Harold P. (Sonny) Gordon Q.C.

Funeral Service: Sunday, June 14, 2020
Private Graveside
Shiva: Strictly Private Shiva. Thank you for respecting the family's wishes.
“Sonny Gordon Memorial Fund” c/o McGill University Foundation, (514) 398-5000 or visit https://www.alumni.mcgill.ca/give/index.php?new=1&giftCode=08016, or to the Dunham House, (450) 263-3434 or visit https://www.dunhamhouse.ca/.

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Madonna T. Levy - 11 days ago

Dear Hanka, I always remember with fondness going with you, Sonny and Anne to all the Antique shows around Miami and Palm Beach. I’ve been wintering in California for the past fifteen years, but whenever I think of Florida, these wonderful memories always come back to me. Please accept my deepest condolences on Sonny’s passing. He will sorely missed Sincerely, Madonna T. Levy

Alexandra C. Peters-Rutten & Erik Osinga - 19 days ago

I first met Sonny & Hanka in 1999 as we were neighbors in Miami. They were by my side through many of my life's ups and downs including the birth of my daughter Kiki, a difficult divorce, the beginnings of a new career as a Realtor, the passing of my father, and finally a new happier marriage to my husband Erik. Sonny's friendship, guidance, support, astute advice and mentorship was like that of a father, therefore, I would refer to him as my “Miami Dad.” He was a kind and caring man who has touched our lives forever. I will miss the phone calls, him calling me “kiddo,” the dinners, and our annual birthday and Christmas brunch celebrations, and so much more. My condolences to his friends and family. May he rest in peace.

Penny and Gordon Echenberg - 19 days ago

You were known by many, highly regarded by your friends, colleagues and associates, and will be missed by all who knew you. Penny and Gordon Echenberg

SheilaSckolnick - 23 days ago

Dear Hanka, We are so very sorry to hear about the very sad passing of your beloved Husband Sonny. After being your neighbours for the past 25 years, we will miss his welcoming smiles and waves as we passed your home. May his memory be a blessing, and may he rest in Peace. Sheila & Larry Sckolnick d

Deborah & Steven Salpeter - 23 days ago

Dear Hanka, Please accept our deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved husband Sonny. We fondly remember Sonny and the lessons he taught us early in our career and are forever grateful. May the beautiful memories you hold in your heart be a continued source of strength, love and laughter; may they enrich your life and be his memory be a blessing. Deborah & Steven

Peggy & Phil DeZwirek - 24 days ago

R.I.P. We 'll miss you. Love you Peggy & Phil

Phil DeZwirek - 24 days ago

Good Bye my Sweet Friend. I'll Never forget you and Always love you. Phil

Eleanor Bonder - 24 days ago

My sincere condolence at this sad time of the loss of Sonny. Although I did not know him very well, I do remember him. He and I both graduated with our B. Com degrees at McGill in 1958. Sonny also went through law school at McGill with my late brother, David Goldenblatt. They both graduated with their law degrees in 1964. May you enjoy happy memories from past times. Fondly, Eleanor

Jane Silverstone and Herschel Segal - 25 days ago

Dear Hanka ...our condolences to you ... Sonny will be greatly missed .........what a fantastic and beautiful soul ..... our thoughts are with you .....,Jane and Herschie

Cindy (Bergman) Stein - 25 days ago

Dear Hanka, I’m so sorry to learn about Sonny’s passing. He was such a wonderful guy. My heartfelt condolences to you. Thinking about you...Cindy

Raymonde Lavoie - 25 days ago

Adieu mon ami. Merci pour tout. Raymonde

Monica and Joe Gauze - 25 days ago

Dear Hanka, We were saddened to learn of Sonny’s passing. He was a real gentleman.may you be comforted by treasured memories and the knowledge that he was held in such great esteem by everyone.

anita and Ned Goodman - 26 days ago

dear Henka we shall miss Sonnys visits to ned. they spent hours talking about their business interests.and also their morning walks.what a great loss.

Donna Kaufman - 26 days ago

Dear Hanka, Fred and I were deeply saddened to learn of Sonny's passing. So many memories... Please accept our heartfelt sympathy in your great loss and know that we grieve with you. Donna

Felicity Blatt - 27 days ago

Dear Hanka and family, please accept our sincerest condolences on the loss of your beloved “Sonny”... we do hope that all the cherished memories will sustain you , through this difficult time... Felicity and Howard

Richard Yanofsky - 27 days ago

Dear Hanka, My deepest sympathies on the loss of Sonny. He was truly a fantastic guy with a great mind and a soft hand. Sonny was one of my mentors always pragmatic, always interesting and always interested. I know he has left his fingerprint on everyone he touched and he touched a lot of people. He will be missed but not forgotten. Richard Yanofsky

Lillian Vineberg-Goodman - 27 days ago

Dear Hanka, So sad to lose our dear Sonny, but so grateful he is at peace. What a full and fascinating life he has led. What a great friend he has been. So many wonderful memories of our trips together with our precious gang, from the first ski trips in Europe, pre Hanka, to the amazing times in Colorado. You were the Ll only woman we knew who wasn’t first wowed by Sonny’s charm. He chased you until he caught you, He was no longer the most eligible bachelor in town and the rest was literally history. There are so many Sonny stories that we will continue to share. We couldn’t go anywhere, even to a restaurant or a concert where Sonny didn’t know almost everyone. He was the king of kindly networking and spread his magic wherever he went. He was caring, smart, incredibly curious, casual, and passionate about the people and issues he cared about. Each of his leadership roles, whether at Stikeman, Hasbro or Dundee brought him to different parts of the world and widened his focus and life experience. But seeing the joy on his face after beautifully cruising down a big mountain will be another Sonny moment that will remain with me. Rest In Peace dear friend. N

Morton Benjamin - 28 days ago

Dear Hanka Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of Sonny. In my relationship with Sonny, whether on a business or personal level, his understanding and quick wit made him a pleasure to deal with. Wishing you strength at this difficult time. Morty Benjamin

Dana & Bill Bell - 28 days ago

Dearest Hanka-I befriended Sonny almost 50 years ago.It was truly an honour to be Sonny's friend. Ask Sonny a question,whether business or political, invariably he had the answer,always spot on. He was truly a man for all seasons.He will be sorely missed. "Good Night Sweet Prince ; And May Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest"- William Shakespeare- Dana & Bill Bell

Edythe Berman - 28 days ago

Dear Hanka So sorry to hear the sad news about your wonderful Sonny. He was such a terrific gentleman. Hoping for happier times for you in the future L&K's Edie

Aaron and Rae Gropper - 28 days ago

Dear Hanka: Our heartfelt sympathies on this terrible loss! Aaron and Sonny knew each other through Dundee and we were terribly saddened to hear the news.. We know that you have wonderful memories to buoy you at this very difficult time and we wish you well.

Lillian Heidenberg Reitman - 28 days ago

DEAREST Hanka.,I was so saddened to hear about Sony's passing after his brave battle.Jeremy and I had many happy times with you and Sinny.We had our own friendship for such a long time and he always gave me great advice on many subjects.He was fun,charming,handsome,intelligent and kind.He was one of a kind and will be deeply missed by anyone whose life he touched.Arthur joins me in sending you our love .

Leanor Segal - 28 days ago

Dear Hanka, How heartbreaking. Sonny and I worked together on several Israel projects over the span of ten years. I never felt so secure until he became my partner, and when I needed him, he was there for me as my legal advisor as well. Sonny will always remain in my heart and indeed, I really loved him.

Sherry Thau Bardin - 28 days ago

It is with great sadness to hear of the death of my uncle Sonny. He was the adored little brother of my late mom. Our thoughts are with you, Hanka, during this immensely sorrowful time. Sherry, Kelsey, and Mathew

Andrea and Michael Smith - 28 days ago

Dear Hanka, Andrea and I were very saddened to hear of Sonny's passing. We know things have been difficult the past number of months and Sonny dealt with adversity as he dealt with life, directly head on and without complaint. We will miss Sonny greatly. Whenever he came to Toronto, I looked forward to getting together and discussing the various issues of the world. A highlight of each year was "Boys Weekend" at Phil's. All the guys have and had a genuine love for each other. Sonny was one of the most charming, charismatic, intelligent and down to earth person that I was fortunate to know. Rest in peace our friend. We miss you. Andrea & Michael

david sohmer - 28 days ago

Sonny taughtt us that a Baron Byng boy could make it with a Tier 1 law firm without abandoning his roots. He was an inspiration to me. David Sohmer

Nancy Kape Gurberg - 28 days ago

He is and Family, I am truly sorry Sonny obm has left his family, his many friends. There are some who are larger than life and Sonny is and will be remembered for his larger than life interest in many people. He knew how to be a friend and that is a unique gift. May his neshama be protected through many acts of loving kindness. Nancy

Dick Pomerantz - 29 days ago

Hanka, We do not know each other. So first and foremost please accept my deepest condolences. Second, if I might: a story about Sonny that synthesizes so many of the comments chronicled so thoughtfully from his friends, relatives, colleagues: The first time I met Sonny was on an introduction to him by a well known mutual friend at a reception. He was without question one of those people you meet even for a short time you never forget. Charismatic yet low key. Incredibly gracious. Incisive yet without airs. What I had not expected was for him to know who I was at that moment. Not in a million years. At least not at that moment, the summer between my second and third year at McGill. Within seconds he started “pummeling” me with questions about the project I had been working on, that had received a bit of publicity but was still in its embryonic stage. He was full of questions...and then a few pertinent, very pertinent suggestions. I remember saying to his mutual friend who had done the introduction: “what an impressive guy on so many levels. “ And his friend replied: “you will remember Sonny and he will remember you...trust me.” My second encounter with Sonny was a few years later. Sonny invited me “out of the blue” to have lunch with him. He had heard I was managing a political campaign and wanted to offer some more “unsolicited advice” to someone twelve years younger, and even more so in terms of political experience. Again, his advice proved to be right on point. A few years after that was my third encounter with Sonny: having read a newspaper series I had authored of considerable consternation to the provincial government, he hand wrote me a private note which went like this: Congratulations...I would have expected nothing less of you...It needed to be done! And then he added: now why not think about coming to work for our firm. I sensed Sonny knew already my life path was going to take yet to be determined very different directions, which they most certainly have. But recognized too that just that thought from him would inspire me forward. For me, Sonny personified “giving it forward” decades before it became an everyday expression. And a standard to be emulated. So many years later, he remains one of the most memorable individuals to grace my life journey. Thank you Sonny. God bless. Dick (and Bobbie Brooks) Pomerantz Westtown, Pa

Ginette Quintal-Solomon - 29 days ago

Dear Hanka: Please accept all my deepest condolences. I just can imagine how difficult it must have been for you over these past 6 months and the sadness you must feel losing your loved one. Sonny had a very special charm which made him very unique and he will be missed and remembered forever. All my thoughts are with you and may your good memories help you go through such a difficult time.

Morton Spector - 29 days ago

Dear Hanka, I am very sorry to see that Sonny has passed away. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. May you be spared from any further sorrow. Sincerely, Morty

Eric Goldberg - 29 days ago

My sincere condolences on the passing of Sonny. He was a true gentleman. Baruch Dayan ha’emet.

louise mondoloni - 29 days ago

My deepest condolences on the passing of your husband; RIP Mr. Gordon

Doreen Sthal - 29 days ago

Dear Hanka, Please accept my deepest sympathy on the passing of Sonny. May all the wonderful memories help you through this most difficult time. Dody

Sydney IVANIER - 29 days ago

DEAR HANKA Fernanda and I are saddened by Sony’s passing He was a good guy, a mensch and he will be missed We extend to you our heart felt condolences, and wish you strength to bear the pain. Remember the good life you had with him, that will help Our thoughts are with you Fondly yours Fernanda and Sydney.

Louise Pelly - 29 days ago

I am saddened to learn of Sonny’s death. He will be much missed by very many. He was instrumental in persuading me to join Stikeman Elliott in 1980, advice for which I will always be thankful. My deep condolences. Louise Pelly

Jean Philippe Ewart - 29 days ago

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Sonny. It was 40 years ago that as a young student at Stikeman Elliott Tamaki Mercier & Robb I was called to Sonny’s office for the first time, on the 39th floor; some memories never fade away. Years later, I still remember the dinner when Sonny, then responsible amongst other matters at the firm for all our international offices, sent me to Europe. Some of the mentoring I was privileged to receive from Sonny I still repeat to junior lawyers today. My career at the firm was built on the shoulders of the giants that shaped the firm before me and my generation, and Sonny was one of these giants! His memory will stay with us.

Doreen Sthal - 29 days ago

Dear Hanka, I was very saddened to hear of the passing of my cousin Sonny. After reading all the beautiful condolences it's obvious that Sonny will be greatly missed. Dody(Fellen)Sthal

Glenn Cranker - 29 days ago

We were saddened to read this morning of Sonny's death. I can thank Sonny for taking me under his wing when I joined Stikean as a green and untutored articling student. He taught me the importance of seeing the world and my practice from many different perspectives, always with a laugh, smile or appropriate prodding when required. Our sincere condolences. Glenn and Maria Cranker

Frederick Lowy - 29 days ago

Hanka. Please accept condolences. We shared experiences on the Boards of the Sauve Foundation and Dundee Corporation and had in common Baron Byng High School, Concordia and McGill Universities. Sonny was wise, warm and classy throughout.. He is and will be missed. Fred Lowy

Marian Hoppenheim - 29 days ago

Hanka, I am so sad to hear of Sonny’s passing. He was such a special man. I so loved knowing him as a friend and spending time with the two of you. I’m sending you a big hug. Marian

Stella &Al Harvy - 29 days ago

Our sincere condolences to Hanka and the Gordon family.

Elizabeth Marshall - 29 days ago

Dear Aunt Hanka, I am so sorry to hear about Uncle Sonny's passing. He was a wonderful uncle to me and great uncle to Marshall and Jordan and we will miss him every day. I know how happy he was with you and I could see the happiness every time we were together. Rest in peace.

Benn Mikula - 29 days ago

Dear Hanka, Deepest condolences at the sad news of Sonny’s passing. He was a gentleman who combined fierce intelligence with warmth, charm and demonstrable good humour. His effectiveness (whether in business or working on his many charitable activities, such as the Sauve Scholars) lay in the fact that he could provide sound advice whilst deploying an engaging smile. He will be missed.

Murray Dalfen - 29 days ago

Dear Hanka, Karen and I are so sorry to hear of Sonny's passing. We were neighbours for 20 years and throughout Sonny conducted himself as a supreme gentleman. He was alway friendly and ready with a smile . His business dealings were always conducted with a high level of integrity and awareness. He will be sorely missed. Murray Dalfen

Judith Kruger - 29 days ago

My most sincere condolences at this very difficult time.

Tobie Bekhor - 29 days ago

Dear Hanka: our deepest condolences on the passing of your dear husband. Sonny and you were such good friends to our late parents, Sydney & Florence Cooper . Our families have wonderful memories of evenings spent together Our thoughts are with you . The Bekhor, Cooper and Latners

Melissa and Barry AVRICH - 29 days ago

Warm condolences to the Gordon family. I have fond memories of Sonny at our last Floating Film Festival.

Bobby and Elisabeth Dalfen - 29 days ago

Dearest Hanka, Bobby and I were so very saddened to learn of Sonny's death. We have all known each other for over fifty years. So much of that time was filled with joy and laughter Both of us have been flooded with memories of Montreal and Florida,the many occasions when we were young and part of the excitement of both places and I guess in our minds that is how we will always remember our time together. We know how very difficult the last months have been,we know what an amazing,fun,intelligent ,handsome man he was and how broken your heart must be but he will live on through all of the amazing work he has done and in the hearts and memories of those who were lucky enough to call him friend. With love and our deepest sympathies, Elisabeth and Bobby.

Ron Freiman - 29 days ago

I was very saddened to hear about the loss of Sonny. I had the pleasure of meeting him about 17 years ago. He mas a man who had a genuine interest in helping others, gave great advice.... and always had that contagious, great smile. A true mensch who will be missed. May his memory be a blessing.

Debby Hochstein - 29 days ago

Dear Hanka, Our deepest sympathy to you on the loss of our cousin Sonny. May your happy memories be a source of comfort to you during this difficult time. Debby (Green) & Alan

Natana Shek - 29 days ago

Dear Hanka, My deepest condolences on the passing of your dear husband Sonny. Sonny was a strong figure in so many people's lives with his passion, commitment, wit and wonderful humor. He shall be dearly missed and warmly remembered by so many friends and colleagues! Natana Shek

Willie Epstein - 29 days ago

Dear Hanna, , please accept my condolence on the passing of Sonny. Sonny and I go back to our Baron Byng high schools and teammates on our championship Concordia University basketball team. After which we met from time to time warm and friendly. He will be missed .

S. Ellis - 29 days ago

I send my condolences to you and to your family during this time of sorrow. The Bible gives a real hope and promises that your loved one will soon come back to life in a peaceful paradise on the earth. (John 5:28, 29)

Alison Silcoff - 29 days ago

Dear Hanna: I am so sorry to hear of Sonny’s death - truly the end of an era. Our friendship goes back to when I first moved to Montréal and the crazy disco era at Régine’s. I have fond memories of co-hosting a dinner-party with him in honour of Maurice Sauvé. I sought out his advice on several occasions and will always remember his wisdom and warmth. My thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Warm regards, Alison

Maria and Amos Alter - 30 days ago

Our sincere condolences at this difficult time.

Rita and Charles Bronfman - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka. Please accept our deep sympathy. Sonny was a true gentleman, always had a smile and that dimple. Kind and thoughtful. He will be truly missed by all who knew him.. Fondly, Rita and Charles

Len & Barbara Farber - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka- it is with a great sense of loss that we offer you our sincerest condolences. Sonny was a real friend who kept in touch no matter what part of the world he was in. He was a gentleman, knowledgeable with deep insights into complicated business arrangements. In my years in Government , Sonny was someone for whom I would drop everything when he called. I enjoyed our conversations and treasured our relationship. He will be missed but always remembered. May his memory be a blessing.

Liz and Dr. Joe - 30 days ago

My walking partner is gone. Dear Hanka, Liz and I want to extend to you our heartfelt condolences. Sonny was kind and warm, a true friend and confidant,one of the best people we knew. Our love and support are with you Hanka at this difficult time and our fond memories of Sonny will sustain us. Much lov,e Liz and Joe.

The Segal Centre - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, On behalf of all of us at the Segal Centre we extend our heartfelt condolences on the passing of Sonny. Sonny was on our Board of Directors and also an important champion and advisor early on. We are very grateful for his support, his kindness and his generosity. We were deeply saddened to hear of his passing, and we will miss his smile and laughter. We know that he leaves a piece of him with us. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Lisa Rubin Artistic & Executive Director and the entire Segal Centre family.

Richard Pesner - 30 days ago

Dear family, I got to know Sonny from the Y when he was Chairman at Dundee/ Dynamic Funds, the Y Golf principal sponsor for several years. He always had time for you and became someone that I truly admired and respected. A classy guy with heart. A Lev Tov. May he Rest In Peace. Louise and Richard May he Rest In Peace. Louise and Richard

Zelda Gurman - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, I was saddened to hear of my cousin Sonny's passing. Thinking of you at this sad time. Please accept my most sincere condolences and may all your happy memories sustain you at this most difficult time. Zelda

Warren and Natalie Green - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, Please accept our sympathies on the passing of Sonny. Natalie and Warren Green

John and Cristina Panneton - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka: We are saddened to learn Sonny passed away. I first met Sonny sometime in 1965 - his intelligence, wit, charm and acumen were truly endearing. Over the years we would run into each other in Montreal, London and Hong Kong, It was extraordinary to work with him and Ned Goodman at Dundee. Cristina and I have fond memories of an ice-cold Montreal evening in January 2007, when we celebrated our friendship with a four hour dinner at Europea. We send sincere condolences.

Elaine Dubow Harris - 30 days ago

There were few people like Sonny Gordon. Accomplished, modest and a cherished friend for those who had the privilege of being one. I was lucky to have known him as a friend from our earliest days at McGill and before. A life well lived. Rest in Peace Sonny. Elaine

Rickie and Bernie Backman - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, We were very saddened to hear of Sonny’s passing. Please accept our sincere and heartfelt sympathy. May all your wonderful memories help sustain you through this difficult time. Rickie and Bernie

Dena Fellen & Joe Segal - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, We were very shocked and upset to see that my cousin Sonny passed away. When we were growing up our families spent a lot of time together. Please accept our deepest sympathy and know that we are thinking of you at this sad time.

Marvin Smith - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, I was saddened to hear of Sonny's passing and I want to express my condolences to you at this difficult time. Although I had not been in touch with Sonny in recent years, I have beautiful memories of our special friendship in the past. He was an outstanding friend and person. Please know that my thoughts are with you. Warm regards, Marvin

Linda & Ian Greenberg - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka. Linda and I send our deepest sympathies to you on the loss of your wonderful husband Sonny. A true gentleman. We enjoyed the times we spent with you both. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time. Linda & Ian.

Sheri & Gary Levitt - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka and family, Our heartfelt condolences. We remember Sonny as our kind neighbor always with a smile. We hope that the good memories will bring you peace going forward.....

Harry Parnass - 30 days ago

dearest Hanka, ...it's a tough time for you right now.....I just hope that much of the glow of Sonny's life will give you some comfort in all that you have shared with him. He was my best friend, from the early McGill days, through to our founding of the Sauve Scholars. From the most intimate personal matters, to business, he was always there for me, and so many others.....he deserves a statue in Montreal!...a real Prince among men!! Let us tell our children about him, and they their children....His memory as one of the righteous will be kept alive for a long time.

Jane and Larry Plotnick - 30 days ago

Our most sincere sympathies. Sonny was a unique and special individual. My recollections go back to when he was my senior at McGill; and many years later, the numerous times we met at the airports to and from Toronto. Always a brief, but meaningful conversation. We are certain that he will live on in the hearts of everyone who knew him. We are confident that he has left behind a thousand moments that will live in your hearts forever. May you all find the comfort in those memories, and strength in the family and friendships of those who share this loss. Special blessings.

Ted Marshall - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, It is with great sorrow that I heard of Uncle Sonny's passing. He was a devoted brother to Birdie, and always kept in touch with her , despite his often busy schedule. Through goodness of heart, he greatly helped our family through our legal problems, for which we will be eternally grateful. May he rest in peace.

Marlene & Jeff Fellen - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka. Marlene and I were deeply saddened to learn of Sonny‘s passing. Please accept our most sincere condolences and may all your happy memories sustain you at this most difficult time.

Ronda & Arthur Swift - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, Our sincere condolences on the passing of Sonny. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Heartfelt wishes, Ronda and Arthur

Etty and Ralph Bienstock - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, we are so saddened to learn of Sonny’s passing. May all the cherished memories give you comfort at this sad snd difficult timr

Bunny Berke & Larry Lusko - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, Larry & I are extremely saddened to learn of Sonny's passing. Sonny touched the lives of so many! We send you all our love and hope that all the beautiful memories will fill the void and make going forward a little easier. Bunny & Larry

Henry Stupp - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka, I am deeply saddened by the news of Sonny’s passing and offer my heartfelt condolences. Sonny was my mentor, teacher and friend. No matter where in the world he was or whatever project he was working on, I could always count on a speedy, return call. I truly admired Sonny for his friendship, his kindness, intellect, generosity and calm demeanor. May his memory be forever a blessing. Henry Stupp

Amy Satov - 30 days ago

Dear Hanka and the Gordon Family, My deepest condolences. I knew Sonny from my days at Dundee, he will be missed. Sincerely, Amy

Bonnie & Allan Sverdlove - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka, We were all so saddened to hear about Uncle Sonny. He was an amazing man who led a remarkable life. He will be greatly missed by all. Thinking of you and wishing you comfort during this difficult time. Bonnie, Allan, Jake & Alexa

Paul Lowenstein - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka, My friendship with Sonny began at McGill and I have treasured that since. I had the added pleasure and benefit of being a client early in his legal career. There was always a glow and a magnetism emanating from Sonny. He had the ability to make a memorable impact on anyone who came in contact with him. He excelled at whatever he set out to accomplish. Jewel and I extend our heartfelt sympathies.

Robert Wasserman & Jackie Shinfield - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka: I was terribly saddened to learn of Sonny's passing. He was and will always remain one of the most special people in my life. My fondest memories are of the times we spent together in my youth. Whether it was baking steaks in his backward oven, cleaning his apartment as a summer job, or riding with the top down in his Mustang as a little boy, being with Sonny always brought a big smile to my face. I always looked forward to staying at Uncle Sonny's art museum apartment when my father was away on a business trip. My kids still remark on Sonny taking us for an Israeli breakfast in Florida when they were little, and the time my eldest almost got to go for a ride in his fancy sports car. He was a wonderful friend to my father, Stephanie and the entire Wasserman family, and his smile will be sorely missed. Please accept mine and Jackie's deepest condolences for your loss. - Robbie

Anna & Irving Choran - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka, We are so sorry to hear of Sonny's passing. He was so charming, intelligent and engaging and we always enjoyed seeing you both. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. May all your wonderful memories give you strength.

Jon Gurman & Joanne Gurman,Cole &Raquel Gurman - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka, we are extremely saddened to hear about Sonny ! A friend, an Advisor, a mentor, a truly humble ,impressive ,calming man! Sonny knew how to bring people and deals together as he always looked at both sides of the coin ! Sonny is a Canaidian icon, Sonnys legacy will live on forever ! Proud to have called him my cousin ,friend and advisor. We will miss you Sonny!!

Ann and David Kruger - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka. Please accept our deepest and sincerest condolences on the passing of Sonny. He was someone every one in the community looked up to. He will be missed by many.

Emmelle & Alvin Segal - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka, Our sincere and heartfelt condolences on Sonny’s passing. Our last conversation a few months ago, was when he called to say goodbye. Sonny’s eyes lit up when he saw the success of the Segal Centre’s productions on opening nights. I cherished his business advice, especially when the Segal Centre was created, he became a passionate supporter and advisor. He was Chairman of the fundraising committee for several years, and helped create the foundation of our fundraising today. I will forever miss his advice. He will be sorely missed by all of us at the Segal Centre. May he Rest In Peace Emmelle & Alvin Segal

Bren and Hillel Frankel - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka. Our deepest sympathies on the passing of Sonny. We are so sad for your loss. I met Sonny in the late 80's and had the good fortune of having my little office next to his big corner office. He had an aura and presence about him that demanded respect yet he was approachable and fun. When years later I needed someone to Chair our new public company, my first call was to Sonny and he was there. Not only a renowned lawyer, Sonny had a keen business sense that made him a trusted associate and advisor to many; his practical approach to everything setting him apart. More than all of this, Sonny was a good friend. You were both there for all of our simchas (even though he didn't like the loud music and didn't hesitate to tell us so). Hanka, Bren and I cherish our friendship with both of you that has continued now for many decades. Please know that you are in our thoughts during this difficult time.

Dian Cohen - about 1 month ago

I'm so sorry to hear of Sonny's passing. I knew him at McGill where he was a student in two of the classes I taught and we became friends in our later corporate life. He was always a sage advisor.

Susan Penner - about 1 month ago

I have known Sonny since we were in McGill university .as a handsome charming man about campus he always could be seen with a that warm smile. Over all the years I knew him he never lost that glow He will be missed. Susan Penner

Philip Fine - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka, I’m so sorry for your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences

Susan Polisuk - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanna, my sympathies to you at this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sam Eltes - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka, My sincere condolences on your loss of a very special all around person. We were classmates at school and teammates at the Y basketball teams. I always admired his positive disposition and he will be greatly missed.

Abe Gonshor - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka, My sincere and heartfelt condolences on the sad news of Sonny passing away. Sonny will be so very much missed by all those that he touched with his kindness, his help, his knowledge and most importantly his sincere friendship. I have such wonderful memories of Sonny that will stay with me forever. I send you much love and tons of hugs and at this very sad time in your life! Abe Gonshor

David & Kate Kaye - about 1 month ago

Our very good friend of nearly 50 years with whom we shared many happy occasions in London , Miami and Montreal. He was deservedly fortunate in having Danny Colson to ease his last few months. He will be sorely missed.

Costas Spiliadis - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka. It is with deep sadness that we at Milos learned of the passing of our cherished friend and supporter Sonny Gordon. We will live with countless memories over some forty years, memories of his always kind advise, friendship and loyalty. Please accept our sincere condolences and prayers. Costas Spiliadis and the Milos family.

Gerald Kandestin - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka, I have lost a great old friend. In 1974 I joined the then Stikeman Elliott Tamaki Mercier & Robb, a young kid just out of law school. There I met Sonny who took a liking for me an was one of my early mentors. Sonny was just back from opening and running the firm’s London office and we worked together on many interesting matters. Above all, Sonny taught me that practicing law was a people business. Sonny treated his clients as friends and many of them became great friends. I learned to do the same When I left Stikeman to pursue my legal practice in my present firm, Sonny and I remained friends and always kept in touch. I had the pleasure of helping some of his friends and relatives through some legal matters, always being able to rely on Sonny’s keen business judgment. Through his recent illness, I tried my best to stay in touch with Sonny. Although I knew he was very ill, he always tried to be cheerful, a sign of his lovely optimistic personality. Farewell my friend. Hanka, please accept my sincere condolences. I know how Sonny adored you. Gerry Kandestin

Elayne & Marvin Libman - about 1 month ago

Dear Hanka, it is with profound sadness and shock that we learned of Uncle Sonny’s passing. Our most sincere condolences and hope your happy memories sustain you at this most difficult time. "RIP Sonny". Elayne & Marvin