Stephen Bernard Dorsey

Funeral Service: Sunday, August 30, 2020
Private Graveside
Shiva: Sunday, August 30, 2020 to
Friday, September 04, 2020

Shiva Strictly Private
Shiva Details:
Shiva Sunday thru Thursday 
Visitation Monday thru Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm 

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Jordanna Feifer Issenman - 19 days ago

Dear Dorsey Family: My deepest condolences on the loss of Stephen. I have such fond Memories of my discussions with him. He was such a wonderfully Intelligent, thoughtful, kind man. May his memory be a blessing to you always. Jordanna Feifer and John Issenman

Barbara and JJ Elkin - 20 days ago

The Dorsey and Elkin families - close for over 80 years, and always, throughout the years, news on brilliant Steven. With all his brilliance, a supreme accomplishment was to bring Tanya and the next generation into the fold. So many memories of our intense but kind conversations. Barbara and I wish you Long Life and the memories of your husband, brother, grandfather and great grandfather.

Brian Salpeter - 20 days ago

Dear Josh and the Dorsey Family, my sincere condolences on the passing of Stephen. I hope you can find comfort and strength at this sad time knowing that he has left a very special legacy - and wonderful memories. Kindly, Brian

Robert Silverman - 20 days ago

I was friendly with Steve for only a few months in the 1960s, then our life paths diverged and we were never to be in contact again. Still, I remember him fondly and vividly and wish his family the deepest of condolences

Robert Hoppenheim - 20 days ago

Dear Dorsey family, Please accept my sincerest sympathies. I heard the news with great sadness. Steve always seemed like one of the special people in the world and one of those towering figures as we made our way through high school at St. Georges. Wishing you all well and comfort in his memory. Rob

Robert Elman - 20 days ago

To the Dorsey family I have known Stephen since the mid 70’s when I was with Intel and tried to convince him and Sol Matthews to use the Intel microprocessor. Needless to say I lost and Stephen went on to great success with their own engineered LS chip array. But I got him with his next great success at Micom where Stephen and the late Peter Brojde, thankfully chose Intel Stephen was a true iconoclast. He was definitely bold,and individualist and was certainly not a traditionalist. He was undaunted, relentless and very passionate and that passion knew no bounds.He was always ready to regale me with stories of the accomplishments of his children and and his wife He was so proud of you all. He was a special person and I always found him to be most kind I wish you peace and hope that this giant Hole which Stephen has left can somehow over time be filled with many wonderful memories and stories of this special husband father father in law brother and uncle Robert Elman

Bill & Betty Kirman - 21 days ago

Dear Dan, Jillian and Lauren, Our most sincere condolences to you and your family. Wishing you peace in these difficult times.

Robin Rosenberg - 22 days ago

Dear Dan, Brahm and I would like to express our sincere condolences to you and your family. I realize it is such a difficult loss made even more difficult during these challenging times. May you be comforted by your memories and by the virtual support of those around you.

Jonathan Maldoff - 22 days ago

Dear Dan and family, I want to wish you my sincerest condolences on the loss of your dear father. May his memory be a blessing.

Howard Reisman - 22 days ago

Dear Tanja and Family. Amalia and I send our deepest sympathies on the passing of your dear Stephen. I was one of two engineers working for Automatic Electronic Systems back in 1967. One day Steve and I were sitting in his office on McEachran as he stared out the 3rd floor window in his signature deep thought and focused state. He seemed totally oblivious to the rain was pouring down outside. It was only minutes later that that Steve realized he left the top down on his prized dark green Pontiac Bonneville convertible. Our special relationship has spanned more than 50 years - I will very much miss a good friend, brilliant thinker and a wonderful role model.

Kim Prosterman - 22 days ago

Dear Dan, Tanja and family, I have had the pleasure of spending cherished time with the Dorsey's, have many warm memories, and hold a special fondness for Steve (Tanja’s pet name “Stevers” is what echoes in my mind). He was a most loving parent and grandparent, loyal friend and sibling, and demonstrated a joie de vivre in his day-to-day choices. He went beyond philosophizing how full life is, he actually lived life to its fullest. I admired how he showed a keen interest in others while being interesting himself, was definitive in his opinions while open to the thoughts of others, and had a genuine way of giving his time and energy to both personal and business commitments. Jillian and Lauren were blessed to have him as a grandfather, and have benefited greatly from his caring, which has built a sense of security and belonging that has helped shape who they are. He will be dearly missed. My deepest sympathies.

Danny Gaisin - 22 days ago

Dear Dorsey family It's been many decades since I moved to Ontario, yet my memories of Montreal & Westmount still linger. I remember Stephen from 'The Shaar'. He was interesting and certainly "a Mensch" My sincerest condolences to all of you.

Paul Prosterman - 22 days ago

Dear Dorsey Family, My sympathies for your loss. I very much enjoyed Steve's company - always a smart opinion, insightful, great conversation, quirky and with a smile when I would see him. I would look forward to interacting with him. I know how very close my nieces feel to him - I can see why - and that this love was reciprocal and boundless (with Tanja too). Dan, Josh, Elliot, Jesse and Talia - hard to believe we are at this stage in our lives; my sympathies. Dano - though our lives are no longer as intertwined as they were, I feel a connection with you and for your loss.

Lea Kirman - 22 days ago

Dear Dan ,Jillian, Lauren and the rest of the Family of the the late Stephen, my sympathies on your loss. May his memory be a blessing to you all.

Michael Etinson - 22 days ago

I was shocked to hear of Stephen’s passing. I spoke with him just last week and he was as sharp as ever. I will miss speaking with him. I will miss our lunches together. I will miss hearing his voice. May he live on in our memories if him forever.

Christine Pickrell - 23 days ago

Dear Tanja and family, we are so so sorry to hear of Stephen's passing. He was an incredible human being in so many ways and we hope your wonderful memories of him will bring you some comfort. May he rest in peace. Love your friends at Westmount Florist

Tamara and Philip Greenberg - 23 days ago

Dear Tanja, Danny, Josh, Elliot, Jesse, Talia and Edith, It has taken me a while to get my head around this condolence note. I would like to use this medium to share a couple of anecdotes. I have known Steve since the late 1940s when we attended Roslyn Avenue school. We became close friends when our interest in technology coincided and we both earned our Amateur (Ham) Radio licenses when we were in high school. Steve, as always, was ahead to me. His first licence call letters were VE2APP while mine were VE2AUT. Licenses were awarded alphabetically so that means there were quite a number of licenses issued in Quebec between the issuance of his license and mine. In those days, applicants were tested on their knowledge of radio technology, government regulations and Morse code. My most memorable incident from those years was that Steve had built a very powerful transmitter with a huge transformer in his room and wires all over the place. I kept my hands in my pockets when he was transmitting because there was so much electricity in the air that if you held a fluorescent tube in your hand connected to nothing, it would light up! Steve was also an accomplished pianist at a young age, a man of the arts with an esthetic sense which he shared with Tanja. As a proud Canadian and Jew, he vacationed with his family in Canada’s wildernesses and also spent time in Israel. Steve was a family man. He never lost his keen intellect, analytic ability and interest in improving the condition of the world. We lost touch for a while when Steve attended MIT, but reconnected during his entrepreneurial days. He was a visionary in the field of office automation, not so much on the technical side, but rather on conceiving and developing applications which became indispensable for business. I was fortunate to be a close observer during some significant times of his career. Steve’s life will be a beacon of guidance, inspiration and consolation for all his loved ones. “The Lord gives, the Lord takes, the name of the Lord is blessed.” Philip

Wallace Ewert Elaine Dionne - 23 days ago

Elaine and I express our sympathies and condolences to the Dorsey Clan. Steve will always be remembered as the most humble, gentle ,giant of a man. We will treasure the multitude of fond memories of Steve where you graciously invited us to so many of your family gatherings.

Marguerite corriveau - 23 days ago

My dear Tanja and all the children and Edie, what a terrible loss. My love and prayers are with you. I am so, so sorry for your loss.

Marilyn Lightstone - 23 days ago

So sorry to hear about Steve’s passing. A lovely man. I send my heartfelt condolencrs.

Michel Lorber - 23 days ago

Sincere condolences to the whole family. The Lorbers

Pearl Adams - 24 days ago

Dear Tanja & family Please accept my sincere sympathy on the death of Stephen. What a terrible loss of such an incredibly talented man.. May you find comfort in your memories of happy times spent together. Warmest regards, Pearl

Ron Rolfe - 24 days ago

With my deepest condolences to the Dorsey family with your loss. Stephen was a person with a big heart and will be dearly missed.

Robert Maldoff - 24 days ago

Dear Jillian and Lauren, I send you my condolences on the passing of your grandfather. I’m sure that you have many wonderful memories to carry with you now and forever.

Lesley Ann Mager - 24 days ago

Dear Tanja, Family & Friends, My heart goes out to everyone on the loss of our dearest Steve. The moment I met Steve for the first time, I immediately saw the softness and intelligence in his eyes. The moment he started talking so passionately about his work and family, I knew that it was the beginning of a business relationship and friendship. I have been so fortunate to know Steve, and so very grateful for the real closeness we both shared and to have been part of the family helping out in so many ways. Steve had a great impact on my life which has made me an even better person on so many levels. Steve will remain in my heart forever and memories of our times together will always bring the smile we both shared on my face. He is and will be missed every day. My most profound sympathies. Love always, Lesley

Deb Rosenthal - 24 days ago

Dear Josh & Court, Im so sorry to read about the passing of your beloved dad and extend my heartfelt condolences to you, your beautiful girls, and your family.

Lillian Vineberg-Goodman - 24 days ago

Dear Tanja, and Edith, My heartfelt sympathy to you and the family on the loss of Stephen.

Ron Vineberg - 25 days ago

Dear Dorsey family, The Vineberg's and the Dorsey's share much history and many fond memories. Sincere condolences to all on the loss of your beloved Steve. Ronnie

Alexis Anderson - 25 days ago

My deepest condolences for all the family. So many good memories of times spent at the Dorsey home. My thoughts are with you all of you during this sad time.

Eunice Prosterman - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja Dan Josh Jesse Elliot and Talia Lenny and I offer our sincere condolences. Jillian and Lauren were blessed to have Steve as their grandfather. Our hearts go out to the whole family Eunice

Richard Notkin - 25 days ago

Happily, I have known Stephen a long time- 78 years- when he bested me at musical chairs. An awakening ! Since then, I have cllimbed the hill. God bless-to Tanya, and the whole family. We have shared many wonderful parties at their home. Steve was a wonderful friend: always kind, and always surprising me with new thoughts, new directions, new things: A new convertible sports car, a trip to New York and M.I.T., a short wave radio talk to an unknown world from his basement. In the last 21/2 years I enjoyed his company, one on one, always, for many lunches, and, with my wife for a final dinner. We will always miss him. Richard, and Dorothy Notkin.

Jane Silverstone and Herschel Segal - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja,Dan,Josh,Jesse ,Talia ,Elliot....our hearts and thoughts are with you...we are very sad.....what great family times he created .... Our thoughts are with you

Pearl and Edward Aronoff - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja: Deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of Steve. May good memories fortify you during this difficult time. Pearl and Edward Aronoff

Brian and Yvonne Gore - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja, Dan, Talia and family, Both Yvonne and I wish to extent our sincere condolences on the passing of your beloved husband and father. We have known your family since the days our kids attended St Georges many years ago. Stephen had a very positive attitude to life and lived a fulfilling existence. May the family be proud of the many good years you had together.

Ivy Fisher - 25 days ago

I was very privileged to know Steve for over 40 years. He was a gentle man, a gentleman, a wise man, a businessman, a fair man, a loyal man and most importantly, a family man. He chose to see the positive in everything and always gave people the benefit of the doubt, although this was not always to his benefit. Steve was brilliant and lived intensely. He was passionate, supportive and so proud about the most important things in his life, his Tanja, his Dan, his Josh, his Els, his Jess and his Tals. He, together with Tanja, were an incredible influence in my life and their friendship will always be my treasure. Not everyone has the good fortune to truly know someone who walks the talk. His shoes can never be filled, but his goodness will live on through his children and grandchildren. I offer my sincere condolences to each of you.

Mattie and Leora Cukier - 25 days ago

Dear Dan, Jill, Lauren and family, Please accept our condolences on the loss of your father and grandfather. We wish you strength during this difficult time. Mattie and Leora

Ari & Robyn Brojde - 25 days ago

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the entire Dorsey family.

Stephen Lipper - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja and the Doresy Family For the past 2 1/2 years, Phil Greenberg, Mort Lechter, Irving Wolfe and I joined Steve every Shabbat afternoon for a 2 hour conversation on the affairs of the world. Not only was Steve's mind razor sharp throughout, but his positive attitude and good humour was and will remain an inspiration to all of us. Our last session of what became known as the 'THE BOYS' CLUB' was this past Saturday. Steve's intellect was in perfect form which added to the shock of the news of his passing not 3 days later. Steve we shall miss you and Shabbat afternoons will never be the same. Our hearts go out to the entire family. Stephen Lipper

Bunny and Mort Lechter - 25 days ago

To Tanya, the amazing children, and to Edie. What a role model of determination grit and optimism! Mort and Steve go back to Roslyn school. Friends like that do not come often. We shall miss him.What will the guys do on Saturday? All our deepest condolences, with respect, Bunny and Mort.

Leonard Abelson - 25 days ago

Dear Dan My condolences to you and your family. May you be spared of further sorrows. Warmly Leonard

Robert G. Miller - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja and Stephen’s children. I was so sad to learn about the passing of my friend Stephen. Please accept my deepest sympathies. Stephen and I had a unique relationship that went back more than 40 years. We had an open friendship based on mutual respect and honesty. Stephen was a brilliant forward thinker who always stayed current with the latest technology. Stephen Dorsey had a noticeable presence wherever he went. He was a doer. He was very special. He leaves a meaningful legacy for his family. I regret not having spent time with Stephen in recent times. Kindest personal regards. Robert G. Miller.

Sol Boxenbaum - 25 days ago

Dear Dan, My sincerest condolences on the loss of your father. Sol Boxenbaum

Tzipie Freedman - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja; I was so saddened to learn of the passing of your beloved Steve, and want to express my deepest condolences to you and our family on you rgreat loss. I know what an incredible partner and caregiver you were. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Suzan Gillick Shaanan - 25 days ago

Our most heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your wonderful Stephen. He will be missed. Gad & Suzan Et al

lily percs - 25 days ago

Dear Dan, My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family may you all be spared any further sorrow. R.I.P Lily Percs

Jamie Mass and Stephen Guttman - 25 days ago

sending condolences

Andrea Fieldman and Paul Yaphe - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja and families, We were so saddened to hear of Steven's passing. We wish to offer our sincerest condolences. Andrea Fieldman and Paul Yaphe

Shirley Nadell - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja, Daniel, Josh and the entire family I have fond memories of Stephen and his parents when they lived in the upstairs flat of my parents' duplex on Willowdale some 70 years ago. We renewed our acquaintance when Dan and Josh were classmates of David and Elan through the years at St. George’s. I am aware of his incredible intellect and achievement in the tech world...he was a star! So saddened to hear of his passing. Please accept my sincerest expression of condolence. With warm regards, Shirley Nadell (Packer)

JudyEchenberh - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja. and Family Paul and I extend our deepest sympathies to you on the loss of your beloved Steve. Our hearts are with you at this very difficult time.

Bruce Vineberg - 25 days ago

My sympathises to the entire Dorsey family. A lifetime of memories come to mind. May your fond memories be a source of comfort during this difficult time.

Bunny Berke - 25 days ago

Dear Tanja & family, I am so saddened to hear of your enormous loss of your incredible Stephen. May all your special memories give you much strength. May the family be spared further sorrow. Bunny Berke

Max Mendelsohn - 25 days ago

Dear Tanya and family, I was saddened to read of the passing of Steve. I knew, and admired him, from way back in the days of summer camp in Northern Ontario. We later enjoyed a professional relationship.. he was a brilliant and independent thinker with great integrity. He was a delight to deal with. Steve’s passing will be felt not only to his wonderful family but also to a wide group of friends and colleagues. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Art Levitt - 25 days ago

We wish our condolences to the family. Steve was a bright nice guy.May you all have no further sorrows.

Judit Kenyeres - 25 days ago

But what was that anchor that ensured that this brilliant, giant of a man, remained grounded while he took his distant flights of fancy? The answer: his great joy, deep pride and profound and enduring love for his family and friends rooted him, nourished and sustained him. He was a giant of a man whose heart, while firmly planted in the rich soil of family was able to stretch and reach beyond the stars. Steve's constellation burnt brightly, illuminating and warming all those in his orbit. It has been been my great privilege to be a friend of Steven's, to have been in his orbit of light. May you rest in peace dear friend. זיכרונו לברכה🌹 My deepest condolences to my beloved friend Tanja and to the whole family. One Love

Victor and Edna Mashaal. - 26 days ago

Dear Tanya and family Our condolences are extended to the entire family. Warm wishes to you Tanya the pillar of the family.Hope the memories and love will keep him in your hearts always .

john & Lidia Anderson - 26 days ago

So very sorry to hear of Stephen passing. We have very fond memories of many pleasant hours spent at his beautiful home. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family at the sad time.

Deborah Anderson - 26 days ago

My deepest condolences to you all. I have fond memories of Mr Dorsey; his easy going style, his inquisitive nature and quick smile. The memories and love will keep him in all of your hearts always. Keeping you all in our thoughts.

Irene lipper - 26 days ago

Dear Tanya and family, we are so saddened to hear that your dear Steve has passed away. He was brilliant, brave and beloved. And you, Tanya, have are heroic. We admire you and we send our love and warm wishes for strength at this very difficult time. You are blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren. May they provide comfort for you as you face the future without your soulmate. Sincerely, Irene

Mark Heitner - 26 days ago

Dan - My deepest condolences to you and your Family. May he Rest In Peace and you all be spared further sorrow.

Beatrice Lewis - 26 days ago

Dear Tania and Family, I have wonderful memories of Stephen and his involvement with St. George’s School. He was a true leader who was so committed to the education of the school community. May the happy and special memories of time together comfort you as you mourn the loss of a much loved and respected husband, father and grandfather. My heartfelt condolences are extended to the entire have lost your patriarch! Warm regards.....Beatrice

Carl Ravinsky - 26 days ago

To the Dorsey family, please accept my sincere condolences on Steve’s passing. He was a truly intelligent thoughtful person. May your memories of him be a source of solace to you and may you all be spared further sorrow.

Angely Pacis and Michael Citrome - 26 days ago

Steve was brilliant, an original and a true mensch, please accept our wishes of love and strength to his family.