Liba Augenfeld

Funeral Service: Monday, March 12, 2018 at 12:00 PM
Paperman & Sons
Shiva: Monday, March 12, 2018 to
Friday, March 16, 2018

6800 Macdonald Ave., Côte Saint-Luc, H3X 3Z2
Shiva Details: Shiva hours: 1:00 to 4:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. ending Friday.
Cemetery: Baron De Hirsch
Donations: Jewish Public Library, (514) 345-2627, ext.:3332.

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51 Condolences

Sylvie Guyon - 5 days ago

Ma chère Rivka, Je rentre à l'instant au Québec. C'est donc avec retard que je t'envoie toutes mes sympathies pour toi et tes proches. Si tu as besoin d'un gros câlin il me fera plaisir de te le donner avec tout l'amour que je te porte. Sylvie G.

Beatrice Freder - 5 days ago

Rivka, my sincerest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your beautiful mother. I did not know her, but we met awhile back when I told you of the Magarshak grandfather was a Magarshak from Ludza...I hopeto meet up with you again to continue the family well and let your good and wonderful memories carry you through this sad time to brighter days. Beatrice Freder

Rachel Alkallay - 8 days ago

Dear Rivka and Sarah, My deepest condolences on the passing of your beloved mother and aunt, Liba Augenfeld z'l. Though I never knew her, she must have been a special lady to have survived what she did and gone on to have such a family that has contributed so much to the Jewish Community and beyond. May your many happy memories of her comfort you during these difficult days. Rachel

Glen Rotchin - 9 days ago

I was privileged to meet and spend time with Liba z'l and Dovid z'l at the JPL. They made me feel welcome at their beloved institution, and we're always eager to share kindness and wisdom. Their personal warmth and their love of Jewish literature and culture were an inspiration.

mona and sandor klein - 11 days ago

Rivka please know that we send your our heartfelt condolences. You have honoured your mother, your family for as long as we have known you, and that's a few years! May you take comfort in your memories and your love for each other.

Penny Fransblow - 11 days ago

Dear Rivka. I am saddened to read of your mom’s passing. She was a very special lady. May your memories sustain you during this difficult time and may you be spared further sorrow. My thoughts are with you.

Leticia Cuenca - 12 days ago

Dear Rivka, I am very sorry for your loss. I remember your mother when she came with you to the Yiddish events, she always had such grace and gentleness. It was a privilege to have met her. I know how close you were, and wish you courage at this time. With much kindness, Leticia

Estelle - 12 days ago

Ma chère Rivka, Saches que je suis de tout cœur avec toi et que toute ma sympathie vous accompagne, tes proches et toi.

Susan Kravitz - 12 days ago

Dear Rivka, I was saddened to learn of your mother's recent passing. We last saw one another at the IRB farewell for Brian Goodman (z"l), at which time we spoke about my late father's Holocaust support groups and Mona's health and inability to attend your Outremont HS reunion. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

David Lazarus - 12 days ago

Dear Rivka, Please accept my condolences. Liba and your late fatherDavid were stalwarts for Yiddishkeit and social justice and I remember both from my days at the Jewish Public Library. I even remember chatting with David when we would board the 165 at the same time on Vezina. So we are all the sadder with Liba gone. Yiddish has lost yet another and a dearly devoted daughter has lost a mother...

Judit Kenyeres - 12 days ago

Dearest Rivka I'm saddened to hear of the loss of your dear mother, Liba. My most sincere condolences to you and your whole family. Your devotion and loving care of your mother was in evidence in all that you did. How fortunate she was to have had a daughter who shared her love of Yiddish and honoured her rich legacy. You did and will continue to make her proud with all your accomplishments. May she rest in peace. With my warmest wishes Judit

Joanne Garfinkle - 12 days ago

Dear Rivka and family Your mother was an icon and an inspiration to the library and the community. I am sorry for your loss and ours as well Joanne

Céline Lamontagne - 12 days ago

Mes sincères condoléances chère Rivka.

Karen Biskin - 12 days ago

Dear Rivka, It was a privilege to know Liba. She was a woman who left an impression of kindness and generosity of spirit. I know how devoted you were to her, and wish that your memories will be a comfort in this difficult time. My deepest condolences, Karen

Angelina Spilberg - 12 days ago

My deepest condolences Rivka. Your mother was always kind, accommodating and giving of herself and her considerable knowledge. She was intelligent and serious but it was her beautiful smile I remember the most. Angelina Spilberg

Pepita Capriolo - 12 days ago

Dear Rivka, please accept my condolences at this sad time. The loss of one’s mother catches us unawares, regardless of how much we believed we were prepared for it. May her memory be the inspiration that keeps you working for the welfare of others. You are an inspiration to me and many others. With my love and sympathy, Pepita

Elsa Kisber / Frank Kagan - 13 days ago

Dear Rivka, your mother's unlimited generosity, her steadfast strength, her gentle kindness, her commited love, her life spirit... the essence of Liba, will be with me always. I am so very grateful for having her in my life. May the beautiful cherished lifetime memories you shared be a comfort to you during this very difficult time. Please accept our deepest condolences. Affectionately, Elsa & Frank

Alain Murad - 13 days ago

My most sincere condolences on the passing of your mother. While I never had the opportunity to meet her, Rivka if you are any indication she must have been a true lion and an incredibly selfless human being. May her memory always be a source of strength and pride for you.

Frank Dimant - 13 days ago

Dear Rifka May the memory of your mother be a blessing and may you be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem

Claire Stern - 13 days ago

Dear Rivka, Please accept my condolences on the loss of your mother. I worked for many years with your parents at the Jewish Public Library and they were truly a source of enlightenment to me. I was fortunate in being on staff working closely with your mother for many years. Her gentleness and sense of humour will surely be missed by those who knew her. Claire Stern

sylvain thibault - 13 days ago

Ma très chère Rivka, saches que je suis avec toi dans ces moments difficiles. Si ta maman était comme toi - et tu retiens sûrement d'elle- alors ta maman était une femme de coeur, de dévouement et d'amour.

Richard Goldman and Celina Hasbun - 13 days ago

Dear Rivka, Please accept our sincerest condolences at this time of profound loss. Your mother was a truly remarkable woman, who overcame and accomplished so much, and her legacy lives on with you!

Lucy Gold - 13 days ago

Dear Rivka, Please accept condolences for the loss of your dear Mother from the Gold Family.

Annie Young & Abe Gonshor - 13 days ago

Dear. Rifka, We are so very sad to read of the passing of your beloved mother. Your parents were an integral part of my family and I have such wonderful memories of both of them. They have both left a lasting legacy to you, and to the the Jewish & Yiddish speaking Montreal community that they were so committed. Cherish and treasure your mothers memories and may those wonderful memories be an eternal blessing. We are in Florida and unfortunately can not be with you at this very sad time in your life. We send you our love. Be well! Annie Young & Abe Gonshor

Honey A. Dresher - 14 days ago

Dearest Rivka, My heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your wonderful mother. I only met her on a few occasions but i can say she was a woman of great depth, sincerity, good humor, intelligence and culture. No question that the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree". She had a long and a generous life, active and community-minded. Wishing you lovely memories and peace at this difficult time. Honey

Greta Hofmann Nemiroff - 14 days ago

Dear Rivke: I remember having a Chinese dinner on Queen Mary with you, your mother, and Judith. Your mother didn't say much. Nonetheless, one could feel her strength and the integrity of her presence. Much as one feels the end of a beloved person coming, it is impossible to be fully prepared for the sadness it brings. It will be a comfort, I hope, to know that you were an true support and to her right to the end. And of course you carry within you , I am sure, not only memories but parts of her personality and character. I send you my heartfelt condolences, Rivke.

Marcia Kovitz - 14 days ago

Dear Rivka, Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your mother. May your memories and those who you love you sustain you at this difficult time. Marcia Kovitz

Eldon Dayo - 14 days ago

Dear Rivka, I may have not met you or your mom personally but please accept my deepest condolences to you and the family. You and your mom have always been not just a good employer but also a family to my mom and sister as her caregiver for many years. Our family will forever and always be grateful of her good heart. Stay strong. -Eldon

Felix Gelbart - 14 days ago

Dear Rivkah, My condolences to you on the loss of your mother. I actually remember her well from the way back in time Folks Shule days. So now, like me, you are the last one standing from the original family. May your grieving be short, and remember the good times, and her laughter and smiles.

Louise Roskies Goldstein - 14 days ago

Deepest sympathy to you Dear Rivka on the loss of your beloved mother to whom you were always devoted. Having worked with both your parents for many years at the Jewish Public Library I join with all who fully respected and admired them. May your happy memories of both your parents bring you comfort. With deepest condolences, thinking of you at this difficult time. Louise.

Rita - 14 days ago

Dear Rivkah, Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your dear Mother. My thoughts are with you across the miles.

Gita Shapiro - 14 days ago

Dear Rivka: My condolences to you on the passing your beloved mother. Her gentle deportment and sense of humour made it a privilege to work with her at the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre archives. Sincerely Gita Shapiro

Adele and Michel - 14 days ago

Dear Rivka Michel and I are so saddened to read of your mother passing. Of course we had the pleasure of meeting her and sitting next to her at different gatherings. Mostly we remember your closeness to her and how you did your best to honor her. Now starts a new chapter in your life dear Rivka. We hope to see you soon and hug you with all our heart.

Anne Bellman - 14 days ago

Dear Rivka,My sincere sympathies on the loss of your beloved mother. The love and respect that you exhibited towards your mmmother is an example for all sons and daughters to see. , As long as we live they too will live, for they are part of us as we remember them, Fondly, AnneBellman

Ellen Moss & Steve Merovitz - 14 days ago

Dear Rivka, We are very sad to learn of the loss of your beloved mother. May the beautiful memories be a comfort. May you be spared further sorrow. Our thoughts are with you. Ellen and Steve

Phyllis Veinish Levy - 14 days ago

Dear Rivka, Sorry to hear of your loss. I hope that your memories will sustain you at this most difficult time.

Freda and. Ernie. Rashkovan - 14 days ago

Dear. Rifka, So sorry to read of your loss. Your Mother has left a lasting legacy to you primarily and to the community where she was deeply committed.May the memories of the good times be treasured and may they be an eternal blessing. Please accept our sincere condolences. Freda and. Ernie(from. Florida)

Sonja Rotenberg Langburt - 14 days ago

Dear Rivka, so very sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved Mother. Your parents were a integral part of my childhood but also of our survivor family. Cherish the wonderful were a most devoted daughter and very much blessed.We are in Israel but our thoughts and prayers are with you. Sonja

Delores Rosen - 15 days ago

Rivka: Your Mother was blessed all her days to have a daughter like you. Lucky mother......lucky daughter

Lucy Kroha - 15 days ago

Dear Rivka, I did not know your mother but I know she meant the world to you. You have my most sincere condolences. May your memories console and sustain you at this difficult time. A big hug, Lucy

Enid Solloway-Goldberg - 15 days ago

Dear Rivka, Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the passing of your dear Mother. My thoughts are with you at this difficult and sad time. Fondly, Enid

Cathy Bettan - 15 days ago

Dear Rivkah, My deepest condolences on your loss. May the memories of your mother be a source of comfort for you at this difficult time.

Michel Tousignant - 15 days ago

Chère Rivka, C'est avec grande tristesse que Tzippy vient de m'apprendre le décès de ta maman. J'ai beaucoup apprécié le dévouement et la fidélité que tu as eu envers elle au cours des dernières années. J'ai bien apprécié sa présence à quelques reprises et surtout sur la terrasse arrière de ma maison il y a quelques étés avec Bill Corber. Bon courage pour traverser cette dure épreuve et nous demeurerons près de toi. Michel

Esti Jedeikin - 15 days ago

Dearest Rivkah, Such a huge loss.... for the community, but especially for you. What a huge legacy she leaves behind of commitment and kindness and menchlichkeit. My deepest condolences. Esti

Vera and Leslie Vertes - 15 days ago

Dear Rivka! Our sincere condolences to you of the loss of your dear mother. She was a very kind, fine lady, and you were a special, wonderful daughter to her. We will miss her. Vera and Leslie Vertes

Alice Lehrer - 15 days ago

Dear Rivka I know how you treasured your mother..may all your memories be of great comfort to you and may you be spared further sorrow.

Janis Levine - 15 days ago

Dear Rivka My deepest sympathy in the loss of your mother. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Janis

Aaron Ain - 15 days ago

Dear Rivka I'm in Florida till the end of Passover and just learned of your loss. I have many fine memories of your mother from the time we spent together at the JPL. May her memory be a blessing Regards Aaron Ain

Paula Minsky Bultz - 15 days ago

Dear Rivka I am so sorry for your loss and so saddened to hear of your mother's death. She is such a great loss to the Jewish Community of Montreal, the Survivor Community and those who follow with whom she shared memories and taught about the vibrant Jewish life in pre-war Vilna also known as Little Jerusalem which says it all. I grew up on stories my mother told about the Iglefeld family especially the Warsaw connection. I know that I and everyone who knew her personally or had contact with her through the Jewish Community will miss her so very much. She left such a strong imprint on whoever heard her speak with such passion and conviction in beautiful Yiddish with the Vilna accent . I hope that the legacy she left will keep her memory alive for all. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Paula Minsky Bultz

Carolyn Steinman - 15 days ago

Dear Rivka, I am in Florida and just read that your mother passed away. Please accept my most sincere sympathies. I hope that all the wonderful memories you had with both your parents will sustain you at this time. May her memory be for a blessing.

Roxana Brauns - 15 days ago

Shelo ted'i od tza'ar. May Liba's warmth of memories heal your heart and bring you peace.