Mark Shapiro

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Samuel Steiner - about 10 hours ago

I am very deeply sorry for Mr. Shapiro's passing. I am sending my condolences and prayers for everyone affected. This has affected my girlfriend, Irene, to a great extent. Very sad and very sorry for the loss of what I am sure was a wonderful person and a good soul.

Erica Fisher - 1 day ago

My deepest condolences to Mark family. He was a really nice person, I’m glad I had the chance to know him

Johnnie Reisler - 8 days ago

My sincere sympathies. He was a kind soul and a mentsch.

Steven Werner - 10 days ago

Having just heard of Mark's passing, please accept my sincerest condolences. I remember Mark as always having a smiling and happy demeanour. May his memory be a blessing.

Essie and Ken Hersh - 12 days ago

Wishing the entire family our heartfelt condolences. Your dedication and devotion to your late cousin Mark was nothing short of remarkable. The love and support you have given him throughout his life shows how encompassing your care and commitment were to him. Ricky will surely miss his 5:00 phone calls each and every day. These are special memories that will be treasured always.

Jeffrey, Samara, Daniel & Rebecca Freedman - 12 days ago

Mark Shapiloo. It is truly amazing how many lives you touched during your lifetime. Reading all the tributes to you brings smiles and tears. It’s been a long time since the days of Wiseman Avenue at Bubbie Debbie and Zaidie Rudolph’s apartment. It’s hard to imagine how we all fit in there together but we did with tons of laughter, smiles, food (of course) and loud voices (as is/was the way of our family). Plus a little wrassling (not wrestling) if we could manage to find an empty space or two. You were always a presence in our lives even if were no longer in the same city. You always kept in touch and from the first word spoken, “Hi, it’s cousin Marky,” we knew that we were in for a fun telephone call. And no call would ever be complete without a “Can you send me some magazines?” To the people at JEM and Maimonides, THANK YOU so much for your beautiful and kind words and for your care and concern for Mark. It is wonderful to know how much he meant to all of you. Mark will be missed but he will not be forgotten by the people’s who’s lives he touched. Forever in our hearts.

Leslie and Nelly Brasgold and Family - 13 days ago

Marky was truly one of a kind. We will miss his weekly phone calls, which were always filled with the following one liners; “Hi there, this is SHAFTY, BABALOO coming to you live” , “James Bond here, VA VA VA VOOM” or “This is Mr. Cool McCool”. He would always ask about all family members, starting with “by the way…how are those beautiful dollies”. Whenever we asked how things are with him, he would answer that “everything is super duper, fantastic”. In all the years, he’s never missed a birthday, holiday, anniversary, mother’s/father’s day, always phoned to wish everyone well. That’s what we will miss the most. That’s the Marky we will always remember, someone who loved being around people and who’s family and friends were so dear to him. Its no surprise that his last words were “everything is HUNKY DORIE”….we love you Marky.

Rosanna Magnone - 13 days ago

I worked with Mark for almost 5 years... he really was a gentle soul. My condolences to his family and all his friends at the JEM workshop. You will be missed Mark.. RIP.

Phyllis Mazer - 13 days ago

On behalf of the Mazer and Weinstein Families,we certainly sympathize with the Brasgolds, Freedmans and Shaperos,for the loss of their beloved Mark. It is most tragic that he passed away so young..It is a great tribute to you all,on how you took care and honoured this special young man. Phyllis Mazer,cousin

Florence and Bernard - 13 days ago

Dear Mark, How heartwarming it is to read all the beautiful and loving condolences in your memory.One even came from a woman who remembered you from forty years ago when you worked as a courier.You did leave a lasting impression!You would love knowing that your words rang true. ”Everybody loves Markie” you used to tell me each time we spoke.You left a wonderful legacy for all the people’s lives you touched with your smile, charm, jokes, warmth and concern. We are extremely disappointed that you missed out on your retirement party from the Jem Workshop. You were most excited to have me meet your friend Pamela Simon.We are very thankful that you enjoyed your many years working at the Jem Workshop with countless friends and then loving your years living at Maimonides.The comments from the compassionate and supportive staff and colleagues at both facilities confirm they enjoyed having you there. We will miss all your phone calls starting off with “hi, Cousin Florence” and then the litany of questions about family etc. Rest In Peace. You are forever missed and remembered. Cousins Florence and Bernard

Mona & Sol Polachek - 13 days ago

Dear Family We were so saddened to learn of Mark's (Yankel's son's) passing. What a sweet & gentle young man he was. I , Mona (Friedman) echo Mitchell Brownstein's sentiments precisely. The Friedmans, Ptacks & Shapiros were more like siblings than first cousins. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to the Brasgold & Shapiro clan. BDE .Stay well & safe & long life to all Love, Mona & Sol

Irene Freedman - 13 days ago

Mark, you are missed and will forever be missed. As your oldest cousin, l have been in your life from day one. You were a cute and loveable chubby imp. With that said I am recalling some of the more memorable highlights and experiences in your life. As you grew older, we learned to live with the knowledge that you were challenged. That did not stop you for one minute. Your Dad, (my Uncle Jack) was adamant that you lead a “normal” life and made certain that school was a top priority. He also taught you how to drive and you passed the driving test which made your Dad extremely proud. And you were beyond elated. You did get to drive the car but always with him by your side. He taught you how to be independent, table manners and you learned by example social manners and respect for others. Your Dad was able to secure a job for you delivering legal documents for numerous bailiffs and you learned to remember every address necessary to fulfill the tasks. You knew each and every Bailiff by name and in addition every staff member in every office by name. You charmed each and every one with your smile and happy disposition as you merrily went on your way. You were extremely capable and trustworthy and your work ethics were impeccable. You had a loving and secure relationship with your Dad. This was evident as a very young child when you travelled numerous times on buses and Metros to visit Expo and always returned home safely. In later years you worked at JEM where you shined not only with the various positions you were handed but with the people surrounding you. You lit up their lives with smiles, caring and friendliness. You were first to greet guests whether at work and later learned at Maimonides. Your calls on my birthdays and holidays will be sadly missed. You always made sure to inquire about the families who lived in Toronto and Florida. Not only were you interested in their lives, but you were interested in the lives of my friends always telling me to give regards. How special is that! You were a book of knowledge in Trivia winning many prizes. You loved TV and now you will be able to discuss all with your Dad and a host of family members who are waiting for you. I can just see your smile and open arms as you greet each and every one with a very warm embrace. MARK REST IN PEACE. YOU ARE FOREVER MISSED AND FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS. BDH I am recalling one special sentence you always used when you called. “See, I remembered.” And I always said “Yes Mark you sure did.” As the senior member of the family, I thank each and every one for the beautiful and amazing tributes to Mark. We lost a very special cousin. Cousins Irene (Chaialeh as you called me) And Frank

Mona and Lenny Wolman - 13 days ago

Dear Marks family, Our sincere sympathy on the loss of your beloved Mark. based on all the beautiful condolences here he was an exceptional fine person. May you have no further sorrow. Mona & Lenny

Beverlee Friedman Perlin - 13 days ago

Dear family, our sincerest condolences on the passing of our cousin Mark. Mark was the kindest and friendliest person. He always greeted you with a smile and cheerful hello. He will always be remembered. May memories of Mark provide you with comfort and get you through this difficult time. Beverlee, David, Jewel and Donna Perlin.

Marcia (Shapiro) Manishin &Larry &Evan Manishin - 13 days ago

Please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of our cherished cousin Marky. The times we had together may not have been many,but the times we had were surely to be cherished.When thinking of Marky on these special occasions we met at his favorites Chinese and le Bifteque where he was well known and loved .Upon leaving we had to pass the take out counter where Marky placed an order in advance for a BBQ chicken and a tray of mille feuille Rest in Peace Our Beloved GENTLE GIANT The Manishins

Ali Goldman - 14 days ago

To Mark's family, I want to offer my deepest condolences. As a former staff member at JEM, I have known Mark for many years. He was such a kind man with the biggest heart. He was always ready to greet anyone that entered the workshop with a big smile and hand to shake. His smile is one that I will never forget. May your memories of Mark get you though this difficult time.

Shmuel Grossberger - 14 days ago

As we the new chassidishe families settled in CSL we were warmly welcomed at the Maimonidies Shabath Minyan by Mark with his big ongoing smile. May his memory be a source of comfort and strength to the entire family and to all residents. BDE

Ida & Jeff Markofsky - 14 days ago

We wish to offer our deep condolences on the passing of Mark. We were very saddened to learn of his passing. He enjoyed life and was always cheerful and pleasant. All one had to do to get hungry, was to enjoy Mark's appreciation of food and his wonderful appetite. Jeff's late brother, Larry Markofsky, was one of Mark's best friends. We will be terribly missed. May he rest in peace.

Kevin Schwartz - 14 days ago

Mark was a truly positive, sensitive and caring man. I remember fun times wrestling with Mark at Bubby and Zaidy's and quizzing him about movies and television shows [as all his cousins did] which he remembered verbatim. On trips back to Montreal, I will never forget how he was thrilled to meet his new cousins, and I for the opportunity to introduce them to Mark! The heartfelt statements from his co-workers and co-residents are a testament to Mark's caring nature. I was very proud of all his accomplishments and to call him my cousin...he will be missed.

Sandy - 14 days ago

I would like to say how sorry to hear about Mark. He was my friend. I respected him Like family. He was my co worker at JEM. He always use to make me laugh. And smile a lot. Mark was a very nice, kind and special person I will miss him a lot Baruch Dayan Haemet

Sheree Perlman - 14 days ago

Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your cherished cousin Mark. It was such a pleasure to know him while he was at Maimonides. There will be a void within the Maimonides community with the passing of Mark. His warmth, enthusiasm and friendly disposition will always be remembered. May your family be spared any further sorrow. Sincerely, Sheree Perlman.

Erica Hertz - 14 days ago

As a staff member at JEM, I got to know Mark well. Every single day with out fail, he told me how nice I looked and asked me how my family was. He was such a kind person. He made everyone feel welcomed and had a wonderful sense of humour. He was such a special guy and he will be truly missed. My condolences to his family and to everyone who knew him.

Michael Cape - 14 days ago

How sad to hear of Mark's passing. Mark was everyone's friend. He was greeter #1 to visitors at the JEM Workshop. He made everyone feel welcome and always had such a beautiful smile to greet you. He had such a positive attitude to life and was truly a role model to all. We will all miss him.

Ilanah Milgram - 14 days ago

Mark will be missed by the Maimonides Community. He was able to make Maimonides his place, and to make everyone here his people. He was gregarious and charming (and knew it). We will miss him. -Ilanah Milgram

Lorne Freedman - 15 days ago

James! I would say. Lornie! He would say. And then I'd quiz him about Hogan's Heroes or The Ship! Or any number of classics like Gilligan's Island, or Get Smart. I always liked that I was in his circle of friends and felt like I was doing a mitzvah, but really he was in mine . Going to miss him.

Kathy Kalichman - 15 days ago

Dear Ricky and Joni, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family on your great loss. As a volunteer at Jem Workshop I got to know Mark. He had such a positive attitude, great sense of humour and smile that will always be remembered. May the wonderful memories you shared, be a source of comfort and strength in your time of sorrow.

Goodwin Zipper Family - 15 days ago

Dear Family, Our deepest condolences on the passing of our cousin Mark. We have fond memories of Mark from our extended family Rosh Hashanah meals together through the years. My parents, Michael and Shelley joins with us extending our heartfelt condolences to the Shapiro and Brasgold families. May your wonderful memories provide you with a source of comfort and may you all be spared further sorrow. Baruch Dayan Haemet. Marla and Rick and family

Matthew Gomberg - 15 days ago

If my my deepest sympathies to the Shapiro family sorry the loss of Mark Mike was a great guy to work with he was a great guy to talk to me and we used to talk a lot we would have lunch together May Mark rest in peace

Shaun/Corey Wurzner (Shapiro) - 15 days ago

We all serve a purpose during our time on earth, and the people we pass during life's journey. In Mark's case, it was setting an example of treating people with kindness and love. Time spent with Mark was infrequent with long durations in between, but the experience was always the same; he was a kind soul . Mark had a strong love for family, as that provided a chance to talk and enjoy a good meal, two things he truly loved. As with all family near and far, we show our respect and send our love to Mark and condolences to the family. Resptecfully (Dave and Eva Shapiro's grandsons)

Samantha and Sasha Guindi - 15 days ago

Dear Ricky, Joni and Family, Sending you our sincerest condolences on the loss of your beloved Marky. We know hoe much he will be missed. We share some great memories with him. Much love, Samantha and Sasha Guindi

Robbie Zaritsky - 15 days ago

We will all miss you. Robbie Marilyn & Jackie Zaritsky

Leslie Perez - 15 days ago

Mark was the 1st person to welcome colleagues and members of our community in the most heartfelt way at JEM Workshop. Mark made hundreds of children smile during JEM workshop school visits. He made us laugh with his witty humor and conversation, he was warm, accepting of all, gentle, kind, and caring. I am very sad and touched to hear the news about his passing. My deepest condolences to the family. The JEM Workshop family will not be the same. He will be missed.

Carole Gross - 15 days ago

To Marks family I’m a volunteer at JEM workshop & knew Mark quite well He had such a wonderful disposition , sense of humour & a real mensch. We will miss him , sincere sympathy to the family Carole Gross

Dida Berku - 15 days ago

Sincerest condolences. In January as soon as my mom arrived on 5 North at Maimonides, Mark greeted her and me with great humor and good spirits. Always friendly and cheerful and helpful. He had such a big personality. I always enjoyed talking with him. I'm so sorry and I can tell you that he will really be missed. May his memory always be a blessing. Dida Berku

Lucy Stermer - 15 days ago

Our deepest condolences To the Shaprio Family, Mark was and will always be one of my best friends, I miss you so much already, please watch over us all from above, may the family have no more sorrow, love Lucy Stermer

Lori (Shapiro) & Noah Kravitz - 15 days ago

Reading these messages makes me smile because all I can think about is how much Marky would have loved to hear all of these warm wishes. He loved and cherished his family and friends. He was a very special person in our lives and we will miss him dearly. Julian will certainly grow up hearing Marky stories from his Zaidy Ricky. Barry & Helen, Florence & Bernard, Irene & Frank; our sincerest condolences to all of you. Lori & Noah

Patricia Sheskin Camina - 15 days ago

I am so sorry to hear of your cousin Mark's untimely passing. Mark may have had some challenges in his young life, but the area in which he was truly blessed was the exceptional supportive family he was lucky to be born into. Your family was truly remarkable in its devotion and involvement with Mark throughout his life and surely brought him much joy and pleasure in every way. Please except my sincere sympathy and may all of you be blessed with long life. Cousin Patricia

Arthur Ruby - 15 days ago

To Mark’s Family. I am a volunteer at Maimonides and knew Mark well. He was kind, warm, and had a wonderful personality. Kudos to him that he was able to get out to work regularly and other places independently. He will be missed. My sincere condolences.

Naomi sweeney - 15 days ago

Dear Ricky,Joni and family, please accept my condolences on the loss of your cousin.

Cheryl Libman - 15 days ago

Dear Ricky, Joni and family We are so sorry to hear about your cousin Mark. We are sending our deepest condolences. May his memory be a blessing. Cheryl & Chuck

Annetta Black - 16 days ago

To Mark's Family- Please accept my sincere condolences. I had the opportunity to meet Mark at the cafeteria at Maimonides. He was always smiling. He was a very special soul and I am going to miss seeing him. Annetta Black

Barbara and Al Steinberg - 16 days ago

We mourn the rapid passing of our nephew Marky. He was in good spirits when we spoke to him even though he was in quarantine in his room. Then when we phoned he didn’t answer and finally when he did answer he couldn’t talk much because he wasn’t well. We will miss his warmth and good nature. With love, Barbara and Alvie

Shana & Audrey Mariasine - 16 days ago

I am very sorry to hear and and read about Mark Shaprio he was very friendly and very good person, I always used to hear him on C.J.A.D. on the Triva quiz show every Sunday, he was very good to answer all the questions, my late parents also invited him over and my mother always liked to hear him on the radio, He was very polite to speak to and also very nice to speak to at work he even made a few people laugh and I am very sorry to hear about Mark's passing I am still shock to read about his passing, so this is my heart felt Condolence to his family and to those who's lives he touched. So my Condolences once agaIn rest in pease.we'll always remember you !

Perry guralnick - 16 days ago

To the brasgold family I rember Markle and jack we all worked for the bailiffs office Loved them both

debbie klamph - 16 days ago

TO MARK'S FAMILY we Lucy,Mark and i are deeply sorry for you loss .we knew mark for a long time ,he made us laugh,he was there when we needed to talk to some one ,we were close .MARK WE LOVE YOU .YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN OUR HEARTS .You are free from pain and right now you are with our Miriam .To his family Mark was one of a kind and was a big james bond fan .MARK GOODBYE FOR NOW ,ONE DAY WE WILL MEET AGAIN .I LOVE YOU ALWAYS ...

Mitch and Marlene - 16 days ago

Can I get a popcorn ? Sure Mark Can I get a large soda ? No, how about I buy you a medium. Can I get a large popcorn ? Let’s stick with a regular size. So I can get a large drink ? No Mark, a regular size. Ok so a large popcorn then. Sure Mark. A large popcorn. Rest In Peace Cousin Mark. Hope there’s a really good concession stand there. As much popcorn and soda as you like. Chicken too. Say Hi to everyone. Be nice to Rudie. Leave his hat alone. Love.

Barry and Marla - 16 days ago

R.I.P. Markie. I will always remember you at your grandparents house on McEcheran and at Biftech. Your uncle Al, aunt Barbara, cousin Suzanne and family will miss you, as will all of your late mother's extended family.

Susan Kasner - 16 days ago

How sad to hear of Mark’s passing. I have been a volunteer at the JEM workshop for several years, and Mark never failed to be one of the first ones to greet me when I walked in. My sympathies to the family. We will miss him.

Pamela Simon - 16 days ago

I am very saddened to learn about the passing of Mark. We were very good friends. He would always write me cards for Jewish holidays and he never missed my Birthday. His sense of humor and big smile were his trademarks. The warmest memories I have about Mark were walking by his section in the morning and hearing him joke around with his foreman and also making the people at his table laugh. No one else will ever fill that space. Mark you will always be remembered.

Ian Bell - 16 days ago

My sincere condolences to the family. I remember Mark back in the day from YMYWHA on Westbury. I would always see him at the pool. He loved to swim. He was a quiet and gentle soul.

Irene & Hayley - 16 days ago

Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out to the family of Mark Shapiro. We are saddened to hear of his passing. He will be sadly missed. Sincerely Irene and Hayley Namer

Joyce & Adi Rischner - 16 days ago

We are so sorry to hear about Marks passing. Our hearts go out to you all.

Lorraine Holt - 16 days ago

my sincere condolences wa sreally Shocked to hear about the news! Rip Mark Rsest in peace!

Danny Kay - 16 days ago

All of us at JEM are so saddened y the loss of our Marco. A greeter to all who enter the workshop , was missed . May all the family and friends be comforted in happy memories of Mark

Lisa segal - 16 days ago

I am so saddened to hear this news. Mark was such a wonderful person, always stopped to chat in the halls or library when my client and I Howard Cherry would go to use the computer. Mark was always fascinated by how well Howard played chess. Mark and I would chat about all the old shows he loved to watch on you tube. He will be dearly missed by both Howard and I.

Lisa - 16 days ago

My condolences for Mark he was a very sweet guy

Lorna Bierbrier - 16 days ago

Dear Florence and Bernard, Our sincere condolences on the loss of your cousin Mark. Lorna and Hy

Andrea levine - 16 days ago

I loved Mark very much he was very special, my thoughts are with the family. My deepest Condolonces.

Rosalie and Bill Greenberg - 16 days ago

Dear Family of the Late Mark Shapiro Our deepest condolences on the passing of Mark. May he Rest In Peace. Rosalie and Bill

Marjorie Howie - 16 days ago

To Mark’s family, I had the pleasure of working with Mark 40 years ago, when he worked for the bailiff’s office that we used at Kaufman, Respitz. I never forgot him, as he was such a great guy...always that huge smile and such a hard worker....RIP Marky Mark....

Annie & Bernie Praw - 16 days ago

Annie and I send our sincerest condolences to his family. Whenever we would see him at various family gathering he would always be happy to see us. He was a true mensch and will be sadly missed by all.

Esther & Eddie Lackman - 16 days ago

Dear Shapiro Family, Eddie joins me in expressing our profound condolences on the passing of Mark. Baruch Dayan ha"Emet. Esther & Eddie.

Jo-Anna Posner - 16 days ago

My deepest condolences to Mark’s entire family. I was so sad to hear about his passing. As a counselor at the JEM Workshop, I had the privilege to work with Mark for many years. His infectious smile, sense of humour and beaming personality will never be forgotten.

Leslie Ann Ungar Wener - 16 days ago

My condolences to the family of Marky. I knew him from 5N. Always a smile on his face. Rest in peace, Marky.

Stephanie - 16 days ago

To Marks Family, I am so sorry for your loss. Mark was a regular at Bingo and was always happy to lend a hand with a smile. I will miss his positive & happy outlook on life. May he rest in peace.

Elaine and Mitchell Brownstein - 16 days ago

Dear cousins, Our deepest condolences on the loss of our always smiling, joking, lovable cousin Mark. Although his dad Jack and my grandfather Dave were first cousins, that generation of Shapiro, Friedman, and Ptacks were more like siblings and Mark was always a shining light for the entire extended family. Mark always took an interest and would ask about every member of my family by name. My mom, Irma joins with us extending all our love to the Shapiro, Brasgold families. Your love and devotion for Mark was so very evident and made him beam with joy whenever he spoke of each of you. May your memories be a blessing.

Esther Handelman - 16 days ago

Dear Ricky and Joni, Sincere condolences. Esther Handelman

Tracey Winter - 16 days ago

To Mark’s family, What a treasure he was! I had the privilege of meeting Mark when he became a resident at Maimonides. So so true the words his family has written, « everybody loved Mark . » Whenever he saw me in the halls, he always greeted me with a warm hello and a huge smile. Florence and Bernard, he spoke of you often to me as he knew I knew and cared for you both. I wish his entire family no more sorrow. Long life to all. Tracey Winter

Rhonda Friedman - 16 days ago

To Mark’s family, I have been a volunteer at the JEM Workshop for 10 years and have enjoyed many conversations with Mark, what a friendly man with the warmest smile and heart. Please accept my deepest condolences on your loss. He will be missed.

Debbi Haberman - 16 days ago

Broken hearted to hear of Marky’s passing. We are so so sorry for your loss. Wonderful memories of Marky celebrating Rosh Hashanahs with the family. His kind and gentle soul will be missed. Sending our deepest condolences. With love, Debbi, Matt and Justin

Arlene Mones - 16 days ago

Our deepest condolences to the family. Mark was the only male member of our beading group . He was always in a good mood and loved making bracelets to give to the staff. We will all miss him Bead Buddies Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre

Murray Greenberg - 16 days ago

I am so sorry for your loss of Mark he was a cool person gone too soon but not forgotten and I will not forget the smile he had on his face every time he spoke with me and I bet he is making everyone in heaven smile and you should know no more sorrow and let the good memories of him stay in your heart

Ashley Brasgold Cola - 16 days ago

What can we say. Marky was so special to us. A man who was always smiling and always had a joke to tell. We used to wait for his weekly phone calls and always loved hearing his voicemails. We will cherish the memories we had with him especially the birthday party we made for him. He was so exited to introduce us to his friends he worked with. We lost a good one, Rest In Peace Marky, we will always cherish the memories. Ashley, Warren and Family.

Andrea levine - 16 days ago

So sorry for the loss of Mark, he will always be remembered.

Harris Black - 16 days ago

A very nice guy. Always had a smile on his face. Gone but not forgotten.

Gail Krasner - 16 days ago

Dear Helen and family My sincere condolences on the loss of Mark. He will be and already is greatly missed. May your memories serve as comfort during this sad time. Gail Krasner