Frances Rotman

Funeral Service: Friday, June 26, 2020
Private Graveside
Shiva: Strictly Private Shiva. Thank you for respecting the family's wishes.
COVID-19 Fund c/o the Jewish Hospital of Hope Eldercare Foundation, (514) 738-4500, ext. 2124 or to the charity of your choice. 

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Lorraine Bastien - 5 days ago

Dear Audrey and Allen, Many of us remember your mother as a kind, caring and extremely competent professional in the educational field but a few more fortunate colleagues remember Frances after hours as a fierce and fun loving competitor on the tennis court. She was a great lady, enjoyed life, traveling and sharing with friends. We are so sorry for your loss.

Naomi Tencer - 6 days ago

To the Rotman Family, Your mom was an amazing woman. There are infinite attributes that she possessed. She was elegant, intelligent, insightful, kind, helpful, feisty, animated.... just to name a few. She was a true and loyal friend, to many, including myself. She helped me at a very crucial time in my life. I love her. Audrey, and Allan, and whoever organized the Zoom Funeral and Zoom Shiva; you did a great job. Love, Naomi

Gary Pekeles - 6 days ago

To the Rotman family, although it was 50 years ago I remember Mrs Rotman dearly as the vice principal at SWCHS. She helped me through difficult times. I saw her intermittently after that and it was always wonderful. Peace.

Lynne Wawryk-Epp - 7 days ago

Dearest Audrey, Andy, Allan, Gilda, and Families, My heartfelt condolences and sympathy is extended to you all. The loss of a mother is significant especially when you think of Fran and the impact she made. I feel so very fortunate to have met you Audrey and in turn Fran so many years ago while we were studying at UBC! Fran somehow agreed to take all four interns from Vancouver for three weeks! She was incredibly generous and a strong mentor. I was in awe of her knowledge, expertise, and distinguished style. She also extend her generosity to our daughter, Zuri, when she moved to Montreal. The world has lost an incredible woman; however, we can all be thankful for the wonderful memories of a beautiful (inside and out) Fran. Sending big warm hugs and love....

kitty Cohen - 7 days ago

Dear Allan, My thoughts and love are with you. May memories of your mom ease the pain of your loss. I have no doubt that she loved you both very much, and you brought comfort to her final days. bless you, my friend.

Glenn Dorskind - 8 days ago

Dear Audrey and Allan, My thoughts and love are with you. May memories of your mom ease the pain of your loss. I have no doubt that she loved you both very much, and you added tremendous richness to her life and brought comfort to her final days. Your commitment to social justice, your moral fortitude, your gentleness, and your integrity clearly indicate that you have embodied what she modeled and immortalized her spirit. Love Glenn

Juan E Ortiz - 8 days ago

Dear Allan and family, sometimes it can be challenging to find the right words to offer support, comfort, and empathy in such difficult times. I know words cannot take away the hurt you are feeling, but I want you to know how much I care about your sadness during this painful time. Losing a mother is one of the deepest sorrows a heart can know, but always remember that her goodness, her caring, and her wisdom live on-like a legacy that will always be with you, her sweet memory will remain forever in your heart. Juan E Ortiz

Frank Cambareri - 8 days ago

Dear Allan and family, I am deeply saddened to hear about the loss of your mom and want to express my sincere condolences. I have read many of the comments here and you must be very proud of the legacy left behind by your dear mother. There are many great stories people have shared of their experiences with your mom. A great educator has the ability to touch many lives during their career through the leadership, mentorship and guidance they provide. It is obvious your mom was very important to many people and will be greatly missed. Please know that we are thinking of you and your family and you are all in our prayers.

Lawrence Young - 8 days ago

Dear Audrey and Allan, I was very sad to learn that your beloved Mom Frances a.k.a 'Mrs. Rotman had passed away. Although it has been close to 50 years since we were last in touch, I remember her warm smile and caring soul which were always present during my trips to your home and our get-togethers at Pripstein's. May you and your family know from no further sorrow, and may your Mom rest in eternal peace. With very fond memories, Lawrence.

Penny Levine - 8 days ago

To The Rotman Family, I met Fran during her real estate years.. She was a real lady and had a great sense of humor. I will always remember her with high regard.

Barbara Adler - 9 days ago

Dearest Audrey and Allan and all your respective family members, Separate from the sadness and sorrow of hearing of your mother's passing and how dear she was to all of you, I wanted to take a moment to express how amazing, and extraordinary and impressive and herculean your efforts have been to take care of your mom from "afar" and to deal with all the ups and downs of her life these last few years. Allan, going up to Canada, and abiding by the quarantine was so touching and such an important part of the story that denotes the end of her life. Audrey--like I said..."she is the strongest woman in the land" and now I really do know where you get it from, because you are too. Love You. Barb

Labe Richman - 9 days ago

Frances was an incredible woman who had a positive impact on me and so many others. She was always there to either party or offer support but always in a classy and considerate way. Her devotion to her family was made clear at the ceremony, especially by the grandchildren. From decades of experience, I have seen that she was a beloved aunt and sister-in-law to my side of the Rotman clan. Her life was long and full and when the time is right, I know there will be much to celebrate. However, now I offer the hope that in this very unique time her immediate family will feel the comfort needed to go forward.

Kelly and Sam Shackman - 9 days ago

Dear Allan, Audrey and family-our condolences go out to you at this difficult time. Your mom knew me since I was born and there were some good family occasions with her to remember fondly. Special memory when she came to my house to commemorate my fathers 50th yahrzeit. May her memory be a blessing. Sam and Kelly

Evie & Joe Cassell - 9 days ago

Dear Allan, Gilda and the family, I was so saddened to hear about “Mrs. Rotman’s” passing. She was an incredible lady who left a lasting impact on all who had the good fortune of knowing her. Her leadership at Dunrae Gardens made it a school that gave our kids such a positive and wonderful experience. As someone who has worked with principals for decades, I can honestly say that she was the best I ever encountered. But, more importantly, I know that she was a beloved mom, mom-in-law and grandmother. I’m wishing you all strength and the comfort of happy memories. Evie & Joe

Mimi Dupuis - 9 days ago

C’est avec une grande tristesse que tu m’as fait part du décès de ta grand-mère! Je veux t’offrir à toi, et à toute la famille, mes plus sincères condoléances. Madame Rotman, cette Dame merveilleuse et exceptionnelle, est entrée dans ma vie d’enseignante à Dunrae Gardens! Ses qualités de gestionnaire et d’humanisme ont vite conquis mon cœur! Que de bons souvenirs qui resteront gravés à jamais dans ma mémoire! Merci beaucoup de m’avoir avisée de son décès, avis que j’ai pu partager avec les collègues de Dunrae!

Melissa Gelfand - 10 days ago

Sending my deepest condolences to you and your family. Frances was on the same floor as my mother. I saw how much she enjoyed music. I'm glad I had the chance to meet her.

Susan Gold - 10 days ago

Serendipity! We met on the street quite serendipitously just a few years ago. Your Mom, “Mrs. Rotman”, was intrigued by my dogs. It was only after 5 or 10 minutes of conversation that we somehow realized the connection to my “wretched” past. It was almost 50 years after your Mom suspended me for 3 days for being late from Homeroom at Sir Winston Churchill High School. It has been a source of great amusement all these years later. She was tough but fair. She was a leader well before her time, uniquely qualified… in times of great social upheaval. Audrey, you touched my heart. My condolences to the entire family on your loss. SWCHS, Class of 1969.

Richard King - 10 days ago

Dear Allan and Audrey; I was saddened to learn of your mother's passing. I enjoyed the many contacts I had with her at family gatherings and when our paths crossed spontaneously. She was a warm, affectionate, intelligent person. She will be missed by all who knew her and especially by those generations of students, numbering in the thousands, for whom she vouchsafed an excellent education. May her memory be a blessing.

Norman King and Nicole Parent - 10 days ago

Dear Allan and Audrey, I was very sad to learn about Frances' passing away and I want to offer you and your families sincere sympathies from Nicole, myself and our family. I have very fond memories of family gatherings with very energetic and interesting exchanges with Frances. I particularly remember a road trip with Laurie from the Catskills to Boston where I introduced Frances to blues music. She was keenly interested and had many pertinent comments. I must say that I am impressed as well to see the warm and heartfelt tributes that former students sent to you. Love from us to you

Susan van Gelder - 10 days ago

I knew Mrs. Rotman as both my teacher at West Hill in the 60s and as the principal of Edinburgh where I worked for one year. I still remember my interview with her to get that job - she asked about some of my friends from West Hill, about my brother and his friends. He interest in her former students never waned. She was always upbeat and I appreciated her commitment to her students and her staff.

Marlene & Joel King - 10 days ago

Dear Allan, Audrey and Families, We were so sorry to learn of the recent passing of your beloved mother. She was definitely a force to be reckoned with and she left a positive imprint on so many students and others whose lives she touched over so many years. Please accept our heartfelt condolences at this difficult time. Love. Marlene & Joel

Marty Isaif - 10 days ago

To the Extended Rotman Family, It was with great sadness when I learned of the passing of Mrs. Frances Rotman. I grew up in NDG in the late '50's and early '60's and was very fortunate to have Mrs. Rotman as my teacher for grades 6 and 7 at Willingdon Elementary and grades 8 and 9 at West Hill High School. She definitely was an individual whom I admired and respected greatly. It was through her Great Nephew Daniel, that I was able to become aware of her battle with dementia. She was one of the most influential teachers that I had growing up during my informative years, and only hope your fond memories of her sustain you at this very difficult time. A very grateful student - Marty Isaif

Marylin Marcovitch-Parkin - 11 days ago

Dear Audrey and Allan, Our sincere sympathies to you and your families on your sad loss of your dear Mother. I am the daughter of the late Morris and Becky Marcovitch. We have many fond memories of our youth together celebrating various occasions. May her memory be but a blessing . Long life

Miriam Magid Clamen - 11 days ago

Frances Rotman nee Lerner was in the first class of the newly created Talmud Torah Day School on St. Joseph Blvd. For seven years - throughout elementary school - she was the only girl in the class. For my late father, Meilach Magid Z"L, the principal of Talmud Torah, she symbolized the then-revolutionary concept that Hebrew education was not exclusively for males. She epitomized the image of the new educated and knowledgable Jewish woman. She became a beacon of progress, the role model for many of us who followed. My deepest condolences to her family. May you be spared further sorrow.

Susan Kravitz - 11 days ago

Dear Audrey and family, I was saddened to learn of your mother's recent passing. She taught me how to swim at Pripstein's camp some 54 years ago. I kept the camp picture and located her immediately last night. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

Annette Selig - 11 days ago

Dear Alan and Audrey, My sincere sympathy to you and your family on your sad loss. I met Fran at the beginning of her second career which was as a Real Estate Agent and we become friends as well as selling and co-listing many homes. I found that she was competent, honest, hardworking and fun to work with. What I didn't know was that she had a most successful career at the School Board. This came to light when her former students and co-workers would call her for her opinion and subsequently sell or buy with her. I also learned that family was most important. Her children, grandchildren, siblings, in-laws- nieces, nephews played a very important part in her life and I got to meet most of them. She was into physical fitness and all things cultural - a woman ahead of her times for sure. Hoping that your wonderful memories will help you through this difficult time. Annette

Claire Caillé - 11 days ago

Chère Nancy, C'est avec une grande tristesse que j'ai appris ce matin le décès de ta chère grand-mère. Madame Rotman, comme je l'ai toujours appelée, est une Dame que j'ai beaucoup aimée, admirée et respectée. Elle a été une directrice extrêmement professionnelle. J'entends encore sa douce voix qui nous conseillait, soutenait, encourageait et félicitait. Je garde que de beaux souvenirs de cette Dame merveilleuse et exceptionnelle. Si j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir enseigner plus de vingt années à l'école Dunrae Gardens School, c'est grâce à elle. Recois, chère Nancy, mes très sincères condoléances et l'expression ma sympathie la plus profonde.

Robert Silverman - 11 days ago

I remember Frances when she was a counsellor at Pripstein's camp as a young, as yet unmarried woman. Whoever called her a force of nature had it right. Deep condolences.

Norma Nutkevitch - 11 days ago

Dear Audrey and Allan, My memories of your mother goes back to when I was a little girl at Auntie Ettie's house. My mother Laika was a sister to your grandfather. We celebrated many Seders with cousin Faigie Ettie ( like we use to call your mother ), Audry and you, at my parents (Auntie Laika) home on Trans Island. When your mother was a real estate agent, she sold Pearl, my daughter her condo on Monkland and Pearl is still enjoying it. She accomplished so much during her lifetime. She often went out of her way to help people. She will be surely missed. Norma and Family

Ralph Pellatt - 11 days ago

To the Rotman family. My sincerest condolences on the loss of Frances. I spent many years with her when she was the principle at Edinburg Elementary. I was the president of the Home and School Association and worked hand-in-hand with her to raise the funds forthe school library. She was a very inspiring person who had the ability to remember most if not all the childrens names. She will be sorely missed but not forgotten.

Nadine Rabinovitch - 11 days ago

Dear Audrey and Allan- It was beautiful to see you both and your children remembering Frances. I will never forget her. Her zeal for life is indelibly printed in my memories. I feel very lucky to have known her. Please know that you and yours are in my thoughts as you navigate this sad time.

Jessica Carlton and family - 11 days ago

My heartfelt condolences go out to you guys during these times. Mrs. Rotman was a truly amazing person and I was honoured that she was not only my principal at Dundas Gardens but a great family friend. What a strong person and generous soul. She will be truly missed.

Charna & Clem Bonan - 11 days ago

Dearest Audrey and family-our heartfelt condolences Go out to you, and trusting your warm happy memories will be a constant source of joy and comfort. The roller coaster Covid ride Proved what a valiant fighter your mom was. She definitely had character, and we will certainly miss her. This pandemic Connected us, yet also robbed us from spending precious time with our Folks. Know that we are thinking of you, And sending you our love ❤️

Brenda Flanz - 11 days ago

Dear Family I remember spending time with Fran during her time in Real EstAte. She was eloquent, honorable and vibrant. I enjoyed our interactions. May her memory be a blessing to you all . Brenda

marielle miller - 11 days ago

Frances was the principal of Edinberg School where both of my children went. I was active at the school and got to know her. She was a giving and compassionate lady-especially to my son John.

Howard Shuster - 11 days ago

So grateful for one of the finest teachers that I had at West Hill High. What I learned has stayed with me for over 55 years. May her family be comforted to know that she touched and stimulated so many lives

Arthur Roskies - 11 days ago

Dear Rotman Family, Although you do not know me, yet I want to express my sympathies on the loss of your dear mother. My memories of her go back to the 1940's when we were both students at McGill. We were both active in Hillel and I dated her several times. Subsequently we were in contact only sporadically, but I vaguey remember playing tennis with her and talking to her from time to time. She was an upbeat, fun to be with and a kind person and it saddens me greatly to know that she is gone. May the memory of a wonderful woman console you at this difficult time. Arthur Roskies

Mark Mendelson - 11 days ago

Dear Rotman Family, How do very sad! My sincerest condolences on the loss of Auntie Frances or Mrs Rotman- his I used to call her. The first as a dear family friend with my parents and family since the 1950‘S and the second as my teacher in grade 9 at West Hill High School in the early ‘60’s. May her memory be a blessing and provide you all with wonderful thoughts and memories- Yehee Zichroh Baruch.

Dina (Litvack)Lubin - 11 days ago

Very sad to read this news of the most wonderful elementary school principal from over 40 years ago when I was a student at Edinburgh School. Mrs. Rotman was so warm and kind... she really understood children and treated us all with respect and confidence in our abilities. She was a beautiful person, and I send my deep condolences to her family during this sad time.

Sylvia Shahin - 12 days ago

My deepest condolences to the Rotman family on the passing of Frances . Very smart & lovely lady. May her good memories sustain you during this difficult time. Sylvia

Eva and Jacob Raby - 12 days ago

Dear Allan, Audrey and Family, We were deeply saddened to hear that Fran is gone. She was a wonderful friend, great fun to be with and was an inspiration to all who knew her. May good memories of times past bring you comfort at this difficult time.

Sharon and Robert Hecht - 12 days ago

Dear family: my husband was a student of Mrs. Rotman in elementary school. I was a teacher at Edinburgh School where she was the principal. May her memory be a blessing to her family. Sharon and Robert Hecht

Saul and Hilda Stark - 12 days ago

Dear family, As Frances's first cousin, I have many childhood memories of spending time with her at her house as our parents socialized. Unfortunately, we saw each other less frequently as time went on, but when I did see her, I was always reminded of her intelligence and wit. She always greeted me with a warm embrace- as if it didn't matter that we hadn't seen each other in a while. As an educator, she never failed to take an interest in my children's education and always offered them guidance. She was a unique and independent lady who I will always remember fondly. I wish her children and family comfort as they suffer this loss during this difficult time. May her memory be a blessing. Saul Stark and family

SANDRA ZELIKOVIC - 12 days ago

Dear Family of Fran, So sad to hear of your loss. Fran was such a lovely lady. So articulate and nice to be around. Very unfortunate to lose someone during these times. My sincere condolences. Sandra Zelikovic

Joy Spinder - 12 days ago

To the family Seeing your mothers picture brought back so many wonderful memories at Pripstein’s Camp. She was a strong figure in our lives. I hope your memories help you get through this most difficult time I’m friendship Joy