Our thoughts are with you. fondly Evelyn and David

hershel bernstein - 15 days ago

Dear Roni Please accept our deepest condolences .It doesn’t seem long since we were at work together discussing you just having met Leo !!! To his children ,grandchildren and extended family please pass our respect and sympathy ,and of course to Dov and Joy and your family May great memories sustain you . Ann and Hershel Bernstein

Barbi & Stan Plotnick - 15 days ago

Leo lived his life “his way”...and lived every day to the fullest. Whether committed to a business deal, or his community passions, especially the Jewish General Hospital, Leo attacked each with passion, intelligence and focus and “made things happen”. He guided so many as to how to make things happen....and listened to different approaches but once he decided how he wanted it done he pushed forward with full diligence. But to those that he respected, or considered friends or the family he loved, he was open and thoughtful. He will be deeply missed

Elaine Dubow Harris - 15 days ago

Dear Jonathan: My deepest sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your Dad. He certainly left his mark in our Montreal community. Warm regards, Elaine Dubow

Barbara Laurie-Rosenthal - 15 days ago

To;the family of Leo Kolber, especially Sammy. We go back a long time so it hurts me to have to send this note of condolences, my mother knew Luba and I grew up with has a finality and whether you are as giving as Leo was or just a commoner as me, we must face an end...may Leo be remembered for the good he deepest sympathy to you....sadly Barbara(Sacks)

Susa Yorke (Yancovitch) - 15 days ago

Lynne, it’s been a long time. I am so sorry for your loss. I was just speaking with my Mom who reminded me that your Dad helped me find an apartment in Toronto when I moved here 40 years ago, What a kind man. You are in my thoughts.

Jerry & Rachel Schneiderman - 15 days ago

Dear Sam and family Please know that our thoughts are with you on the loss of your dear brother Leo..may his memory be for a blessing Jerry and Rachel Schneiderman

RUBY FRIEDMAN - 15 days ago

To the Kolber Family: In Leo’s presence, one was privileged to be inspired by his insights, intelligence, wit, wisdom and deep commitment to all that he did. Roni, your love and devotion brought him much comfort and dignity. My sincere condolences.

Erin Seifert, Elli and Malcolm McRae - 15 days ago

Dear Roni, please accept our deepest sympathies. You are in our thoughts.

Ingrid Pokrass - 15 days ago

Dear Roni Sending you my condolences on the passing of your husband Leo. I hope your many memories help ease the loss. Fondly Ingrid

Dan Benchétrit - 15 days ago

My deepest condolences to all the family, very saddened by the loss. BDH »

Eleanor Latsky - 15 days ago

Dear Lynn and Jonathan, My deepest sympathy to you on the recent loss of your dear father, Leo. My thoughts are with you in your time of sorrow Ellie Roth Latsky

Lynn Moroz and Benjamin Gordon - 15 days ago

Dear Sammy, Lynne, Jonathan, Roni and families, Our heartfelt sympathies on Leo's passing. We have fond memories of Leo at family gatherings and from Richard at the bridge club. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time and may you be comforted by the love of family and friends .

Sandy & Arthur Shiller - 15 days ago

Dear Sam & family. Our deepest sympathy to you on the loss of your dear brother, Leo. May all your cherished memories help to comfort you at this difficult time.

Steve Solomon - 15 days ago

I just learned of the passing of Senator Kolber. I wish to Express my condolences to the entire Kolber family and to let them know of the great impact Leo had on my life in the world of Jewish Communal Services. A Montreal native, I grew up in his shadow and influence in the world of the Federation, the Jewish General Hospital and so many other philanthropic areas. I was privileged to have served as Assistant Executive Director of the Baron de Hirsch Institute, as the Director of Youth Protection of JFS and as the CEO of the Centre Miriam Home all while the Senator was busy serving the community. Later, after moving to Israel and serving as the Canadian Desk Head of the Jerusalem Foundation with the late Manny Batshaw as President, Leo was present and supportive then too. His legacy is great. Through his deeds and of those who he influenced and raised, his memory will live on as a blessing for his family, his community and for all Canadians. Rabbi Steve M Solomon MSW Efrat, Israel

VILMA & HOWARD KATZ - 15 days ago

Dear Lynn and Jonathan, We were so sorry to hear of your father's passing. He and your mother hosted us at many intimate dinners during our years in Montreal . Not to mention their great contributions to people, places and institutions. It seems to be the end of a "Dynasty" and he and your mother will forever be missed. The imprint of your father is indelible . We offer our sincerest condolences on your loss.

Boris and Dorothy Moroz - 15 days ago

Our deepest sympathies to our cousins on the passing of Leo. We will cherish our memories together of family, work and community. May Leo's memory be a blessing for you all.

Stanley and Donna Shenkman - 15 days ago

Dear Roni, Sam and the entire Kolber family, So sorry to learn of Leo's passing. Our friendship began as we each turned 13 years old. As I was probably his first law client after his being called to the bar, Leo worked all day on a Sunday typing himself the documentation and minute book to form my first Company. Then, not too long after he thought maybe property development might be more his thing so he decided to build some homes for sale in the Town of Mt. Royal. We worked together on the project with me as the Architect. Little suspected then was that he would leave his mark with major developments in many cities across North America. Many memories of Leo remain with Donna and me, We send our love and fond thoughts to you all. Donna and Stanley Shenkman

Shari Black - 15 days ago

My sincere condolences on Leo's passing. The family does not know me but I'd like to share my own small experience of my encounters with this respected, and, respectful gentleman. I met Leo through a mutual acquaintance, and had occasion to bump into him frequently during early morning walks on the mountain. During these encounters, we had conversations about all sorts of things, some mundane, some quite topical. Always, Leo was polite and considerate toward me, and ever down-to-earth and real. Then, I had occasion to read his book and had a few questions about some parts, which he enjoyed discussing. You could tell by the smiles on his face, each time. I just want to offer his family and friends, my condolences on the loss of this mensch among men.

Elaine and Julian Kotler - 15 days ago

Dear Roni and Family, We extend to you our deepest sympathies on the loss of Leo. He was a wonderful man and will be missed by many. May fond memories sustain you at this sad time.

Shirley Nadell - 15 days ago

Dear Roni and Sam and their families Saddened to hear about Leo who I have known for many years...what a generous man! Please accept my sincerest condolences. Shirley

Ida & Bernie Spector - 15 days ago

Dear Roni:: So saddened by Leo's passing. May the good memories sustain you and many you know no more sorrow.

Ida & Bernie Spector - 15 days ago


Susan Elias - 15 days ago

Dear Mrs. Kolber and families, My deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved husband, father, step-father, grandfather, step-grandfather, brother and uncle. The community mourns with you. May you take comfort in your shared memories and May you be spared further sorrow. My thoughts are with you. Susan Elias

Murray Levine - 16 days ago

Legends never die!

Marylin and Morrie Schactman - 16 days ago

Dear Sammy and the entire Kolber family Our hearts are saddened with the passing of Leo He was a pillar of society and an icon. We send you our love and warm thoughts. His memory shall be a blessing Marylin (Cohen) and Morrie

Jimmy Alexander - 16 days ago

Dear Jonathan and Roni, I first met Leo sitting around the board room table of the JGH, nothing could have been more intimidating. Leo was, after all, a legend. A name I had heard spoken by my grandfather with reverence and admiration. To Leo, I was, as he would always refer to me, “a nice kid”. I learned a lot from Leo, he was very straight forward, never minced words and instantly got to the heart of the matter of any issue we were dealing with. I admired him greatly. Please accept my deepest condolences.

Marvin Birnbom - 16 days ago

Dear Kolber family My sincere condolences on Leo’s passing. Over the years Leo and I must have walked together on the Westmount Summit, the equivalent of New York and back. I lived vicariously to Leo’s reminiscing of his days on the MGM board. Danny Kay’s cooking, Hollywood celebs calling to wish him happy birthday, 5 vacation trips with Pierre, close of relationship with Shimon, 50+ trips to Israel and a multitude of other wonderful happenings. Our mother’s were friends in the ‘20s (100 years ago) My late mother loved telling me how popular Luba (Leo’s mother) and she were in the 1920’s with the “guys”, when they walked down Park Avenue in Montreal. LEO A LIFE + “well lived”. RIP. Marvin Birnbom

Jean-François Garneau - 16 days ago

Cher Jonathan, chère famille Kolber: Quelle triste nouvelle! Je vous souhaite bien du courage pour passer au travers de cette épreuve, et toutes mes sympathies. Gardez le souvenir de tout le bien que votre père a fait dans le monde. Il en a fait beaucoup.

Delores Rosenh - 16 days ago

Dear Roni, Emblazoned on my mind are the words you said to me a few weeks ago when I asked if you'd like to take a few hours off and go to a movie. You smiled your lovely smile and said"No, I want to be near Leo". Leo was a lucky man on many fronts and certainly "gave back", but you helped make him a happy man and he knew it. At this sad time, rejoice in that knowledge. Delores

Phyllis and Robert Friedman - 16 days ago

To our dear friend Roni and family, Our heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family on this sad occasion of Leo’s passing.The happy times we shared are still warm and pleasant memories that will never be forgotten. We are out of town and will not be able to attend the funeral.Long life to you all ! Phyllis and Robert

Phyllis and Robert Friedman - 16 days ago

Manny Grill - 16 days ago

Dear Kolber Family, Freda & I would like to send our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences on the passing of Leo. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. It was always a pleasure to bump into Leo , a warm smile followed by a conversation of catching up on each other. I share the same wonderful memories that go back to the times spent in Prefontaine, where my parents had a home down the street. Those were wonderful times that I hold dear in my heart. Thinking of you at this most difficult time. May you know of no further sorrow. Freda & Manny Grill Manny Grill

Elaine Deckelbaum - 16 days ago

Dear Roni My sincerest condolence to you and the family. It was a privilege to have known Leo

Joëlle Fefer - 16 days ago

Dear Jonathan, I am thinking of you at this difficult time and sending you my heartfelt condolences. May you and your family be spared further sorrow.

Janice and Gerry Dubinsky - 16 days ago

Dear Roni, and extended family., please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved Leo. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Janice and Gerry

Marlene Fischel - 16 days ago

Dear Sam & Kolber Families, I am deeply saddened To learn of Leo's Passing & offer my sincerest Condolences. Leo was a true gentleman and friend to my Late Husband & his Friendship was greatly Appreciated. I am confident that he has left Behind many Memories that will live in our Hearts, a great Loss to our Jewish Community & Country. Rest in Peace Leo. Fondly Marlene Fischel Rubin Husband

Sharon Cohen - 16 days ago

Dear Roni, Heartfelt condolences on the passing of your beloved Leo. Our thoughts are with you and you family at this difficult time, Fondly, Sharon Cohen and Gary Rosenthal

Penelope Rudnikoff - 16 days ago

Dearest Roni🙏I am with you with love and support always! Leo was a dear friend of my father Arthur and a very special friend to me and Jeremy! Deepest condolences to you and the whole family!

Hy Rissman - 16 days ago

To the Kolber Family, Our sincerest sympathies on Leo's passing. I go back to Strathcona Academy, Gail and I and Charles with pleasant memories at Seagram's. Leo will be remembered as a community-caring true gentleman. May his memory live forever. Gail & Hy Rissman.

Peter F. Trent - 16 days ago

Dear Roni and all Leo's extended family, Kath and I are thinking of you at this trying time and of a remarkable man with such a complex personality: fiercely loyal, incisive, cerebral, funny, proud...and so gregarious. Our hearts are with you as you deal with what almost cannot be dealt with. Peter Trent and Kathryn Stephenson

goldye raphael - 16 days ago

Dear Ronnie, My most sincere condolences on the death of your very special husband. My thoughts are with you Fondly, Goldy

Pauline & Gery Ross - 16 days ago

Dear Sam. We are so sorry to hear of Leo’s passing. We are thinking of you. May your memories sustain you.

Jack and lil margolis - 16 days ago

We are thinking of you. We are so sorry for your loss

Steeve & Jessica Azoulay - 16 days ago

Dear Kolber Family, Leo was a truly remarkable leader and an inspiration to the many of us who opted for a career in politics. His advice was always generous, honest, unfiltered and on point. His devotion to our community was exemplary and he will be sorely missed. Our sincere condolences to Roni and the entire family.

Naomi Finkelstein - 16 days ago

Dear Roni, Please accept my condolences on your sad loss of Leo. Our dear friend Linda always spoke to me of how wonderful the 2 of you were to her. The community has lost a real hero, who will surely be missed. Wishing you strength at this very sad time. Naomi

Connie and Roy Fleischman - 16 days ago

Remembering Leo when I was a teenager and Leo was a few years older. I was playing junior basketball for Westhill and he was on the senior team. He was always encouraging never negative. Years passed and we met at his house when my ex wife Maxine and Sandra were members of Pen, both being writers, Then we flew down to spring training camp when Charles owned the Expos. He certainly left a big imprint. He will be sorely missed. So sorry for your loss of a great man. Connie and Roy fleischman

Erol Argun - 16 days ago

Dear Kolber Family: It is with great sadness that I learned Leo's passing; I wish to present my deepest sympathy. Through The Cadillac Fairview Corporation years, as one of their architects, Leo has been a major supporter of my work and later, together with his dear late wife Sandra, instrumental of my being a board member of the OSM. But it is during the design and construction of the expansion and renovations of their home that we became friends and I really got to know and appreciate him as a generous, loving person with the highest intellect and excellent taste. He will always be in my heart and in God's Heaven. Respectfully, Erol Argun

Donna and Eric Rodier - 16 days ago

Dear Roni and family, We were saddened to read about the passing of your beloved Leo. May many wonderful memories and the support of family and friends help comfort you at this very sad time. Donna and Eric

Doris and David Gandell - 16 days ago

Dear Roni,Joy, Dov and families:We want to express our sincere condolences. Leo was kind,caring and always welcoming to our family. We will always remember the Seder at your home with our family included. Love. Doris and David

Rhoda & Eddie Bornstein - 16 days ago

Dear Roni and family. Our sincerest condolences on the loss of you dear Leo. May your beautiful memories help you through this difficult time. Warmly, Rhoda & Eddie

Glen Grossman - 16 days ago

Dear Jonathan, My deepest condolences to you and the entire family on the passing of your father. Whenever I had the opportunity to meet him I appreciated his warmth and hospitality. No doubt he will be missed by many in our community and beyond.

Paul Habert - 16 days ago

Our sincere condolences to your family. When I was very young, Leo introduced me to Danny Kaye, when he gave my Grandmother, Grace Carsley and Danny a ride... what a treat!

Martin Nadel, Brenda Nadel - 16 days ago

Dear Sam and families, our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

sheila sinclair kirstein - 16 days ago

to all of leo's family........i cannot remmember a time when i did not know leo.......he was such a pleasure to bump into......i loved his humour.... sam, you were alot of fun also...... leo certainly achieved tremendous honour in our community.. and way well deserved!!! 'good night' will never be the same without were one in a easy.... ~S~

Vera Kaplan - 16 days ago

Dear Roni & family, Our deepest sympathy on the death of Leo. Vera Ostroff Kaplan, Boynton Beach, FL Judie Ostroff & Wes Goldstein

Neil Notkin - 16 days ago

Dear Kolber family, my mother was Natalie Kolber, Leo's cousin. From our first meeting at my Bar-Mitzvah, I was enthralled by his charisma, charm, and willingness to get to know me as a younger family member. My father, Harry, was blessed to have run a restaurant company under Leo's purview and enjoyed the fruits of those labors and forever grateful for that opportunity. As my father passed last year and mother two years ago - I know they would have wanted me to share their condolences and those of our entire family. The world will miss such a remarkable and charitable man. Neil Notkin.

Joyce Bazar - 16 days ago

Dear Kolber family I have many fond memories of summers in Prefontaine My late grandfather, Abraham Kapusta, had property across the road from the Kolber estate where our families interacted. Our paths crossed again in later years . I'm sure you share my respect and admiration for Leo and his many achievements . His loss will be deeply felt by many . Please accept my sincere sympathy at this sad time May his memory be a blessing

Judy Auerbach Kornbluth - 17 days ago

Dear Lynne, Barry, Jonathan & Family, We are so sorry to read of Leo’s passing. A true mensch, a true vision for our community, & a wonderful cousin to us personally. We are thinking of you at this most difficult time . May his memory be a blessing. Love, Judy & Harvey Kornbluth

Edith and Marty Szwarcok - 17 days ago

Dear Roni and family So sorry for your loss. We never had the opportunity To meet Leo but know that you had a wonderful And happy life with him. Hopefully all your wonderful Memories will get you through this difficult time Warm regards. Edith and Marty

Kenneth Wolfe - 17 days ago

What a nice man!! His locker was near mine at the golf club. He would greet me with a cheery "Hey Wolfie". I asked him why he called me Wolfie. He said "I play cards with your Father and if its good enough for him ,it's good enough for you. RIP Leo . "Wolfie"

Sandra and Steve Mintz - 17 days ago

Dear Ronni and family To know Leo was to love Leo! We are devastated at the loss of our dear friend a leader in our community. As a philanthropist, he gave to everyone in need. As a friend he was on call at all times to help whenever needed. Respected and kind! Ronni, you were his pillar of strength to the end, always by his side. To his children grandchildren and brother our deepest sympathies. May his memory be a blessing to all those who knew him! Sandra and Steve Mintz

Sandra Mintz - 17 days ago

Dear Ronni and family, To Know Leo was to Love Leo! Our hearts are broken for the loss of this great man in our community! Leo was a Legend in his own right! He was the most philanthropic man . He donated tirelessly to all those in need! We have lost a dear friend! To our friend Ronni, you were the best thing that happened to Leo. You stood by his side until his end. Our deepest sympathies to his children , brother and grandchildren. May his soul be blessed for all his accomplishments in life. Sandra Mintz

Ann & Al Leibovitch - 17 days ago

Dear Sam, Jonathon, Marla & Families: Very sorry to hear the sad news of Leo's passing .I have very fond memories of him. Al and I are on our way to Florida and cannot be with you. Much Love. Cousin Ann Sacoransky Leibovitch

Ian Copnick - 17 days ago

It is with profound soundness that I today learned the news of your dad's passing. Notwithstanding all of his accomplishments (and what an accomplished life it was!) he was always unassuming and approachable, and much like your mom, unfailingly hospitable. I remember with such fondness all the times he welcomed me into your home, to the Forum, and to Jarry Park. I will miss the connection I still felt when I would look down from the "cheap seats" at the Shaar on the High Holidays to see him holding court in the aisle next to his seat below. Please extend my condolences to your sister, and know that your family is often in my thoughts. Fondly, Ian

Doris and David Gandell - 17 days ago

Dear Roni and family: We wish to express our sincere condolences. We are thinking of you at this time. Leo was such a warm,welcoming person to our whole family.. Doris and David

Arlene Brownstein Chinks - 17 days ago

Dear Roni, although Leo has been ill for quite sometime , when our loved ones finally transition it still somehow comes as a surprise. I am saddened for your loss and wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you at this painful time. As you know , I am away for the winter , or I would have wanted to see you. May you not know any more sorrow in your life . Fondly, Arlene BDE

JEWEL LOWENSTEIN - 17 days ago

Dear Kolber family, We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Senator Leo. He was a national bridge builder and a true pillar of our community. When Leo spoke, people listened. Please know that our thoughts are with you. We hope your memories of his exemplary life sustain you at this difficult time. Jewel and Paul Lowenstein

Mark and Edna Mendelson - 17 days ago

Dear Family, I met Leo z'l over 25 years ago and immediately became a huge fan! He was a man who spoke his mind, was honest and keenly devoted to the Jewish community. It was my luck to have honored him at a JNF Negev Dinner where I worked very closely with him to raise the funds needed for his chosen project. I loved sitting with him in his beautiful office, surrounded by magnificent art, and dueling with him over decisions that had to be made-what a pleasure and learning experience. From then on, every tie we would see one another, we would kibbitz and joke-there was definitely a special bond between us-at least for me! May this giant of a man rest in peace and May His memory be a Blessing-Yehee Zichroh Baruch!

Brenda and Samuel gewurz - 17 days ago

Dear Kolber family, Our condolences. Leo was a very special man! He spoke it as he saw it. He was a real doer, With boundless energy, who cared deeply for his community and his country. We will miss him. Brenda and Samuel gewurz

Eric Aronoff - 17 days ago

Dear Lynne and Kolber family; I am sorry for your loss. my sincere condolences. Eric Aronoff

Abe Gonshor & Annie Young - 17 days ago

Dear Roni & Kolber family, Abe Gonshor & Annie Young send you much love at this very sad time in your lives. Leo was a very special human being that will be missed by all that new him! Our sincere and heartfelt condolences on the news of his passing. Be well

Maxine Bernstein Kravitz - 17 days ago

Dear Sam, I was so sorry to hear about your brother. I am thinking of you at this time. Fondly Maxine ( Norman's sister)

guita hyman - 17 days ago

Barbara & James Ovadia - 17 days ago

Dear Roni, our deepest sympathies on the loss of your dear husband. Thinking of you at this very sad time, Barbara and James

Barbara & James Ovadia - 17 days ago

Dear Roni, our deepest sympathies on the loss of your dear husband. Thinking of you at this very sad time, Barbara and James

Iris and burney - 17 days ago

Dear Sammy and family Deepest condolences on your loss. Leo will not be forgotten,but remembered.

LeilaPaperman - 17 days ago

Dear Kolber Family, How very sad to read of the death of Leo. We go backso very far to Strathcona Academy, and then on to McGill .Leo was 2 years older than I but we crossed paths a lot. Many a Friday night at Elm Ridge when Leo sat and reminisced with us over a martini while Ronni showered and dressed. and before that when Leo and Sandra hosted Top Gifts donors when I was Chair of Womens Division {1976] omg. MEMORIES that are forever etched into my brain.He gave us a lot and the Montreal Jewish community will be forever indebted to him.May his memories be a blessing to you all. To you Ronni go my most sincere condolences. you were great to and for him. Rest inpeace Leo.Fondly Leila

Nicholas La Monaca - 17 days ago

My sincerest condolences. Senator Kolber will always hold a special place in my memory, his wisdom and guidance has left a significant impact on my life. I will forever cherish the time spent with him.

Jane andLarry Plotnick - 17 days ago

Our most sincere sympathies. Leo was a true patriarch of the community. Appreciated, esteemed and greatly admired. So many accomplishments and successes. An exceptional individual. We are confident that Leo will live on in the hearts of everyone who knew him. He was always warm and welcoming. We never part with those we respect, as they are with us always in heart and spirit. We are confident that he has left behind a thousand moments that will live in our hearts forever. May we all find the comfort in those memories, and strength in the family and friendships of those who share this loss. A great loss to Montreal, Canada and the Jewish community around the world. Special blessings to all.

RHEA and RICKY TOCK - 17 days ago

Treasure all your wonderful memories! BDE ❤️

Maxine Bernstein Kravitz - 17 days ago

Dear Sam, so sorry to hear about your brother. Thinking of you. Maxine ( Norman's sister)

miriam steinberg - 17 days ago

baruch dien Ha Emes. may the almighty comfort you among the mourners of zion and yerusahalim. we should only share simchas. roni;s niece Miriam Steinberg

Hillel Becker - 17 days ago

My sympathies to the family. Leo and I were long time acquaintances and colleagues in community leadership. We had a kibitz going for at least 50 years - he would always ask me "are you still dating girls?'

Arlene Granich Rosen - 17 days ago

My dear Roni: How sorry I am to hear of the passing of your beloved Leo. I remember so vividly when you two met & found love, laughter, respect & happy times together. He always had a smile whenever you were with him, and you lit up his life. I also extend my deepest condolences to the ENTIRE KOLBER and GANDELL families on the loss of a true gentleman among men. He will be sorely missed, but, hopefully, in time, your forever wonderful memories together will bring you comfort. May you all be spared further sorrow. Sincerely, Arlene G. Rosen

Ronnie & Jack Roter - 17 days ago

Dearest Ronit and family. I was heart broken to read of the passing of such a wonderful family man. The entire community has lost a good friend Our condolences to you and all the family and friends who loved him.

Sue Carol Isaacson - 17 days ago

Dear Ronith,Lynn,Jonathan,dear Sam and all the family My sincere condolences on your loss Leo’s influence reached around the world and we in Montreal have lost an icon. May you take some comfort in all the good that he did and know that you are all in my thoughts at this difficult time in your lives Sue Carol Isaacson

Ron Moroz - 17 days ago

On behalf of the Moroz and Kussner families we send out our condolences on the passing of cousin/uncle Leo. Leo was always a bigger than life person. He had a full life. He will be remembered fondly.

Rhea and RICKY Tock - 17 days ago

Treasure all your beautiful memories! BDE ♥️♥️

maidy & irv teitelbaum - 17 days ago

To the Family of the Late Senator Leo Kolber: Please accept our deepest and sincerest sympathies upon Leo's passing. He was truly "one-off" - a unique and accomplished individual of many talents who garnered everyone's respect. He will be sorely missed by those who loved him and by everyone who knew him. His intelligence, his friendship, his forthrightness, and his remarkable array of community endeavors were truly exceptional. May he rest in peace. Maidy & Irv Teitelbaum

Evelyn Shrier - 17 days ago

To the Kolber Family and all who loved Leo, we send our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolence... Evelyn Shrier and Henry Geniele...

Philippa and Marvin Carsley - 17 days ago

To one of Canada's greatest formidable persons who has done so much not only for the Jewish community but for the whole of Canada May he rest in peace and the family spared any further sorrow

Jennifet Cukier - 17 days ago

Such a wonderful productive man Gracious charitable -a mensch What a loss My sympathy Blessings to all Never gorgotten