Karl Zechmeister

Service funéraire: Lundi, 05 Avril, 2021
Private Graveside
Shiva: Shiva strictement privé. Merci de respecter les souhaits de la famille.

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David Blobstein - 7 jours

Dear Gabi and Family. I was saddened to learn of the passing of your brother. I did not know that he was sick. May you know of no more sorrow. David.

Eva & Peter Nemes - 7 jours

Our sincere condolences to the Zechmeister family. May they be spared further sorrow. Karl, Rest In Peace

paul kushner - 7 jours

My heartfelt condolences on your loss. May his memory be a blessing and an inspiration for generations to come.

david smith - 8 jours

Dear Gabi and family Our sincere condolences on the sad loss of your beloved brother Karl . May you find strength and comfort to help you through this time of sorrow Thelma and David Smith

Kenneth Ingram - 8 jours

My Dear friend Karl, I will miss our debates and exchanges of ideas. I take comfort in knowing that while you are no longer here physically that you will still be in my life in Sprit and every once in a while your voice will pop in my head to share with me what you would do in that situation. Take care my friend you can now rest.

Lorne Aranoff - 8 jours

My sincere condolences to the entire family. Thinking of you during this very difficult time

Mária Horvátné - 8 jours

Csodálatos lény az ember, kiontja, fűzi az élet, a lélek a térbe kilép, s eljárja útját, a végest. Milliószor sír és kacag, összekuszál, ó, mi mindent, világot gyűjt maga köré, sok ismeretlenes kincset. Leírni sehogy sem lehet, ehhez a szó zajos, kevés, gyermek s aggkor elé hajol, és szíve fölszáll, majd elég. Fája, túlnőtt almáskertje sosem volt paradicsom, tudásért nyugalmat cserélt a lét, nemlét paradoxon... Karcsi! Álmod legyen nyugodt, békés mindörökké! Emléked őrizzük örökkön-örökké. A családnak őszinte részvétet kívánok!

Beryl and Stan Aranoff - 9 jours

Dear Gabi and family, our condolences on the loss of your brother. May good memories give you strength during this very sad time. Beryl and Stan.

Brad, Lisa, and Beau Auerbach - 9 jours

Since I met Karl, almost 15 years ago, and almost every day since, he warned me he probably wouldn't make it to the next day. But from one health complication to another Karl made more recoveries than I could count. "Never give in, never give up!" was his mantra, and he clearly lived by it; I guess that's why I never thought this day would come. I will miss Karl's "fighter" attitude which he carried through everything he did, from rental deals to condo problems, and from politics to food. He always had his sights set well past the goal post and he would continuously get there no matter what, and if he didn't, the next time he made sure he did. His well lived life led to a smorgasbord of topics which he loved to talk about, and I'm grateful he did. Karl was more than a colleague and friend, he was family. My deepest condolences to Edit, and the Zechmeister family, Karl will live on forever in my heart. Brad

Manny Vineberg - 9 jours

Our deepest condolences to the entire family . I have many memories of both Karl and Gabi playing for the Montreal Hakoah soccer club in the late 1960s. May his memory be a blessing. BDH

Mike Cohen - 9 jours

In the days before laptops I was a regular client of Karl’s at his store on Decarie where he sold some of the neatest typewriters. Going there was not just about a purchase. I’d always hang around and chat. He was a most personable gentleman whom even in recent years reached out to me by email.

Susan Singer Stelcner - 9 jours

Dear Zechmeister Family My deepest condolences on your loss.I have fond memories when we came to Canada in 1957 Karl’s parents visited my parents .I played with Karl as a child.May you be spared more sorrows. Fondly Susan Singer Stelcner

Judy&Eddie Cohen - 9 jours

Our deepest condolences on the loss of your brother. May you be spared further sorrow

The Besners - 9 jours

Dear Gaby and family; Our sincerest condolences on your loss. May you know no more sorrow. Linda and Mort Besner

Sharyn Werbin-Booth - 10 jours

Dear Edit & Gabi and entire Zechmeister family. Our deepest sympathies on Karl's sudden passing. He was truly an inspiration to all who knew him. We were his neighbours some 55+ years ago and friends we remained to this day. It was heartbreaking to hear of his passing.

Larry Shapiro - 10 jours

My condolences to the family . Karl was unquestionably one of the really good guys. We were sincerely fond of Karl and we are very sorry for your loss. Larry and Dianne Shapiro

Justin Aranoff - 10 jours

Dear Gabi and family, my deepest sympathies on your loss. Thinking of you and sending you strength during this very difficult time.

Edina - 10 jours

My sincere condolences to the entire family. Kedves Edit! Nagyon sajnálom, őszintén együttérzek veled! 'Nem múlnak ők el, kik szívünkben élnek, Hiába szállnak árnyak, álmok, évek. Ők itt maradnak bennünk csöndesen még, Hiszen hazánk nekünk a végtelenség.' (Juhász Gyula)

Sheila & Ivica - 10 jours

We knew Karl as a neighbor for over 18 years. We would cross paths in the elevator, garage or lobby. At every one of these crossings, a simple 'Hello' could lead, (if time permitted), to an in depth conversation on any subject matter. It was always that easy, even when views were opposing. His genuineness, his presence, his positive attitude and his determined perseverance were inspiring, even to neighbors. Edit and Family, our sincerest condolences for your great loss. Sheila & Ivica

Albinna & Alain Abitan(Zatulovsky) - 10 jours

Sincere sympathies to the Zechmeister family. May fond memories help you through this difficult time.

Erzsébet Rácz - 10 jours

Őszinte részvétem az egész családnak ! Nyugodjon békében. My sincere condolences to the whole family! Rest in peace. Erzsebet Racz

Demetra Papazafiropoulos - 10 jours

Dear Sandy and Family, Our deepest sympathies for your loss. May he rest in peace and may his memory be eternal. May you remember all the wonderful times and have peace knowing that he is in a beautiful place where there is no suffering. Love, Demetra and Family

Andrea Juhász Balázsné - 10 jours

Karcsi,azt hittem még fogunk találkozni,de a sors máshogy akarta.Mostmár csak itt tudom megköszönni mégegyszer, hogy eljutottam Canadába.Köszönöm neked, életem legszebb utazását.A szép tájakat, a csodás kirándulásokat. A strandok és a különleges ételek élményét.Köszönöm a beszélgetéseket,amiben annyi bölcsességet,és élettapasztalatot adtál nekem.Köszönöm az őszinteségedet.Köszönöm a jóságodat!Nyugodj békében Karcsi!Hiányozni fogsz!A családnak őszinte részvétet kívánok!

Eileen and Mendy Waxman - 10 jours

Dear Edit and family, our deepest condolences on the sudden passing of Karl. We know he came through many issues with his health even so he devoted much of his time with the condo. We wish you no further sorrow. Eileen and Mendy

Werner and Tanya Renggli - 10 jours

Karl made a difference in so many lives, and some how kept all his family around him. We know he will be remembered with love.

Norm Shasha - 10 jours

It is so sad to hear. . He fought for the improvements and the proper maintenance in our building ,Karl will be sorely missed. My condolences to the family.

jozef - 10 jours

The ALMIGHTY gives life, the ALMIGHTY takes respectful mortals, When called, no matter weather it's Passover or not, Karl was designated and taken. The family has lost a dedicated person to live on in infamy. Condolences rendered, may he be called as a blessing, BDE

Linda & Phil Share - 10 jours

Everyone knew that Karl was sick but he had a real spark for life and was a fighter. His passing is very sad news. Our condolences to Edit, Sandy, Mike, and his grandkids.

Allan McLaughlin - 11 jours

My deepest condolences to his family and friends. I enjoyed having lunch with him, and we shared some wonderful moments. I will miss him.

Rachel sinyor - 11 jours

Dear Gaby and family Our condolences for your loss. May the good memories help during this sad time. Rachel and Ernest Sinyor

Stefania Primerano - 11 jours

I am deeply saddened by the sudden death of Karl. I'm proud to have known such a kind, warm and brilliant person. My prayers and thoughts are with him and with those he left behind. 🙏💗

BernieFrost - 11 jours

Myra and Bernie Frost Dear Joan and family our deepest sympathy on the passing of Stan , a true gentelman May he rest in peace

Aggie Mayer Stark - 11 jours

Dear Zechmeister family I have not seen Karl for many years but I have memories of coming to his office where he was very kind and always with a warm smile. We were immigrants to Montreal in the 1957 year and our families had much in common and hung out together. May his memory forever be a blessing and bring warmth to your hearts. Aggie Mayer Stark

Judy Hauerstock - 11 jours

Our deepest condolences to the whole Zechmeister family Judy and Robert Hauerstock

George Krausz - 11 jours

George Krausz My sincere condolences to Gabi and Karl's family.I spent many happy years playing soccer with Karl, who was always a positive and kind friend. George Krausz

Ginette Raphael - 11 jours

My deepest condolences to Gaby and the whole family on the loss of your dear brother Karl. My memory of Karl will always be of his loving singing of the Pesach Haggadah surrounded by his loving family. May his memory be for a blessing, and may you know of no further sorrow. Ginette Raphael

Ethel Chaya IGEL - 11 jours

My husband knew Karl, and as a result I always brought my typewriters to his business office for repairs. I even bought my first electronic typewriter at the store. I also bought my typewriter ribbons and other accessories from Karl. He was a true gentleman and always very kind, always with a smile on his face. May the family be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion. Ethel and Feiwel (aka Phil) Igel

Marilyn Silverman - 11 jours

My deepest sympathy to the entire family. May your memories be a source of comfort to all

David Apelbaum - 11 jours

Dear Gabi & whole mishpacha, heartfelt condolences on the loss of your dear brother, especially sad in middle of Pesach. He leaves a deep void in family & sure will be greatly missed by all. BDE Sadly, David

Eva Ludvig - 11 jours

Our deepest condolences to the family. I have many fond memories of Karl and his family from our youth. Eva Guttman Ludvig

Gersh Madan - 11 jours

Gabby, sorry for your loss.MY CONDOLENCES TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

Eva and Douglas - 11 jours

Our deepest condolences to our sister, Elizabeth, to our niece Sandy and her family, to Gabi and family, to Edit and family. We will miss Karl's love, kindness, and zest for living. He was a terrific son-in-law to Magda and Miska, who loved him dearly.

henry and tania altschuler - 11 jours

Karl was always fun to be with. He will be missed. Our deepest condolences.

Mathew Dranfield - 11 jours

My Condolences He will be missed

frank elekes - 11 jours

my family and i share the sadness - he was the first friend of mine upon arriving in canada 1957 i will never forget him

Katrina Polgar - 11 jours

Sending my deepest condolences to Sandy, Uncle Gabby & the entire family.

Nancy Bresler - 11 jours

My deepest condolences to Karl’s family. May you know of no further sorrow. Nancy Bresler

Syd Baum - 11 jours

BDH. My sincere condolences on your loss

Stanley Cadloff - 12 jours

My heartfelt condolences to the family of Karl. May you know no further sorrow.

Neil Ram - 12 jours

Gaby and Family..my deepest condolences on your loss.may the wonderful memories help you through these difficult times. Neil Ram

Edna & Dov Kaufman - 12 jours

Dear Edit & Family: Our deepest sympathies. Karl was a true friend. We will miss him. May you have no more sorrows and find solace.

Howard and Heidi bakerman - 12 jours

We were saddened by the loss of your dear brother Karl you will always have the great memories of times you shared together May you have no further sorrows

stanley plant - 12 jours

our deepest condolences tp gaby and the Zechmeister family on the passing of Karl.

Rob Auerbach - 12 jours

Very sorry for your loss. Karl will be missed. Rob.