Sima Romano

Service funéraire: Dimanche, 02 Août, 2020
Private Graveside
Shiva: Dimanche, 02 Août, 2020 À
Vendredi, 07 Août, 2020

For shiva details, please call family.

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Israel Bonds Montreal - 5 jours

To the family of the late Sima Romano, On behalf of the staff and management of Israel bonds, please accept our sincere condolences on the passing of Sima. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. May your memories give you comfort and may you be spared further sorrow. With our deepest sympathy, Israel Bonds

Shirley Benoudiz - 5 jours

BDE my sincerest condolences to Avi and the entire Romano family. Sima was a special woman who was always caring and friendly. I will remember her fondly.

Hadas and Mason Zweig - 6 jours

Our deepest condolences. We are so sorry for you loss.

Jeannette eh Nahum shemi - 6 jours

למישפחת רומנו היקרים מישתתפים בצערכם על האבדה היקרה שני שמת. תהיה צרורה בצרור החיים סימה עזבה חלל ריק לכולנו מה שהכי קשה לי הביקורים כל יום שבת ניסינו למלא את החלל אישה שאהבה לצאת ולא פיספסה אף אירע אהבה את החיים. אבל המחלה ניצחה אותה למרות שנילחמה באין ספור שיחתי האחרונה איתה היתה ביום חמישי ליפני מותה זיהתה את קולי ושאלתי אותה לשלומה תשובתה היתה יהיה בסדר כעת היא נחה שתי שכב בשלום אמן

Jacques and Tammy Romano - 6 jours

Dear Avi May your memories of Sima keeps your heart warm and full of love May she Rest In Peace

Galit sasson - 6 jours

I am so sorry for your loss Stay strong orli I love you ❤️

Armand (Menahem) & Maggie Levy - 6 jours

Sincères condoléances... Tanhoumim...

Eyal, Ricky and Yardena Simhon - 7 jours

Montreal, 1st August 2020. To the Romano Family, Please accept our deepest condolences; no words can bring comfort in times like this. We cannot express how sorry we are. Let me write and tell you a few words. As a young child I knew Sima. Always caring, Smiling and here ready to help. I remember as a child 35 years ago, my mother protective always told me, in case something happens at home or at school, (since we don’t have family here) know that if there is anything you can run and knock at Sima and Avi`s door. They lived at the same place not far from me and my school, near the Armstrong Factory, Be carful of the factory! but you can trust them and you’ll be safe there until I come. I just want to make it clear. My mother she NEVER EVER told us to go ANYWHERE or to anyone else. Not even to the police station. I never had to run knocking but I always knew the door would be open in case of need. Even when I became that policeman myself. Last time I saw her was at my wedding. Children from wall to wall she wished us (and Avi happily added from wall to wall and also to the ceiling) and I still remember her voice and words. She was a friend of the entire family and she will be greatly missed. Although vanquished after a courageous battle against that horrible disease called Cancer who has claimed so many before her. I do hope in our lifespan that Hashem will bless us so we will see that day... The day where cancer falls before US and the day it can bring harm to humanity no more. She was a fun, caring and loving person with always something good to say about anything. May she keep saying good about us now that she is in heaven and I know somehow she is always there to speak to in case of need. May her soul be bound in the bound of eternal live. And to the family, and Avi know that we are always there for you in these hard times. For everything and nothing. From your friends Eyal, Ricky and Yardena Simhon.

אריק גור אש - 7 jours

אבי והמשפחה. משתתף בצערכם . תהיה נשמתה צרורה בצרור החיים.

Leon & Vivianne Mosseri - 7 jours

Our deepest condolences to Abraham Romano and his family. May her memory be a blessing for your entire family. BDH.

Shula Romano Wichman - 7 jours

Deepest condolences from Shula and Yosh to Avi, the children, grandchildren. Sima was our family for over 50 years. She did only good and we liked her very much. We are sorry to be so far away but we are with you.

Guido - 7 jours

De tout coeur avec vous,ben & famille Haddad Guido.Raquel Shai Leah. ברוך דיין האמת

Liat Lev-Ary and Dan Goldstein - 7 jours

Dear Nathalie, Orly, Linda and families, Our sincere condolences. May her memory be of blessing. BDE.

Sara &mike andradi - 7 jours

Our deepest condolences to the family She’s going to be sadly missed

Zila and Issie - 7 jours

To Avi and the whole Family. Zila and I share in your grief and tremendous loss. Sima will be missed by all her friends, especially the ‘Tim Hortons’ Israeli group who will miss her and remember her every Tuesday evening, where we have been meeting for almost 15+ years. Zila and I are also now vividly remembering our trip to Florida together a few years ago, memories that will live forever. “May her name be for a blessing for you and your entire family, and may you know no further sorrow."

moishey and ethel greenberg(issak and faigie from 5085 mackenzie - 7 jours

i am very sorry for your loss she was a very nice lady and you should only think of the happy memories that you shared together and you should not know any more sorrow

Caren Kaminsky - 8 jours

Thinking of you and your family at this most difficult time. . BDH.