Father John Walsh

Funeral Service: Monday, November 16, 2020
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Dorothy Zalcman Howard - 7 days ago

Father John Walsh was a dear friend to the Jewish community and so many of its partners and institutions including Christian-Jewish Dialogue, Canadian Jewish Congress, and the Montreal Holocaust Museum. Throughout his tenure at St. John Brébeuf Parish, Father John organized an annual, non-denominational Holocaust commemoration ceremony, delivering groundbreaking sermons that were extraordinary both in the extent to which he fully embraced other faiths and in the depth of their intellectual rigour. We could always count on Father John to act on behalf of the vulnerable, the oppressed, and the disenfranchised. He was steadfast and generous in his support of our community’s advocacy initiatives on behalf of falsely accused, imprisoned Iranian Jews, standing with us at over a dozen vigils and rallies and inviting us to publicize their plight on his radio program on CJAD. Father John’s compassion, grace, and vitality seemed limitless. His love for humankind was singular; seldom have anyone’s words and deeds been so inextricably intertwined. His memory is a blessing, his life an inspiration.

Michael Boire - 7 days ago

I was lucky to have been guided by Father Walsh when he was a hut counsellor and seminarian at Camp Kinkora in the early 1960s. His example of determination, fairness and compassion were a great and welcomed influence in my life. Michael Boire Kingston Ontario

George Towstuk - 13 days ago

My family and I were very shocked and saddened with the news of Farther Walsh passing. I have fond memories Father John with his cheerful and friendly approach with students and staff at Bishop Whelan. He was always open to work with the students. As Principal at Laurendeu Dunton school I invited Father John to celebrate Mass with all the students in the Gym. He was so proud to show and explain the honor of having given the Eagle feather. He was seen at Barbies having breakfast with his friends. Rest in peace Father. You will be always be remembered and never forgotten.

Susan Block - 13 days ago

I was shocked and deeply saddened by the untimely loss of Father John Walsh. He has given so much of himself to so many, and always had the time to give to one more organization or one more person. He was the epitome of goodness. From the moment I met him, I knew that I was in the presence of an incredibly special person. I would like to convey my condolences to his dear sister, Marlene, and her family. Marlene, we all grieve with you. May the memories of the good times you’ve shared help ease the pain. Susan Block

Adrian and Natalie Bercovici - 13 days ago

Dear family and friends of Father John Walsh: We are very saddened to learn of Father John's passing. Early on Father John invited Generations Foundation to work with the Hope Society at his church to bridge us in providing nourishment to students in the area. We attended many of his events including birthday celebrations. One particular event was St. Monica's 50th Anniversary. We arrived intending to sit at the back, but Father John would not have it. He had vacant seats set aside for us at the front. When the service was over we exited just ahead of the Cardinal. What a memory amongst many others he bestowed on us. He telephoned us regularly and was always interested in Generations Foundation's progress. We were happy that we could continuously provide turkeys and other items for his yearly Christmas Luncheon at Bonsecours Market for 550 seniors. What an amazing asset he was in that he left so many legacies and memories. His devotion and energy will always be remembered.

Michael A Schwartz - 13 days ago

I only met Father Walsh once (at the Shaar, of course) but it was clear to me even from that brief encounter that he was a righteous man and special person. My profound condolences.

Frank Vela - 13 days ago

My condolences to family and friends. I will miss his jokes at the end of Sunday mass at Madre dei Cristiani church and participating with him at his Christmas Luncheon at Marché Bonsecours. I watched along with my family his passionate launch of John's House the Thursday before he passed. We exchanged a few emails before and after. I would have loved to see him in person one more time. Thanks for everything Father John. We were truly blessed for the time we had you in our lives. God Bless. Frank Vela

Murray Levine - 13 days ago

Over 30 years ago, Father John told me something on CJAD that I somehow don’t believe that he wanted to say in public! :o) As a budding volunteer fundraising consultant and charity activist, it was an insight that only very few could provide and I used it to the advantage of humanity! Over the years I tried to help his organizations raise funds, but alas, as a Companion of the Order of Canada told me twice; “Murray! You’re a prophet and prophets don’t do well in their own times!” Thankfully, things have worked out nicely! I just asked Nazareth House to work with me to create the Father John Walsh Charity Challenge. I encourage you to make a donation in Father John’s memory and mention the charity challenge when you do! http://nazarethcommunity.com/donate-now/ Father John! You left us WAY too early :o(

Donald Davis - 13 days ago

my relationship with Father John Walsh began on Avenue de las Musee outside the Russian Consulate. he was a compassionate man of G-D,he cared about every human being.He marched with us to free Soviet Jewry.He reached across communities,he created bridges between people ofr different faiths,backgrounds and philosophies.. He was truly a man of G-D, Had he lived during the Inquisition or the Crusdaes the world would not be the same.We were lucky to have had him in our generation,in our city,in our community-how fortunate we have been.The world ,our city and our community is better place because of him.May his memory be a blessing.

Susan Evans - 14 days ago

So sorry to learn we have lost such a wonderful man. I got to know him at Resurrection and St. jean Brebeuf parishes,worked with him on Cursillo weekends. He was an amazing biblical scholar and,truly,a man of the people. Heaven has just received another angel.

Susan Stromberg Stein - 14 days ago


Patricia Kutz - 14 days ago

I would like to add my voice to the many tributes and condolences for Father John Walsh. It is obvious-and it is the opinion of everyone-that he was a special person loved and respected by all. My late husband and I met Father John through community events . It didn’t take long for a bond to form. When he learned that my husband was a Holocaust survivor, he invited him to speak at his church and tell his parishioners his story of survival. This happened more than once. Some years ago, when Father John retired, we attended his retirement celebrations........first a Mass at his church and later a dinner tribute at a restaurant in LaSalle. It was obvious then why he was referred to as “a Man of the People”. At this party were representatives from every walk of life and from every religious and cultural group in the city. What an evening that was! Father John had the unique ability to make everyone feel special-personal-closer. In his own words he wrote “Friendships are treasures that need to be honoured “. Rest easy Father John. You are already missed by all. Thank you Paperman Family for giving us the opportunity to pay tribute to such a special person, Father John Walsh. Patricia Kutz

Nella and Miron - 14 days ago

My husband and I met Father John Emmet Walsh (J.E.W.) 10 years ago at the Book Launch for “HONOURABLE MENSCHEN 11” A collection of interviews and tributes. Sheila Lackman's interview of Father John Walsh brought out his commitment to his fellow man, and could serve as a blueprint to all of humanity by being kind and generous to each other, regardless of religion, race, or status in society. Father John Walsh was an Honourable Mensch, whose life made a huge difference to his family, friends, and the Montreal Community. Our sincerest condolences. Nella and Miron

stephen schneider - 14 days ago

I had the honor to meet Father John over 20 years with my late Uncle Harry Schneider. Together we worked on the development of an Interfaith Medal. I always found our meetings together uplifting. His vision for people of all faiths was more than inspiring. We always greeted each other with a smile and a hug. That was Father John. I often wondered how much better our world would be if we had more Father John's in our lives. May he be a continuous inspiration for all of us.

Sass Peress - 14 days ago

Father John was a great friend. He was going to be under the huppah with us next June, accompanying rabbi and cantor for our ceremony. A man of amazing wit, intelligence, kindness and generosity. Heaven is a lucky place this week. It gained an amazing soul while the earth lost an amazing man.

Linda Menzie - 14 days ago

Fr Walsh was a communicator, bridge builder, mentor, and a real mensch! A man of faith, with a moral conscience. He possessed a quiet calming demeanour, he always had the right words, and sound counsel for every situation,regardless of gender, color, age or one’s station in life!! He always had a ear and shoulder to lend to anybody in need!! With his quick wit and sharp mind he could weigh in on any topic, sports, politics, the local issues, world news, and of course the priesthood and The Vatican!! He had a great sense of humour,liked to raise a glass, and the ability to tell a good joke.He was so much fun to be around,I felt very privileged to be in the presence of his company!! He was never preachy type, he never crammed religion down anybody’s throat!! Fr Walsh believed in physical as well spiritual health for all, start with hitching your star to a higher power and doors will open that you didn’t know existed.Love yourself, open up your heart and you’ll see the world with a different perspective!! A wonderful man has been taken too soon, his body of work/ healing/ service will stand the test of time!He leaves a indelible print on this city, and a rich legacy that will continue to flourish forever! His memory is a Blessing for those he loved! In my heart always! You’re friend Linda

edna janco - 14 days ago

My deep sympathy to the family, the wider community and friends of Father John. We lost a giant, a grand mensh and an extraordinary leader. we will all, each in our special way, miss his guidance, his steadfastness, his unwavering support , true to his word. Indeed, i lost a friend with a huge capacity of generosity, lost his warmth, listening ear, guidance and support. Not to be replaced. Father John, you were taken away from this world, like a tzadik. May you rest in peace . And to you the Paperman mishpoche, Kol Hakavod. this is called respect, menshlichkeit and more.

Reesa Barr - 14 days ago

Father John’s memory will be a blessing to all who knew him. Kol HaKavod to the Paperman family for remembering him as one of our community. My sincere condolences go out to his family.

Anna Fishman Gonshor - 15 days ago

to the Paperman family...you continue to serve the community with dignity and graciousness...thank you for this. Father John Walsh ‘s decency and kindness knew know bounds. I had the honour of serving with him many years ago at Canadian Jewish Congress and more recently at the Jewish Public Library. The world has lost a giant, and we need him more than ever. His life was a blessing. His memory will certainly be one too

Bernie Chmielash - 15 days ago

Father John was a friend for the last 20 years. When he called, I knew that he needed something for his projects and I reached out to others to get it done. When I lost my Father and we were sitting Shiva, I received a call from the Vatican and it was Father John, who offered his condolences and apologized that he could not attend nor be there for me but he was covering the funeral of the Pope and the naming of another for CJAD. I worked at his annual Christmas Luncheon as both the provider of desserts and working the kitchen. What people do not realize is that the Luncheon was for 500 lost souls - people with mental and physical disabilities, the poor, the needy, and his Luncheon was their day to celebrate and be honoured as a human being. Denis Coderre came last year and helped work the kitchen and people asked why he came even though he was not the mayor and he replied - I am here for Father John. I nominated him years ago to serve on the Board of Magen David Adom and he also served on the board of the Jewish Public Library. He always spoke so highly of Gideon Zeldemeyer of the Shaar. Working with clergy of other faiths, I can say that they missed the lectures on how to be a human being and how to love their fellow man and not their monies. Our city and province has lost a Mensch and Heaven will greet him with open arms as we on earth will shed our tears. Rest in Peace.

Sandra Mintz - 15 days ago

To the family of John Walsh Father John was a very good friend of my late husband, Steve Mintz. He would visit my husband at his office and they would talk for hours! He had that charm where he could talk about any subject so easily. My husband had the greatest of respect for who he was! May he Rest In Peace! Sandra Mintz

Corinne Chazan and Michel Lalonde - 15 days ago

I had met Father John Walsh three times and he was most definitely the definition of a Mensch. He never judged people and embraced all. He will be sorely missed. There is no doubt, Montreal will be a little sadder with Father John's passing. May his legacy live on.

Ariela Cotler - 15 days ago

We truly loved father John. He was true to his name -Emmet- אמת -truth. Every thing about him reflected truth. He was true to his beliefs, to his community, to his friends and above all to his family. His deep knowledge in Jewish texts,his steadfast support of the Jewish community and the Jewish state was unconditional courageous and profound. We lost a great friend of The Jewish People , the community, and a dear personal friend. יהי זכרו ברוך

Tommy Schnurmacher - 15 days ago

A truly tragic loss. He was such a kind soul and a real mensch. It was also a delight to work with him at CJAD. Condolences to his family and many friends whose lives he touched. He will very much be missed. Montreal is a sadder place without him that's for sure.

Montreal Israel Day Committee - 15 days ago

The Montreal Israel Day Rally committee along with the community at large mourns the loss of Father John Walsh. Father Walsh was a close friend and lifelong supporter of the State of Israel. In addition to his endless work building bridges between the various Montreal communities, Father Walsh sat on the executive committee of the Montreal Israel Day Rally as well as serving as the master of ceremonies for the annual event. We have lost a true leader and friend to Israel whose memory will never be forgotten. זכר צדיק וקדוש לברכה לחיי העולם הבא (may the memory of the righteous and holy be a blessing for the life of the world to come.)

Le comité du Rallye pour Israël à Montréal - 15 days ago

Le comité du Rallye pour Israël à Montréal, ainsi que l'ensemble de la communauté, pleurent la perte du père John Walsh. Le père Walsh était un ami proche et un partisan de longue date de l'État d'Israël. En plus de son travail incessant pour construire des ponts entre les différentes communautés de Montréal, le père Walsh a siégé au comité exécutif du Rallye pour Israël à Montréal et a été le maître de cérémonie de l'événement annuel. Nous avons perdu un véritable leader et ami d'Israël dont la souvenir ne sera jamais oubliée. זכר צדיק וקדוש לברכה לחיי העולם הבא (que le souvenir des justes et des saints soit une bénédiction pour la vie du monde à venir.)

avra & Ralph Berg - 15 days ago

Thank you Papermans for posting this obit, of this most wonderful, caring man. A true mensch, I only heard him speak once, but loved listening to him on the radio. We have lost an angel. May he rest in peace. The world would be a better place if there were more like him. Avra & Ralph Berg

Linda Richman - 15 days ago

I met Father John Walsh many years ago at an Interfaith Event which we called The Festivals of Light Representations from many faiths, celebrated Christmas. Hanukkah and Diwali together as we shared each other’s food, sang each other’s songs and told each other stories which brought us together. From that event. Father John and I became friends. I studied Catholicism and he had studied Judaism ; we had a lot to talk about as we talked about healing the world. We both agreed that we all have much more in common that apart. And we are committed to making this world a better place for all of God’s children. Father John has left us, sadly, as he continues to spread the love in the next world as he watches over all of us. he left behind. Godspeed, Father John, and please know that you have indeed helped to make this world a better place .

William Novick - 15 days ago

A true man of faith and respect for all.His legacy will be remembered

David Feldstein - 15 days ago

A life to celebrate. A terrible loss to the world. May he rest in peace

JEWEL LOWENSTEIN - 15 days ago

Father John Walsh was a welcome and respected guest at Temple. He was knowledgeable and insightful. A great loss to our Montreal community. Jewel Lowenstein

Ted Greenfield - 15 days ago

To the family of Father John Walsh, our deepest expression of sympathy. i have know and worked with father John in the Community for many years and it is clear that he was an exceptional human being. Everyone had a place in his tent and he worked always for more goodness in the world. May he rest in peace.

Eileen Rabinovitch - 15 days ago

To the family and friends of Father John Walsh I had the privilege to work with Father John and host many events with him and the late Rabbi Shoham. It was an absolute pleasure to engage with Father John. His brilliance, quick wit, compassion and profound ability to speak to all faiths was legendary. He was very thoughtful and truly a mensch. What an honor to have known such a fine human being. May his memory forever be a blessing . My deepest sympathy to his dear family

David Martz - 15 days ago

A fitting tribute by the Papermans and our community to a giant of humanity. I had the privilege of working with Father John for years on the Board of Procure, a Montreal based a prostate cancer foundation founded by the late Marvin Kussner. Aside from his passionate and meaningful interfaith work and interventions in so many community causes he was equally committed to helping patients and families cope with this dreaded disease, as well as raising money for research . He was a tireless ambassador and advocate, despite so many demands on his time and energy. Huge and sad loss for our city!

Gary Mintz - 15 days ago

I was terribly saddened by the sudden passing of Father John. All that has been said about him in these beautiful tributes describe a true man of faith whose love fir his fellow whether Christian or Jew or Muslim knew no boundaries. I love and respected him deeply. I am going to miss his beautiful smiling face and sparkling eyes but he will dwell in my heart for all eternity. RIP Father John. Gary Mintz

Sandi Brown - 15 days ago

These tributes shows what one person can accomplish in bringing people together, regardless of faith or background. A genuine human being looking after his fellow travellers.

Sandy kogut - 15 days ago

Was privileged to do some radio work with Father John! Very laid back! Areal mensch! What every clergy should exemplify! Compassion,faith, and warmth! May his memory and good works continue!

Fran knecht - 15 days ago

An exceptional human being. A true mensch. Maybe Rest In Peace.

Arthur K Newman - 15 days ago

To the Paperman Family Yasher koach for posting Father John’s obit , May he Rest In Peace, the Newman Family

Evelyn Ruckenstein - 15 days ago

Our community has lost a true friend, who will sorely missed. Rest in Peace Father John. My heartfelt condolences to your family.

Lorna Smith - 15 days ago

Joe Selcer - 15 days ago

If the were More Father Johns in this world there would be a lot less hatred and more understanding. R.I.P.

An Admirer - 15 days ago

A shining example of true service to the Lord, and to his fellow brothers and sisters.

Shelley Corrin - 16 days ago

Father John was a priest who visited the high school where I, and a few other Jews taught. It was , at the time, the largest high school in the province, so he was aware that we were a minority, if not actually an anomaly, in the 70’s. His invocations at the beginning of the year always contained a welcoming nod to us, and a quote from the old testament. Year later, my husband , Moshe Sadeh and I , were delighted to put forward his name for the Jerusalem medal, which was awarded to him. His goodness was inspired by his Christian acceptance of all.

Brissa&Brian Berkovits & Family - 16 days ago

Our heartfelt condolences to the entire family, the lives of every individual he touched and the community at large. May his memory be a source of strength, comfort and a blessing for all.

Merrill Liverman - 16 days ago

We were so privileged to know and spend time with Father John. He has been a good friend to so many, and an example of goodness and kindness. The memory of his many accomplishments and charity to others will live on in so many hearts. Merrill and Rick Liverman

Irene Currie & Family - 16 days ago

Father Walsh was a truly caring and wonderful person. His unique approach to delivering sermons wherein he told a joke at the end or used a puppet always brought a smile to our faces. He will be greatly missed.

David Apelbaum - 16 days ago

So sad to untimely lose a Great Montreal. His legacy of making the Montreal a better place to grow & flourish in kinship & love for all. His inter-fate contributions are legion & will remain forever. We thank HaShem for giving us the gift Fr. John as a role model how we should live. Gone too soon, will never be forgotten. G-d speed, RIP

Leslie Vertes - 16 days ago

A great man, a great educator, a great unifier, a great listener, a great helper. A great loss for every nominations. Leslie Vertes.

Sydney Marovitch - 16 days ago

I had the honour of meeting Father John Walsh when he accompanied Cantor Gideon Zelermeyer at my invitation as guest speakers at Rosemount High School. The students were so inspired & appreciative that one student stood up and said “G-d bless you both!” Condolences on a great loss. Sydney Marovitch

Gerry Haie - 16 days ago

Father Walsh, or John as we affectionately called him, was first and foremost a lifelong friend to our family. John had a substantial amount in common with our father. Their experiences, their vision and goals were very similar. No wonder they shared such a special bond of friendship. When our father past away, John took the overwhelming task of honoring him by performing the ceremony. Being the selfless and generous person that John was, he credited our father, his great friend, for guiding him through it all. Such a class act indeed from someone still grieving and rightfully so, just as much as we all were. John was such a brave soul, someone admirable, fair and dedicated. At a time when we are being asked to temporarily sacrifice a little for the benefit of all. I cannot help but to take solace in the fact that John constantly sacrificed during most of his life, by choice and for the betterment of all in need. We all cherish your friendship John, and we selfishly wish you were still here. But we know you are needed on the journey that lies ahead of you. On behalf of the entire Bannis & Haie family, Thank you John, and Godspeed.

Maria Alter - 16 days ago

Our sincerest condolences to family and friends of Fr . John Walsh. May he Rest In Peace. Maria and Amos Alter

Lucien Liboiron - 16 days ago

Father John was a wonderful person. He put other’s needs before his own. He was an intelligent and knowledgeable man. He was affable and humble. My wife Carol and I were married by father John at Saint John Brébeuf Church. We also attended Madre Dei Cristiani Church where he often presided over Sunday mass. Our deepest and sincere condolences to his family and friends. May he Rest In Peace.

Kathie Leroux - 17 days ago

Our family first met Father John when he was so young himself. Resurrection parish in Lachine. He would become a regular fixture, family member in our house. His collar hung up in the vestibule, so he could be himself, take off his shoes, have a beer and watch a hockey game. We had many laughs, tears, and lots of meals around our dining room table. Sometime we had mass, lots of singing given our family, and lots of celebrations.: Birthdays , weddings, funerals, graduations and baptisms. He would move to John XxIII where my first teaching job was. He would sell me my first car. I remember him teaching me, and doing wheelies in the parking lot at Resurrection! He was always involved in youth projects. We did a Christmas radio show together with a focus on embracing our faith, and using the Pepsi generation as a theme of a generation that would change the world. My parents were in CFM and he would become the chaplain. He travelled with them to many conferences, all of them promoting the importance of family. John was a visionary, committed not only to his faith and vocation, but to community of all faiths. He embraced life. Only a year ago, we would see each other at my brother’s funeral. We caught up, and he’d phone to ask how we were making out in pandemic. I was so happy that he met my children. He will be missed as so many of us loved him. I am thankful for his love, his inspiration and his so so many gifts. Deo gratis.

Bill Bell - 17 days ago

To the family of Father John Walsh- I met Father John many years ago at a downtown church where he officiated at the funeral of a friend-So impressed with his services that I introduced myself to him and thus began a friendship-we lost touch over the years and then I read Bill Brownstein's recent tribute to him-I contacted Bill for Father John's contact number- Remarkably we reconnected this past Sunday! I was shaken to the core to learn of his passing on Monday morning-He was truly an extraordinary human being-a man for all seasons-Good night sweet Prince and May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest-William Shakespeare- (Thank you to the Paperman family for allowing these thoughts to be published)-Bill Bell

Hindy Lieberman - 17 days ago

To the family and friends of Father John Walsh. I knew Father John through his connection with the late Rabbi Shoham.He would often speak to our congregates at the Beth Zion and on most occasions I had the pleasure of introducing and or thanking him.Whenever I would meet him I was greeted with a hug and some words of wisdom.I enjoyed speaking with him and he will be missed. Thanks to the Paperman’s family for allowing us to express our feelings.

Debbie Webster - 17 days ago

To the Family of Father John Walsh, I was so sad to hear the news of Father John's passing. He was a wonderful man and so good to us when we lived in Montreal and knew him well. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. Marion Ken and Debbie Webster of Bryant's Cove, Newfoundland

Lily Percs - 17 days ago

On November 24, 2008 I had the honor of being the moderator of a panel discussion titled “Harmony in our Cultural Communities”, hosted by an organization called Jewish Women International, a group supporting a shelter for Women in Abuse. Father John Wash was one of our speakers. He was great to listen to. Some of his compassion and opinions voiced are still reminders of how our society should function today. Father John was also a person easy to understand and speak to. The presentation was preserved on video and it will never leave us, my husband Lester and I will always remember him. We were very saddened to hear about his passing. He is gone but will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Father John. Lily Percs

Susan Polisuk - 17 days ago

Father John Walsh was a hero, so engaged to and for so many. He will be sorely missed by all at Hope and Cope. We were blessed to have him in our lives. My deepest condolences to all oh his family .

Ronnie David Zishe Cahana - 17 days ago

B'ezrat HaShem He loved us, I loved him.

Maria - 17 days ago

The world lost a great person....if we all practiced what he preached the world would be a better place......whenever we met I would practice my Italian with him. RIP Father John❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aki Tchitacov - 18 days ago

I was delighted to see last last week the Gazette’s tribute to Fr. Walsh. But what a difference a week makes. Now I mourn his sudden passing. We shared a common cause of helping the homeless. I worked for Pops, Fr. Emmett Johns. When we met, Fr. Walsh reminded me that he was the younger one of the two. Furthermore, in addition to their shared heritage and ministering to the homeless, Fr. Walsh was delighted that they shared the name, Emmett. From there it was easy to bond with him, even though we seldom crossed paths. But when we did, his fulsome greetings, endless smile and enjoyable anecdotes were such a pleasure to receive. I got a glimpse of his momentous good work in so many places, from the halls of his parish, St-John Brebeuf, to the lobby of Nazareth House. I found that wherever he was, he was about making us better. This made his company so memorable and uplifting. I will miss reading you, hearing you and having those encounters with you that always made my day. May you now find yourself in the kingdom of God that you worked so hard to replicate here.

Roman Mukerjee - 18 days ago

In my first teaching job, in the late sixties, at the Catholic School of, John XXIII in Dorval, I was pleased to work with Fr Jon Walsh, as his first church liaison with the school youth. Untraditionally, he personally accepted my joint Hindu-Christian faith which I inherited from my parents interfaith marriage. He then, went on to offer the most progressive leadership in interfaith dialogue, for which he received the Order of Canada.He has left a most positive mark in genuine Catholic spiritual service. He was even prepared to question his own faith where he questioned the Church decision in Ottawa to annul my 25 year marriage, with three children. He was most sensitive to the aboriginal school scandal by the Church. In this true Christian approach to face criticism and humility, he has left his true Catholic mark Most significantly he was most respected by other religious faiths, especially the Jewish. Bless him for his "true faith" and good influence in our daily lives.

PEARL MAY - 18 days ago

To the family & friends of FATHER JOHN . HE was POPS onthe Dans la rue truck, feeding anyone who was hungry.Father John did not care who you were or what religion you were all the same. Montreal has lost a very special person. Thank you Paperman family for letting us all write about this angel. RIP Father John. We will not forget you' Pearl May

Diane Garramone-Galley - 18 days ago

Rest in peace, Fr. John. You taught us much about living in harmony. Thanks to Paperman family for allowing us to express our condolences

Yosef Robinson - 18 days ago

My condolences to his family. I had the privilege of meeting him a few times, and he will be much missed. May his memory be an everlasting blessing!

Ian Levitt - 18 days ago

Another Montreal pillar of the community has passed away. I listened to his talk-show on CJAD and attended some community events which featured him as one of the panelists. He was a true mensch and epitome of class. He will be greatly missed. RIP Father Walsh!

Evelyn Ruckenstein - 18 days ago

What a huge loss for our community! Rest in Peace, Father John.

Marsha Levy - 18 days ago

We met many years ago while we were both members of Christian Jewish Dialogue of Montreal, where he was twice chair of the committee. He was an inspiration and encouraged understanding and mutual respect between the Christian and Jewish communities his whole life. By his presence in so many areas of Jewish life, he endeared himself to the diverse areas of the community. Once you were his friend, you were friends for life. He greeted others with a smile and a hug no matter how long between the contacts. He was a kind and gentle soul, and rich resource for many of us in the Jewish community. He was a great friend and will be sorely missed. Sincere condolences to his religious community and his family, and to the many friends who mourn him.

Norman Simon - 18 days ago

Father John was a favoured speaker at my interfaith events and I always looked forward to hearing him speak. His death represents a profound loss for the community. May his memory be a blessing. (per Canadians for Coexistence, a Human Rights Group)

Alain Murad - 18 days ago

I had the privilege to serve on the board of the Jewish Public Library with Father Walsh. There is little I can add to the words of praise expressed by so many here. He was a true mensch , a man of gentle character, full of kindness and an infectious joviality that lit up the room. His outreach efforts towards the Jewish community were so sincere, so bereft of anything but the truest and most honourable motives and intentions, that he will forever hold a place in the highest strata of the pantheon of our community. To his family, may you be comforted and strengthened by your memories of this righteous man and by the collective condolences of so many who had the good fortune to encounter him on their life’s journey.

Murray Levine - 18 days ago

Over 30 years ago, Father John told me something on CJAD that I somehow don’t believe that he wanted to say in public! :o) As a budding volunteer fundraising consultant and charity activist, it was an insight that only very few could provide and I used it to the advantage of humanity! Over the years I tried to help his organizations raise funds, but alas, as a Companion of the Order of Canada told me twice; “Murray! You’re a prophet and prophets don’t do well in their own times!” Thankfully, things have worked out nicely! I just asked Nazareth House to work with me to create the Father John Walsh Charity Challenge. I encourage you to make a donation in Father John’s memory and mention the charity challenge when you do! http://nazarethcommunity.com/donate-now/ Father John! You left us WAY too early :o(

Shari Reinhart - 18 days ago

Seeing this tribute here to Father John... beautiful gesture. I heard him speak only once, a couple of decades ago and how he made me feel is something I revisit many times. He was a beacon of light and an example of what inclusion feels like. May his beautiful soul rest in peace.

Aggie Stark - 18 days ago

I was shocked and saddened to hear the passing of Father John. I heard him speak over the radio and at a Montreal Israel Rally. He touched my heart and will be a big loss for all the faiths in the city. There are not many people who are so compassionate as he was. A true Mentsch.

Steven Cummings - 18 days ago

Father John was an extraordinary human being and I was privileged to have known him. Through his life's work, he not only helped countless of our fellow citizens, but also inspired so many to follow their better angels. Montreal has lost a giant. Rest in peace, Father John.

Carole Blank - 18 days ago

Dear Family and friends of Father John Walsh, What a wonderful legacy Father John Walsh has left us with! His goodness has touched so many and made the lives of so many less fortunate so much better. What a special testament to a person = to leave this world a far better place. We have certainly been blessed. Our hearts and thoughts are with you. Sincerely, Carole Blank and family

Brian C. M. Barrett - 18 days ago

Father John represented the best of humanity. Kind, caring, compassionate, he was a man of action. I had known about him because of his work. In 1985, when my grandmother died he celebrated her funeral and sang as he incensed and blessed her casket. Later he came to the house and even helped clean up. May the angels welcome him with songs as he enters God’s eternal Kingdom. May he Rest In Peace.

Marylin Carsley - 18 days ago

My deepest sympathy to the family. Father John and I spent many special times together . We met regularly for lunch , celebrated both our holidays with our families and he invited me on numerous occasions to come on his radio show. I spent Christmas at his church and he broke the fast at my home. Over the years we had some amazing discussions and my family always welcomed his visits and his words of wisdom. He was a kind soul and he accepted everyone and everything in addition to being current with the times. Over the past few years we have not been in contact as much but I shall never forget him. Unfortunately he is gone too soon. He will be missed by many. Rest In Peace. Marylin Carsley

Sheldon Eric Fried - 18 days ago

To The Paperman Family, Thank you very much for your very kind words pertaining to Father John Walsh, as well as for allowing all of us to express our sadness and sorrow for such an accomplished and extraordinary gentleman who had been loved by all religious communities and faiths. I am beyond shocked and saddened to hear that a wonderful, genuine, kind Soul has passed away. Father John Walsh never judged anyone, was a warm, compassionate, supportive person who always worked hard for people who were, unfortunately, unable to feed or find themselves and their families, shelter. He was a very warm and loving man as he loved everyone who G-D himself created on this earth. Father John had a wonderful sense of humour and he was as pure as the whitest snow and the brightest stars. He was awarded the Order Of Canada in 2017, and we were also very proud and honoured that we called him a colleague and beloved friend. I can recall during a Christmas holiday he would invite people over at his house where he used to live near the church he worked at, and we would all sit together with the lights of the Christmas tree shining proudly in his home. He would always wish me a Happy Chanukah as well as some of the other Jewish holidays throughout the year. Father John reached out to everyone regarding their religious backgrounds and beliefs. He was so widely respected by all leaders of various religions. Father John believed in the universal good for all people. Standard Radio, Astral, and now Bell Media, along with all of us who had ever had the honour of working and knowing him, were indeed very blessed that such an amazing, thoughtful, and compassionate person can ever be a part of our lives as we were in his. You shall be missed, Father John. Thank you for everything you have done and we are all now and shall always be, in a better place for knowing you. Rest In Peace Father John as you were a friend of us all.

Terry DiMonte - 18 days ago

A fitting send off for a man who loved to build bridges between communities. Our deepest sympathies to his friends, family and the countless who will miss him. Rest well Father.

mark spatzner - 18 days ago

I had the honour of working with Father Walsh when the Montreal Holocaust Centre brought in Father Patrick Desbois for an evening event. He was engaged and committed to the cause of Holocaust remembrance and especially to the memory of those lost in the horrific act of the shooting of innocent Jews as described in the "Holocaust by Bullets". Father Walsh was a man of compassion and honour whose acts of kindness will be missed.

Suzie Schwartz - 18 days ago

Thank you to Paperman’s for allowing us to honour Father John in this way. Father John truly was a man for all people. Always kind, always compassionate regardless of who your were. We have lost a true pillar in the community. He will be greatly missed but hopefully we will carry forward his teachings. Rest in peace Father John.

Edith GoldbOrleans - 18 days ago

Dear Father John My religion was to religiously listen to C J A D Sunday nights. Thank you and Thank the Paperman Family for allowing us to share our grief

Ralph Frank - 18 days ago

remembrance is loves greatest gift. may his soul rest in peace.

Ann Lemieux - 18 days ago

RIP Father John. Thank-you for helping us all be a better person. You will truly be missed.

Howie Silbiger - 18 days ago

I have always maintained that if I ever needed a priest, Father John Walsh would be it. He was the warmest, most caring and nicest man I have ever had the privilege of working with. From 1999 until his radio show’s untimely cancellation somewhere around 2007, I spent a couple of hours at CJAD every Sunday with Father John as his show’s technical producer. From turkey shoots to fundraising for the Nazareth House we did it all and always with a kind word, a friendly story about his family or congregation and most of the time a funny joke. He taught me to take my work seriously, but not take myself seriously. He explained that by working hard and by being open to criticism, you only get better. He shared with me some emails he got of people complaining about the religiosity of his show. When I scoffed and flippantly said, ‘what do they expect from a Priest’s show?’ He looked me in the eye and told me to stop. He explained that when people complain about the religiosity of something, it is not because they are offended by it, even though they think they are. He said that they are affected by it, thus the messaging worked. If they took the time to write, he explained, it was because they were touched by his words. He said his policy was to always answer emails, because you never know when your kind word will change someone’s mind. Father John was a friend of Israel. He lived there while training for the priesthood and he spoke a fluent Hebrew. My last contact with Father John was about a week ago, when I called him to congratulate him on the upcoming opening of the third Nazareth House. We spent a few minutes on the phone catching up. Although it’s been years since Father John and I hung out every week, I will miss him. It was always comforting knowing he was just a phone call away. My condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Franceen and Allan Finesilver - 18 days ago

Thank you to the Paperman family for having Father John Walsh on this page.He was truly a man for all seasons .May he Rest In Peace.

Susie Berkson - Schwartz - 18 days ago

We lost a very special human. May he Rest In Peace among the Angels. He will be missed.

Cindy Shmueli - 18 days ago

Paperman's - this is such a wonderful thing that you did to honour a true community leader - a guiding light for so many. Although I have been gone from Montreal for quite a while, I remember Father John from my days volunteering at CBT and the wonderful outreach work he did with youth in the community. He was a true father to many and will not soon be forgotten. A real mensch. May his soul rest in peace.

Dick Pomerantz - 18 days ago

Whilst I have been away from Montreal for many years, Father John remains forever impactful in my memory bank. The personification of a favorite quote: “Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance”. A life so well lived... Dick Pomerantz Westtown, Pa

Ian Bell - 18 days ago

What a nice way to honour Father John Walsh. My deepest condolences. May he Rest In Peace.

Carolyn Steinman - 18 days ago

Father John was a remarkable and Kind person who always had a smile on his face. He came to our Montreal office of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University and told me he was sent to the University and it was one of the most important highlight of his life. He spoke perfect Hebrew. Thank you Paperman’s for putting his name on your website. Rest In Peace dear Father John.

Marilyn Berger - 18 days ago

Thank you Paperman’s Family for posting this. Father Walsh was a priest for the people. He was a close friend of my esteemed Rabbi Sidney Shoham and together they did so much to respect and understand the meaning of inter-faith dialogue. RIP Father Walsh.

Jason B. - 18 days ago

A classy way to honour a true gentleman who epitomized dignity and respect to all. Thank you Papermans family.

Sharon Davidovic - 18 days ago

My condolences to his family. I met him once with my mom after my father who had Alzheimer’s passed away. He never met us before, but had the compassion and empathy to listen and talk to us for as long as we needed . He asked us about my dad , we told him stories about him. It helped in our grieving. Only one word to describe Father John he was a mensch in the true sense of the word. One more angel in heaven and will be missed. RIP

Gloria & Rick Leckner - 18 days ago

Such a shock when announced. Father Walsh was so well respected by the community at large. He was a someone who united all faiths and definitely will be sorely missed. We need more Father John's in our world. RIP.

Janice Kussner - 18 days ago

Father John Walsh had a very special place in the Kussner family. He was an outstanding human being with immense compassion, wisdom and perspective. He had the unique capability to bring together diverse and disparate points of view to a common purpose and common vision. He will be so missed but forever in our hearts. Extending heartfelt condolences to his family and to those whose lives he so profoundly touched and impacted.

David Gandell - 18 days ago

On behalf of all his friends at the Cote Saint-Luc Men's Club we are saddened by the lose of Father John. He was a long time member of the club. He was a featured speaker very often and was always inspiring and comforting. He will be missed.

Sheila Zinman - 18 days ago

To a special human bing RIP The world is a better place having you in it

Eli and Judy Cohen - 18 days ago

Father John Walsh...……… A beautiful Mensch , My association with Father John Walsh was with the late Rabbi Sidney Shoham . We mourn the loss of a man so highly respected and generous with his time to all faiths. It was a life well lived. Here was a CEASAR !! When comes such another . Baruch Dayan Emet. Eli and Judy

Rhona Samsonovitch - 18 days ago

What a tremendous loss! I had the privilege of working with Father John on numerous occasions. As the Program Director at Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom, we collaborated on projects like Christian Jewish Dialogue for teens, and Life in a Jar to name a few. He was a true educator, a warm and caring man with a twinkle in his eye that made everyone feel included and important. Thank you to Paperman and Sons for giving the public the opportunity to express their respect for this kind gentleman.

Esti Mayer - 18 days ago

I met Father Walsh a few times. He did not know anything about me, but his face lit up as though he recognized in me a human being worth smiling at. He gave his full attention to the person before him, a rare and precious gift. Montreal has lost one of its dearest sons. He built bridges that spanned over centuries of estrangement and over lachrymose historical abysses. We who were the subject of his life and works, must continue to build and maintain those bridges. Thank you Father Walsh. Rest in peace.

Dorothy Salomon - 18 days ago

Thank you Paper and Sons for posting this obit. Very kind of you for a very kind human being. Heaven just got another angel.

Marty Croitoru - 18 days ago

I had a lot of respect and admiration for the Man, he was the real deal .

Louise Ferland & Sammy Pinsky - 18 days ago

About 10 years ago my husband Sammy took a Pastels art class at the Cummings Center. In that class were 2 fellows, the late Rabbi Sydney Shoham & Rev John Walsh. Sammy has fond memories of that class because of these two very interesting men who were friends before taking this class. He was left with more than an art class but the joy of meeting two very selfless wonderful men. Condolences to his family and friends.

Ivy Rabinovitch - 18 days ago

My most heartfelt condolences on the loss of Father John Walsh. I so glad I had the pleasure of talking to him numerous times as well as listening to him speak. He really had a special place in this world. He touched so many lives. He was a part of so many communities. May he Rest In Peace.

Cindy Hershon - 18 days ago

Our community has lost a special person. A wonderful human being who reached out to others. He will be missed. Rest In Peace.

Evelyn and David Kirsh - 18 days ago

We send our heartfelt condolences to the family of Father Walsh. He was an exceptional person. Paperman family , thank you for this obit.

Al Randall - 18 days ago

Father John & I were colleagues when we worked radio back in the day on Fort St. The thing I admired most about him was that he never attempted to sell his religion. He LIVED it. As others have noted, a true mensch who had everyone's interest at heart. He will be sorely missed. Thanks to the Paperman family for making this tribute page possible. Well deserved, and most appreciated!

Frances Atcovitch - 18 days ago

My condolences to the family and friends of Father John Walsh. Gone too soon! May he rest in peace. Kudos to the Paperman family for giving people this platform to leave their condolences.

Judi Sendel - 18 days ago

To the family and friends of Father John Walsh, he spread only love, harmony and peace wherever he was. He touched so many souls. Keep us safe Father....., another star was just created. Thank you to the Paperman family, you did a mitzvah for us all.

Bridget Stivaletti - 18 days ago

Father John touched many hearts. He worked endlessly and passionately to make the world a better place, He will be truly missed. My condolences to all family and friends.

June and Allison Holmes - 19 days ago

Our sincere sympathy to the Walsh family, as well as our sincere thanks to you for sharing your brother, son, and nephew so that he could be a father to us all. Father Walsh was the embodiment of kindness who believed in humanity's better angels and who welcomed everyone as family. He was there for our family during a difficult time some forty years ago and his decency - his humanity - lifted us up then and sustains us still.

ShirleyFrajmanSchrier - 19 days ago

Father John Walsh, will be missed by many. RIP

Carla Korman - 19 days ago

My Heartfelt Condolences to the Family. Father John - a true "mensch" in every sense of the word ... RIP - Gone too Soon. 😓

Kerrie Rochford - 19 days ago

It was shocking news My deepest sympathy to his family I had the pleasure to work with him at ST.Edmund,s church He always made me laugh and tease me He always brighten my day when I saw him I will miss you

John Zimmerman - 19 days ago

I had the privilege of meeting and photographing Father John at the Israel Day celebrations or the St. Patrick's Day parades. He always took the time to say hello to me and thank me for being there before I even had a chance to greet him first. He always made me feel special when I was around him. The Montreal community has lost a real MENCH. May his memory be a blessing to all who knew him.

Esther and Joel Ifergan - 19 days ago

Ps. Really classy of Paperman and sons.

Joel Ifergan - 19 days ago

We were saddened by the news of his passing. We remember listening to his show Sunday nights on CJAD " RELIGIOUSLY " eventhough we are of the Jewish faith. However his show was not about religion and preaching but of listening,comforting,consoling and giving hope. We were saddened when he moved and jealous that another city was going to have him and his show. To his family and friends , may his memory ease your loss. Hazak u Baruch. ( Courage and prayers). Baruch dayan meet.

Rebecca Clayman - 19 days ago

So sorry to hear of Father John's passing. He did so much good for so many people. The world needs more people like him. He will be greatly missed, Rebecca Clayman Steven Clayman.

Ethel Annett - 19 days ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Father John Walsh at a few events. He was a truly kind and compassionate person helping out all communities. He will be missed by all Montrealers. Rest in peace.

Benjamin Trossman - 19 days ago

My deepest condolences on passing of Father John. Cared for all people regardless of their backgrounds. A really decent human being. a real mensch. Bless his soul.

Quebec Community Groups Network - 19 days ago

QCGN bids a sad but fond farewell to Father John Walsh. In Father John's own words: "In the end it’s all about community - the community on your street, the wider linguistic, cultural and spiritual communities - working together." https://qcgn.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/2012JohnWalsh.pdf

Penni Mallen - 19 days ago

Sincere condolences to the family of Father John Walsh, he was truly a very caring and giving person. He will be missed by many.

Muriel Abitbol - 19 days ago

To the family, extended family and all those who father John Walsh helped sincere condolences. RIP father John.

Ethel Udashkin Bassermann - 19 days ago

My heartfelt condolences. He will be sadly missed.

Bruce Vineberg - 19 days ago

My sympathy on the passing of a wonderful caring gentleman. A calming presence whenever and wherever he was. He will be missed.

Stephen Rosen - 19 days ago

Sincere condolences...

Barbara Berger - 19 days ago

The world needs more of the ilk of Father Walsh. I had the privilege of hearing him speak several times when he was invited to speak at sabbath services at Sharre Zion Congregation. He belongs in the classification of a perfect human being. May he continue to do his good deeds in heaven.

Janie Respitz - 19 days ago

I would like to offer sincere thanks to the Paperman family for providing the opportunity to express how we feel about Father John. He was an incredible human being who guided and inspired so many no matter what their beliefs were. Rest in Peace.

Aaron Rosenbaum - 19 days ago

Lovely man, never discriminated anyone based on creed or ideas, loved all and helped all. The humanrace has lost a great man.

Etty and Ralph Bienstock - 19 days ago

To Father John’s family .. he was a true Mensh. We are grateful that we got to spend Time with him At Jewish community events. Montreal and Canada has lost a true ecumenical man of Faith.

Mona CAYER - 19 days ago

I am so sad so very sad and in shock when I heard this sad news. I knew him well when I worked for Rabbi Lerner at Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom for 15 years and he was so kind, a mensch .... I just saw him talking with on Global last week. His smile lit up a room as did his wonderful personality. The world was a better place because of him. He was so kind to me when my husband passed away and over the years we did speak from time to time. He was kind and loving to everyone! May his memory be a blessing and he will live on in our hears forever.

Jean Fleury - 19 days ago

Cher Father John nous avons été voisin durant plusieurs années et surtout de grand ami depuis 2012, aujourd'hui j'ai le coeur triste de ne plus te parler à tout les semaines de tout et de rien, merci d'avoir pu te connaître et de rentré dans ma vie depuis tout ces années. Tu me manque déjà beaucoup et je veux juste souhaiter mes plus sincères condoléances à ta soeur, à toutes ta familles, Raymond, Robin, et repose en paix mon grand ami John...merci merci pour tout le bien que tu a fait...

Michael Crelinsten - 19 days ago

Father John Walsh the very embodiment of Pope John XXIII’s Second Vatican Council as he lived the principles of outreach and dialogue through his personal life and friendships as well as through the process of Christian-Jewish dialogue. John had been a member of the Board of Director’s of the Jewish Public Library, a role and responsibility to which he brought his unique insights, wisdom, understanding and humour. As a great Montrealer, as a religious leader, as a humane and wise mentor and as a friend to so many, Father John Walsh will be so very missed. Few like he, come this way.

Greta Corber - 19 days ago

Sincere sympathies

Goldie Libman - 19 days ago

Heaven just received a new Angel. Goldie Libman

warren green - 19 days ago

Father John Walsh was a huge icon in the community

Hazelwasserman - 19 days ago

He will be missed by many

Bryna Cohen - 19 days ago

He was a verey special man. My condolences to his family.

Suzanne and Edmond Elbaz - 19 days ago

Our sincere sympathy to the family of Father John Walsh . Father John was an extraordinary human and so well respected and admired by many He was a pillar to our society May he rest in eternal peace Very sincerely Suzanne and Edmond Elbaz Thank you to Papermans

Gail Goldstein - 19 days ago

My deepest condolences on the passing of Father John Walsh. May he R.I.P. He will be missed. Gail.

Erica Sendel - 19 days ago

First I would like to say to the Paperman family that this is a wonderful thing you did. This shows how Father Walsh impacted togetherness and unity in Montreal. I was lucky enough to meet him a few times in my younger years and interview him for a school project. Father Walsh you are now looking down among us and may you keep us safe. You will be missed.

Theodore Goloff - 19 days ago

I came to know Father John personally through my late wife , both of whom were painters , and through his outreach to our community. He was fond of noting that his middle name Emmett , with a slight change in inflection changes to the Hebrew word "Emet" meaning truth. It is the same term that is part of what we say upon the passing of one of our faith - Baruch Dayan Emet Father John sought truth and justice in all situations for all persons. While he was neither judge nor lawyer , he followed the injunction of "Zedek Zedek Tirdoff-Justice Justice Shall You Pursue". May his memory be for a blessing to us all

Lenore Plafker - 19 days ago

Rarely,if ever, has someone's belief and faith transcended formalized religion the way his did.I remember listening to his Christmas show on CJAD and finding myself being moved by his amazing spirit. Rest in peace.

Saul Levine - 19 days ago

To Father John’s family and those close to him. I remember that compassionate voice on the radio. Always lent a hand to the downtrodden...was out on the street nightly to feed the homeless and runaway kids. I remember when he brought in a group of young actors from the American Midwest. They had written and acted a play on the theme of the ‘glass jar’ where Irina Sendler had hidden the names and vital information of the children she got out of the Warsaw Ghetto. The highschoolers came to Montreal but there hadn’t been a large audience at a local church. Father John put out a plea to fill the hall at Temple Emanuel....on Sunday night....Montreal Jews filled the place...and we all learned first hand about Irina.. Kudos to father Walsh....really an ecumenical innovator. Hale and Farewell Father

Arlene Granich Rosen - 19 days ago

To the family of Father John Walsh: I had the privilege of seeing this extraordinary man on a regular basis in my workplace. He would conduct the services weekly for the patients & residents. He gave the patients & staff a project of collecting & packaging toiletries for homeless teenagers to make them feel good about themselves. That was only one of his projects throughout the years. He was a true “MENSCH and MENTOR “ to so many. I am so saddened by his sudden loss. May you all be spared further sorrow. Arlene G. Rosen

Dr. Renee Karp - 19 days ago

To the family and friends of Rev John Walsh, Father John Walsh was indeed an incredible man and an outstanding human being. The world definitely needs more like him. His respect for all people-no matter their backgrounds-was evident. He will be sorely missed.

Claudia Martins - 19 days ago

Father John Walsh was an extraordinary human being. My family and I had the honor to have him as our pastor and as a friend. It was quite shocking to hear the news...For more than 15 years we were with him at John Brebefeuf parish in LaSalle... Unconditional love, all invited, we are only one...So wise and lovely ... A human being that made everyone's life better because she was with us...Our unconditional love for Father John Walsh!

Dorothy Salomon - 19 days ago

I met Father John on several occasions and he was a very compassionate person. I used to love listening to his radio show. He will be missed by many.

chuck copoloff - 19 days ago

When I heard the news, I felt such sadness. Knowing Father John and interacting with him over the years, through his eyes and words you instantly felt only his kindness and love. He is a man that will be sadly missed. Chuck