Erika Maltin (Maltinsky)

Funeral Service: Tuesday, January 07, 2020 at 1:00 PM
Shiva: Tuesday, January 07, 2020 to
Thursday, January 09, 2020

18 Brunet Ave., Pointe-Claire, H9S 4T5
Shiva Details: Shiva hours: after 4:00 p.m. daily Tuesday through Thursday.
Cemetery: Baron De Hirsch Cemetery

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15 Condolences

Sari Tudiver - 12 days ago

Dear Dena, Elise and Wendy, My deepest sympathy on the passing of your dear mother. May many wonderful memories sustain you in the early days of your grief and in the coming years, as you pass on stories about her to future generations. Sincerely, Sari

Suzanne FRAPPIER - 18 days ago

Dearest Elise, Dena, Wendy and family, My sincerest condolences. To me, your mom was a ray of sunshine, always kind and welcoming: it was a real privilege to have known such an inspiring woman. She has left her mark on all who knew her and there is comfort in knowing that she has now joined your dad, her soulmate. Suzanne x

marina mccready - 18 days ago

My heart goes out to Elise, Dena, Wendy and the rest of the family at this most difficult of times. I did not have the pleasure of meeting Erika but know that she was loving, creative, strong and brave. I have heard about her incredible joi de vivre and that is something she definitely passed on to the daughters I know. She may have slipped the bonds of this earthly plane but her spirit lives on in you.

Evelyn Hamdon - 19 days ago

My love and condolences to Elise, Dena, and Wendy (and all of Erika's family and friends who are mourning her passing). I always marvelled the amazing adventures she had and which I heard about through Elise. And I admired her beautiful artwork. I have no doubt that her indomitable spirit lives on in her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. . With love, and in sympathy - Evelyn

Louise Jarry - 19 days ago

We are so sorry for your loss. Our sympathies to Elise, Wendy, Dena and all the grand-kids. A lot of memories from your youth and all the trips that Erika did to visit her daughters, keep them close...May you celebrate your mom’s spirit, talent, adventures...

Heather Gosselin - 19 days ago

Dear Elise and family, My condolences on the passing of your lovely Mom. I had the privilege of meeting your Mom in Iqaluit a few times - I always admired her sense of adventure and spirit. She has passed that down to you and your sisters. You always spoke highly of your parents and were very dedicated to your mom since I have known you. Thinking of you lots and sending you lots of hugs. Heather

Denise Hansen - 19 days ago

To Elise and family - I had the privilege of meeting Erika on several occasions. Such a lovely, vital and talented woman with a special bond with her daughters. I know she will be greatly missed,. With deepest sympathy, Denise Hansen

Gail - 19 days ago

sending my condolences to all three of you. I was privileged to know your mother, see her ,enjoy a meal with her ,talk to her whenever she came to Israel to see Dena and her grandchildren. Her artwork was amazing sending you all my loveand hugs

Julie Bauer - 20 days ago

Condolences to my friend Elise and sisters Dena and Wendy. I know Erika as Elise's mom and have enjoyed stories of her travel and love of life. Her warm artwork in Elise's home is lovely. So glad that family was at her side for her passing.

Julie Bauer - 20 days ago

Lenore Krantz - 20 days ago

Erika was a bright light always....a wonderful artist, a fun person to be with and always happy to experience new things. She was full of praise and love for her daughters and a good friend to many. She was a joy to all those who had the privilege to know her.

Sandra Coombe - 20 days ago

I know Erika only through Elise. In these last years I have so enjoyed the pictures and stories that you shared of your time with her. May she be at peace.

Marion Gauzer - 20 days ago

Sympathy and love to my dear friend Elise and her sisters Dena and Wendy, and all the many other family members and friends who loved Erika. I see Erika's many gifts carried forward in Elise--her love of art and her creativity, her culinary skills (wow--the gorgeous nut tortes!), her bright mind, her honouring of tradition, heritage and home, and her warm smiling eyes and infectious laughter. You're all in my thoughts and my heart as you grieve her loss. Marion

Anne Daniels - 20 days ago

I was privileged to get to know Erika through her daughter Wendy. She was lovely in every sense of the word, both interesting and interested -in people, in ideas, in art and music. Our thoughts are with Dena, Elise and Wendy as they say a final farewell.

Hoda Ghamrawy - 20 days ago

May she journey well and into the Light. What a wonderful legacy she has left in her life story. Overcoming the challenges and keeping an incredible smile. I have never met her yet I feel respect and love for her because of Elise, Dena and Wendy. What an incredible gift she has given to the world. Blessed Be. In the Light, Hoda