Edith Laufer

Funeral Service: Monday, October 12, 2020
Private Graveside
Shiva: Strictly Private Shiva. Thank you for respecting the family's wishes.

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Sarah M. Bauer - 5 days ago

I met Edith when we were both teaching at Hebrew Academy in Outremont. As a colleague she was very friendly. As the math teacher she was most attentive to the needs of each student. My son in Jerusalem still has good memories of "Mrs. Laufer" and the time he spent in her class. I hope you will remember all the good times you had as a family.

Esther Tenenhouse - 7 days ago

Dear Rena and Lena, I have fond memories of your mother being good friends with my late sister Shirley Perlman. My heartfelt sympathy to you and your families. Esther Tenenhouse.

Stuart Foxman - 7 days ago

Rena and Lena, as I write this I’m looking a sepia-toned photo taken in what must have been the early 1930s of Edie, Jules and my dad. They all have big smiles, and Edie is standing between her brothers, with bangs and a huge bow in her hair. I have it in a frame, and it always makes me smile. I talked to Edie just a few weeks ago, on Erev Rosh Hashanah. Glad I had that last chance. Hope you’re all comforted in the days and years ahead by a lifetime of warm memories and life lessons.

Terri Foxman - 7 days ago

My dear cousins Lena and Rena and your children and grandchildren, I always had great love and admiration for your my mother, my auntie Edie. She was educated and well-read. She worked well before most women did. She had diverse interests, both secular and religious. And continued learning throughout her long life. I was amazed at how she learned to work a computer and the internet when she was well into her 70s or early 80s. Despite the devastating losses of both your father Phil and sister Sandy in close succession, your mom managed to carry on . She was fiercely independent, had a strong moral compass and an incredible will to live -- on her own terms. As my cousin Louise mentioned - although she appeared straitlaced she had a really good sense of humour and always Kibbitzed with my husband if he answered the phone when she called. She will be missed and remembered.

Neil and Tammy Glazer - 7 days ago

Edith was a truly incredible person and there isn't enough space here to write it all. One thing that always did amaze us is how even into her 90's alone she took adapted transport to the bank, for shopping or to take courses at university, and was still an avid reader all the while waiting patiently for the "Adapté". Due to COVID-19 we couldn't visit and she was already sorely missed. BDE

Robert Foxman - 7 days ago

I have very fond memories of my Auntie Edie. In recent years, we used to meet for brunch at Chez Nick on Greene Avenue in Westmount. She was always well-dressed and perfectly put together. Like me, she was a big fan of the show Jeopardy, and she would often talk about Alex Trebek and how well he aged. She could have been talking about herself. I will always be grateful to Edie for how supportive she was to my late father, Jules, her brother, during the declining last years of his life.

Vera Honigwachs - 7 days ago

Dear Laufer family I was lucky to know Mrs. Laufer for many years as an outstanding teacher to my children. For many years after and not too long ago, I met her in Cavendish Mall and always knew who I was and asked after my children, son in law and introduced me time and again to her daughter from Israel. She was a strong and sweet lady. May her memory be a blessing to you all and May her Neshama have a true Aliyah. My children it was always a pleasure to see her I was

Susan Leckner Puritz - 7 days ago

Dear Rena & Lena, I am sorry to learn of your mother's passing. Although it has been many years since I last saw all of you, I have fond memories of you, your parents and your sister. Our parents developed a close friendship, having first met on St. Kevin (maybe you remember it as Ridgevale), across from the park. I hope that your memories will bring you some comfort during this difficult time. Sincerely, Susan Leckner Puritz

Stephen Foxman - 7 days ago

To my dear cousins Lena and Rena and their extended families. We always looked forward to visiting your house in the 60's and early seventies. Your Mom always had everything so well prepared, organized and well thought out ahead of time. She was the "yang" to our father's(her brother Jules) "yin". A women of dignity and grace, who suffered much loss in the later part of her life, but found the courage and strength to continue with a renewed faith in life and a re-acceptance of her Jewish beliefs ( as she told me in a recent visit). Your Mom was a true Eishet Chayil, a woman of valor - her memory should be for a blessing. Stephen Foxman

Ellen Grosz - 7 days ago

Dear Laufer Family, Mrs. Laufer was my teacher at Hebrew Academy. She was a wonderful teacher, strict no monkey business and truth be told one of the tough and excellent teachers at the school. When you needed her she was there, to review , explain and assist. I used to run into Mrs. Laufer at Cavendish Mall on occasion and she did remember me many years past. I had not seen her recently but she truly never changed. Gracious and always looked terrific. May your memories be cherished in your hearts forever. Baruch Dayan Haemet.

Esther & Saul Handelman - 7 days ago

Dear Rena and Lena, Your parents, Phil and Edie were our dear friends for many years. We have shared joys and sorrows. Our heartfelt condolences to you both on this sad day. May you find comfort among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.. המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים Esther & Saul Handelman

Gloria & Rick Leckner - 8 days ago

Dear Laufer family, Our deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved Edie. We remember the wonderful times she and Phil celebrated with our parents Shirley & Hy. You were blessed to have had her in your lives for so long and to have created so many beautiful memories which you can cherish. Sincerely, Gloria & Rick Leckner

Louise Foxman - 8 days ago

Dear Rena and Lena, I’m sorry to hear of the passing of your mother, my Auntie Edie. Although I hadn’t seen her in the last few years , there was a period of time after my father died when I would see her every summer with my family , and she would treat us to dinner at the Jerusalem restaurant in Cavendish Mall. She would tell us interesting stories about her past, and I was amused to discover that she was not quite as strait-laced as I had believed. My condolences to you and your children. We are thinking of you here in Toronto.